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  1. <p>Why are you making Mr.Orc cry??</p>

  2. Athin

    Mage stuff

    For leveling instances, mage DPS is going to be slow. Our casts are too slow, melee classes are usually able to burn a mob down before you get more then one frostbolt off. You'll shine when the fight lasts more then 5 seconds.
  3. Question: Brains? Answer: mmmm....Brains.
  4. Durond Duskwind TWILIGHT CULTIST Wanted for infiltrating Ulduar and triggering potential apocalypse. Bring his remains to Captain Athin d'Origaille or any Blood Knight. Remains must be intact.
  5. Silvermoon City Court of the Sun A text transcription of a press conference by Knight-Captain Athin d'Origaille, Count of Fairbreeze. "Thank you for gathering here today, citizens of Silvermoon. We are here to honor some of our bravest citizens. These man and women are not soldiers, not mages, nor farstriders. No, these are ordinary people who've done our city a service in the face of adversity." "We are not a people who succumb to terrorism. I am sure you have heard of the crazed Night Elf's attack on our auctioneers. While troublesome at first, we were quickly able to discern his pattern of attack." "So my purpose here is two-fold; First, to commend and award the bravery of these fine auctioneers. And secondly, to announce that we have implemented measures to protect the safety of these fine men and women." "Over the last few days, we have been testing a magical simulcrum...that have the exact appearance of our auctioneers. These simulcrums can conduct buisness as usual, and are only phased out of allignment for a few moments following an attack. Our auctioneers are at a location that will remain undisclosed, but will continue to conduct your buisness via the simulacrum." "I assure you, we, the Blood Knights, will continue in our vigilance in protecting the citizens of Silvermoon. Even though this Night Elf manages to escape our prisons after being subdued, bound, killed, and captured, we have mitgated this situation to a minor annoyance at best. Thank you for coming."
  6. Athin

    Chill, mon.

    I return with a quick little conversation my troll mage and blood elf warlock had. Inspired by random thoughts in my head during my awesome shower this morning. ~Athin Durond was sitting in the lounge, on board the Stormwolf, sipping at a cup of blood thistle tea. He was staring idly at the twists of nether as they floated past. Or were they floating pasts the twists of nether. Durond wasn't quite sure. Azulrashi walks into the lounge, knocking his fingers against one of his tusks, making an odd plunking sound. Duron turns to him, and gestures for him to take a seat. "Thank ya mon...how you doin'?" Azulrashi asked, while sitting down. "Fairly well, my troll friend. How's your research coming along?" Durond replied, before taking a light sip of his tea. "Oh well enuf, I dink. I be finally analyzin' da resonance waves of dose crystals we be findin' dat one time." Azulrashi said, pulling out a small purple crystal. "You know science goes over my head." Durond says, pouring Azulrashi a cup of tea. "Basically mon, dose crystals be worthless. Couldn't even powah one o' dem gnomish torchlights wit dem." "Shame." Durond says. He then looks to Azulrashi curiously. "So no one has ever bothered you about your rather...untroll-like practices?" "No, mon." Azulrashi replied, tugging at some frills on his robe. "Well, dere was tis one brudda. He was all like, 'ow dose books be gettin' any huntin' done, ya? How you be handlin' yoself?' And den he was all up in my face, puttin his hands on meh." Azulrashi paused for a second before continuing. "So den I put a fiahball in his face. Set his haih on fiah n everytink. So he was screamin and flailin around, and everybuddeh was like, 'Whoa mon, CHILL." Azulrashi paused again, taking a sip of his tea. He continued his story with a toothy grin, "So den I put a frostbolt in his face. No buddeh evah boddered meh again." Durond stared for a minute, before busting out laughing. "Really?! You really did that? Oh man, that's AWESOME!" "Yeah mon, dat was preddy good, ya?" Azulrashi said.
  7. I'm such a softy that it made me sad to make Mr. Orc cry the few times I've suspended my account. "Don't cry, Mr. Orc, I'm coming back" Then I stole him... ...in fact I shall make him my avatar on this forum.
  8. <p>Happy Birthday!</p>

  9. I'm going to wager you can look up prices, availability etc for free; but to actually make purchases, sell items from your inventory -- that will require the "premium" fee. Gogo anti-corporatism: I didn't realize that Blizzard was hurting so much that they'd need to start nickle & diming us to use cool stuff like that.
  10. Just a quick update -- we are running our first run tomorrow 11pm server time. (gogo Night owls). We could use some healers though, of the shaman, priest or druid variety. If you're available tomorrow night, send me a PM, or send a tell to Väelorian, Durond or Isendur in-game.
  11. I used to IRC a lot back in the day; though now I do mostly everything with a browse; I think I'll be giving the meebo room a try.
  12. Hello! The better half and I are starting a ten man group to explore Icecrown Citadel, the daily weekly, and other raids as time permits. Due to our time constraints, the days that we are available to raid on are Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays (preferably on the evenings). We're looking for friendly, mature and laid back people to raid with us. Sense of humor and levity is important, but the ability and focus when needed is also required. Flexibility & versatility are also good things. Gear-wise, we'd like you to be ready for entry into ICC (easily obtainable by running heroics and picking up the badge tier 9 set). If you don't quite meet the gear requirements yet, Isendur & I will run you through dungeons, we're helpful like that. To avoid drama, gear will be distributed through the Ni Karma System. (Details on that by clicking the link). Karma is awarded for showing up on time, being at the end of the raid, and for boss kills. I am also looking for an experienced raider who would like to be the raid lead. While we have raided before, I get tongue-tied to easily, and Isendur will just stab babies if you don't listen to him. Your job as raid leader will be to organize strategies and coach/lead the raid as appropriate. You'll be the vital third man in our leadership team (Myself doing the scheduling/managing the loot system, and Isendur, Chief Baby-stabber) Right now, we're looking for anyone who's interested in raiding. Feel free to PM me on here. Be sure to include your character's name, spec, and a bit about your raiding experience. Also PM me or find me in game if you have any questions (Toon name: Durond). While I'd like to fill the roster with TNG-mates, I know its a bit off for days raiding. So I'm willing to fill the roster with non-roleplayers. (Feel free to pretend they're redshirts, only with less dying. Hopefully.) Cheers, and lets go stomp on the Lich King.
  13. while I'd be interested in seeing if theres any useful macros specifically for destro-build, I think we have enough buttons on the action bar to forgo any castsequence macros. The only macro that I regularly use is one for immolate to activate my trinkets and sic my pet. #showtooltip Immolate() /petattack /use 13 /use 14 /cast Immolate You could easily exchange Immolate for Incinerate, but I get annoyed with the constant wooshing sound of the trinkets not being active yet. Now there's a cool macro for PvP with felpuppy & seduction, but I'm guessing this was more for PvE activities? Now, something I read the other day, but haven't tested yet, was that using macros to force-cast your imp into casting his firebolt rather then letting him auto-cast it increases your DPS. To do that, you'd have to make a macro for each ability #showtooltip [[Ability]]() <-- This forces the tooptip to show the primary ability /use Firebolt (not exactly sure if this is the imps blast) /cast [[Ability]] A good primer on macro making is: http://www.wowwiki.com/Making_a_macro
  14. Times Swerto said "MY" in his post: 45. Just saying.