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  1. Full Name: Durazod Bloodstone Nicknames: Dura, Duz Date of Birth: Oct 27 Age: 45 Race: Orc Gender: Male Hair: Long white scraggly hair and beard Skin: Swamp green Eyes: Brown Height: 7’2” Weight: 350lbs Place of residence: Orgrimmar Place of Birth: A small village in the Warsong Clans territory on Draenor Known Relatives: Thrakdall and Shektar Bloodstone (father and mother, Deceased), Gutslag Bloodstone (Brother. Deceased) Religion/Philosophy: Occupation: Warrior, Scout Group/Guild affiliation: Guild Rank: Enemies: Night elves, the Burning Legion Likes: Being in nature, the art of combat, sitting around the fire at night. Favorite Foods: Kodo Steak Favorite Drinks: Water, Tea. Favorite Colors: Red, and Black Weapons of Choice: an axe of any sort Dislikes: Night elfs, Death Knights, Slavery, Dishonesty, Those who don’t try for themselves. Hobbies: mining and blacksmithing, exploration Physical Features: His hair is white, long, and unkempt as is his beard. His deep set brown eyes are lined with wrinkles. These features are the only ones that give away any sign of his age. Standing tall at over 7 feet, he is stout and well muscled even by Orc standards. He carries himself with the pride of a seasoned general yet speaks with a soft and gentle tone except when on the warpath. His armor well used and dinged is always polished to a shine at the end of the day. If one is lucky enough to catch Durazod without his armor on they will find his body covered in the scars of battle, and a couple of tattoos that depict his allegiance to the Warsong Clan and the Horde. Special Abilities: Durazod possesses an internal compass, and never gets lost. Positive Personality Traits: Is not known for rushing into situations. Does what is necessary for the good of the Warchief, the Orcs, and then the Horde. He is known to be an Honest Orc. Negative Personality Traits: At times he can come across as rough, gruff, and honest to a fault. Misc. Quirks: He has been seen just sitting in nature in an almost meditative state, He feels very close to nature. History: Durazod was born in a small village located in the Warsong clans territory of Draenor. His parents took part in the bitter fighting of the clans. During the clan wars his father was killed. Once the portal to Azeroth was opened Durazods mother, Shektar, brought him and his little brother through. Soon after during the first battle for Azeroth, Shektar was killed and Durazod and Gutslag were taken under the wing of a young blademaster. Gutslag was lost and believed to be dead during the end of the battle for Azeroth, while Durazod went into recluse in Stonard with the rest of the Warsong clan. There he learned the ways of the Blademaster. When the Warsong clan joined Thralls forces Durazod went with to attack the internment camps. From a number of freed orcs Durazod learned that his brother was indeed alive and had escaped.
  2. If your plan is to rush through and "beat the game" then i quess WOTLK is going to be disappointing. But i think that for those of us who like to stop and smell the roses, and dabble in every aspect of the game, it should still be a fun expansion that is worth the money and time.
  3. Full Name: Durazod Stonefist Nicknames: Dur, Duz Date of Birth: Oct 27 Age: 30 Race: Orc Gender: Male Hair: Black Skin: Dark swamp green Eyes: Brown Height: 6' 5" Weight: 260 lbs Place of residence: Orgrimmar Place of Birth: Gadgetzan Known Relatives: Drolthok and Shektar Stonefist(parents) Loktora Stonefist(sister, missing) Religion/Philosophy: Elementalism Occupation: Adventurer, Treasure hunter, soldier Group/Guild affiliation: Guild Rank: Enemies: Likes: Cartography, exploration, drinking, women Favorite Foods: Crocolisk gumbo Favorite Drinks: junglevine wine Favorite Colors: Green, black Weapons of Choice: Axes Dislikes: Treasure chests full of trash, Hobbies: Reading, Blacksmithing, Physical Features: A tall and fairly well muscled yet lean Orc. He is deceptive in the fact that he is quite agile and limber. His skin is weathered from years in the sun. his long black hair is partially pulled back and his beard is cropped fairly close. His brown eyes portray an intelligence from years spent with scholars, yet they also have a rage in them from the mistreatment of his people. Get him near something new to explore or a grand treasure and watch those deep eyes twinkle in excitement. The right side of his face is marked with 3 parallel scars running down his face from a battle with a Raptor in the Un'Goro crater. Special Abilities: Never gets lost Positive Personality Traits: Never lets an obstacle get him down, has the ability to switch into a warriors rage when needed Negative Personality Traits: Can get sidetracked at the prospect of new places to explore, finds it hard to be serious at times Misc. Quirks: Has the sense of humor of a troll. Played by What Famous Person: Theme Songs: History: His father was a scout/explorer and his mother a scholar/scribe, so many of his childhood years were spent traveling the world of Azeroth. After a few years of that his parents decided that Durzod needed an education, so he was sent from scholar, to trainer, to shaman learning all the ways of the Orcs. When he came of age Durazod joined Thralls army and served with pride for many years. Now though he has taken up his parents mantle. He explores the hidden treasures of Azeroth all the while doing what he can to further protect his people and their new home
  4. If I'm not at work on maintenance days, then it's browse the world wide web, or play some WC3 or NFSMW.
  5. I appreciate my wife- for letting me play the game she hates. my little boy- for making me laugh the guys at work for keeping me alive
  6. I think it's a good idea. Switch it up and have it in different cities, and add some kind of raffle and other event to it. May even pull some of the sleeper rpers in.