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  1. Allright I have finaly decided to transfer to twisting nether I will be making a guild soon and when i get the money I will finalize the transfer thankx for the warm welcome... ((p.s. sorry for the spelling/grammer try to over look it if possible *giggle*))
  2. Is everyone here horde or something? heh i really hope alliance side isnt dead for rp...
  3. <p>Hello and welcome! Allow me to pimp out the RP Networking forum as a place to connect your character's story with others. You can use it as a <a href="<___base_url___>/showthread.php?t=13319" rel="">LFG system for RP storylines</a>.</p>

    <p>Hope you enjoy your stay here.</p>

  4. Hey everyone Im glad to see twisting nether with such a big rp community I have two 70s alliance side and I am looking for a new home for them... currently Im on maelstrom and if any of you have chars there you know how horible the rp is anyways Im deciding at the end of the week or so and so far twisting nether is at the top of my list so maybe i will see some of you real soon! if you want to contact me feel free to... Eura or alexfire on maelstrom server alliance side bye for now hope to see you soon!