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  1. A dull purple glow fades from the rafters of the guild hall as Marroc stares at the crystal in his hand. "It's about time the warlord decided to act..." Slipping silently through the darkness to one of the few doors in the hall not in disrepair, Marroc deftly picks the elaborate lock and disarms the traps before entering his quarters. The dim light of the crystal is barely enough to discern row after row of arms and armor. Several alcoves align each wall of the room, prominently displaying ancient dust covered artifacts and tomes. Along the far wall, in an alcove bigger than the rest, sits a stone table with a book and behind that several locked chests. A moment of sifting through the dust covered chests and crates Marroc finally finds what he came for. A pair of timeworn daggers, smoldering with fel energy and brimstone, and a small vial of viscous poison. "It has been far too long since I've been allowed to act in the open. The Dark Lady will be pleased indeed." A wicked smile crosses Marroc's lips as he vanishes in a cloud of ash and shadows.
  2. coin or the goblin rocket ala wowhead-style.
  3. Still having style disparity on the gobbo theme tho
  4. 24inch at 1920x1080, so ya... that's probably it Anyway, it looks a LOT better now than it did this morning. Earlier the whole thing was compressed into maybe 600px, it's now properly spanning the same with as the rest of the site.
  5. The advanced reply window is tiny compared to the rest of the site when viewed at high resolution. It's only like 300-400px wide, and it's rather infuriating Also, there's a style disparity between the main forum list page of the goblin theme (forum.php) and the actual thread list page (forumdisplay.php).
  6. I was originally planning on Hyjal due to the awesome quest content, but after doing some digging Vashj'ir seems like a much easier zone to level in.
  7. <p>Happy Birfday! <3</p>

  8. Vyn

    <p>Congratulations! You survived another year!</p>

  9. Definitely NOT safe for work. Some of these are in line with the ones that were removed from classic WoW back in the day... http://www.wow.com/2010/07/01/cataclysm-beta-goblin-flirt-and-silly-sounds/ http://www.wow.com/2010/06/30/cataclysm-beta-worgen-silly-and-flirt-sounds/ Worgen don't know it's not bacon?
  10. You're assuming that the unfriending occurred ten years ago, but that's not what was said. He said that he knew friends for more than ten years, and unfriended them because of farmville. I'm not so sure this is ever going to happen. They haven't implemented an invisible mode for /who and the regular friends list, and that's a very popular request that's been around since the original beta.
  11. If you have the Kirin Tor Familiar from the Higher Learning achievement. I believe that the little room you can teleport to (using the book of higher learning) still counts as dalaran, but since there's no windows looking out over the rest of the city your FPS/Lag should be MUCH lower (I know I jump from about 70fps in dal to like 200 something when in there). If that doesn't end up working, use the teleporter to the purple parlor (the other portal by the one to caverns of time) and give there a try. Those are the two lowest lag/highest fps places in Dal that I can think of.
  12. No they don't. Once a realID is added, the person who added it can see: your name, the name of the people on your realid friends list. That's it. Granted, that's still a lot more info than most people would be comfortable giving out, but your email address is no where visible after the request has been sent.
  13. First question: Yes, as far as I know they do indeed stack. Second question: Yes, because it's that much more time spent not killing you while you're killing them. Third question: Destro is squishy and controllable.
  14. Everyquest is an addon that uses a fairly recent addon api to query a list of your completed quests from blizzard's servers. It then compares this list to a list of known quests pulled from wowhead. What this results in is a searchable list of quests that you've yet to complete. These quests can be sorted, filtered by zone, and manually edited as well. In short it creates a todo list for quests you've missed