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  1. all I have to say is...its been 4yrs and the world has only changed slightly. Its time for things to move forward and time for things to shift in balance. -Places like Gnomer are still sitting there when they should be captured back. -The towers guarded by alliance soldiers near Onyxia's lair are still shanty. The marine's fort south of rachet and south of Orgrimmar and STILL sitting there hopelessly. -The dwarves in the barrens are still digging (lol) -that one dwarf is still sitting at his tent for 4yrs now at Uldum Its been 4yrs, can the dwarves please get rid of those pesky Dark iron's on the bridge to Arathi? plz!?... -Its been over 5yrs now since the undead were....undeaded(?) shouldnt their bodies be decomposing by now? Or at least explain how those exposed limbs still have cartilage in the joints after all the exposure and wear 'n tear of fighting. -Jaina proudmore has looked like a beautiful 26yr old woman for years now. All her stress and work needs to show. MAKE HER AGE! -And is that kings boy a runt or what? will he ever become a teen? these and more need answering...
  2. pfff whatever. Its too yellow and orange for my taste these days. I vote T6 over t2 any day now.
  3. fix'd i feel the same way about the goblins. Damn little leech sucking grimlens!
  4. MMO-champion just updated their site again with new pictures. They show a new and very interesting city. Art Of Deathwing's destruction, goblin class art & character features (nose, ears, piercings, and hair). point taken. Alliance need's a death as well and If Azshara is coming back, then maybe Whisperwind needs to die.
  5. plz, god, no. Dont. Plz... TNG is 90% belf and I <3 variety. ((lol and look at me, im a paladin )
  6. I liked this movie. There were less "every one is a hero" in this movie (since they were already established this time around). My roommate did find the twins racist but we both loved their humor. I liked the editions of the new bots who came to earth and found Jetfire, devastator, soundwave, and the random no-name bots very good. I was also happy to hear that the original megatron/soundwave actor was invited to do the voices of those 2 characters this time. Even tho megatron sounded the same as the first movie, I could tell who it was this time around . Also, people hate on devastator but I actually like this one (as well as all the robots in general) because he looked very "devastating" to me unlike his chartoonish look with is just a X-large generic transformer. I wish the intro was longer than like 30sec so we could see what was happening in 17,000 BC with those robots and the Fallen, but you dont get any insight till like 1hr into the movie . Bay should of had a lil intro like "the return of the mummy" or "LotR: FotR" with Optimus talking (like he did in TF1...sorta). That was a good opportunity to build up the plot of the movie imo and it ends up shifting 30min into the movie when sam reaches college ... Move GM cars this time. 3 concepts (2 prototypes i think) for the twins and that silver guy. Bubblebee is a radio talker again (>.>) and he got the Z-28 hood lol. I guess GM needs all the money they can get these days.
  7. Well I wanted some drinks (I <3 dr. pepper and anything pepsi) and noticed a "throwback" Mt. Dew 3/$10 deal and stacked with it was the WoW edition drinks. So i grabbed one of each to give it a go . Alliance version is blue and covered with a night elf (as seen if you ever got your battle bot). It is very fruity and sweet (very fitting in a horde's perspective haha!) The horde version (like above) and is red blah blah blah with an orc. It is a citrussie-cherry (nothing more than live wire mixed with code red imo) and has a wonderful citrus kick and a burst of flavor. (suits us I guess) Personally I cant tell a difference from the voltage blue berry and the alliance "wild fruit flavor" as they tend to be the same too much, expecially in sugary drinks such as this. I kinda dislike it but I drink it because its Mt. dew. Anyone see this as a money maker and not a "new" drink? lol
  8. hehe blizz makes over 100 million a month. I wonder how much is to pay for server maintenance, bills, employee salary, and company profit? (oh, blizzcon, E3, other events and venders, and etc)
  9. I hate to break it to the thread author but, after reading like 3 paragraphs I started to pick up on what you were saying and....well, you pretty much laid the movie and its plot out on a silver platter. Everything you said was intentional for the characters and plot of the movie. It was said by the director that he wanted fans to pick up on the plot automatically and for new comers, like my cousin who was too young for the old movies, to be able to pick up on the storyline as well. -John conner is just a grunt soldier, this movie is before he became "the leader" -Its a damned if you do, damned if you dont so every soldier has to know how to do everything. John can fly a frakking chopper and in that situation, yes, I would too. -Who wants to watch a man climb a silo for 30min? -It makes sense that military plains and amunition exsists still and people living underground, even in the desert, is possible too. Humans are known to survive almost anywhere on earth. If I recall in T3 there were in a coldwar bunker recieving radio calls from military plains, right? -Well wright is part machine, im sure he has some useful data stored in the chip on his neck -the T-800's were in production during this movies "time" and it was awesome to see him/them!! -In todays era, the terminator movies would be pg-13, im sure. Remember, back then "shit" was a naughty rated R word hehe I liked it. But I wanted to see more of the T-600 but I was happy to settle with Wrights development. I also liked how the end was JUST LIKE the orginial in the factory. Even had Conner limping up the stairs with the T-800 following him, except this time it was backwards. Instead of the terminator getting confused with all the machines, it was Conner getting confused because he was in the brand new T-800 assembly line and couldnt find the operational one chasing him. One of my disappointments was I wanted to see Wright and "Za Al'nold" duke it out in robot fashion, like movies past....but Wright was frail like a human and it didnt take long for the T-800 to scane him and notice his weak spot . I also shook my head everytime I saw a T-600. Those toasters were so clumbsy and stupid, im glad they got replaced.
  10. You have like 6million+ in america to compete with for tickets. I cant even picture what that must be like. Best bet is to see the prices on ebay now if you are desperate in getting in lol. I check now and post an update on the AH prices . hopefully its below 10k gold lol. EDIT: where here go, not as bad as I was suppecting but higher than pre-ordering im sure. lowest was $125 for 1x ticket
  11. qft. I myself had my dk stacked up on stam gems so I could get above 25k hp but once i got 3 pieces of t7 I switched my gems around once i hit 28k unbuffed. I lost 700+ hp but I gained 1%+ dodge and a lil parry putting on some purple and orange gems instead of +24stam only. now i have 28% dodge, 15% parry and 27k hp
  12. I can remember watching wrestling as a kid and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. I picked it back up as a teen when i was about 13-14 in 1998-99 during the WWF/WCW wars and got into it real fast. I continued to watch it through highschool from 01-05 but by 06 I kinda drifted from it. One of the things that kept me glued was the return of NWO, the merdger with ECW and WCW making WWE and some of the hipe with different super stars (evolution, return of the real undertaker, etc) but the past 2-3 years I havnt watched maybe more than 10 shows on TV. Around when Cris Benoit "died" (thats another story i wont get into) I started researching retired and decested wrestlers because I started getting interested in my old favs as a kid. What I learned was very sad and nearly every super star I watched is either 1)old and beaten, 2)has heart disease/some other disease, or 3)dead from suicide, heart attack, drug overdose, etc. Kinda breaks my heart when I saw a youtube video that listed like 50 guys/gals who are dead now. I still remember the WWF show in town and the next day the newpaper read "WWF superstar Owen Hart died last night at the live show..." If you ever see that movie, The Wrestler, you'll know what Im talking about when Mick's character goes into that local town and does a little fan signing deal with other "legends" of the past and as he sits there when the fans are gone he looks at the other legends and see's the old guy asleep in his chair, another in a wheel chair, one guy lost a leg to diabetes it seems, and others are fat. Its the truth for the old hero's of the 80s now. Most of them are fat, poor medical condition, or dead these days I think these young guys have it better. Their physique is different then it was 20yrs ago but in no way is it as entertaining. I miss the creative names; now WWE stars are all pretty and the Divas arnt as attractive, and the foot/heal stories arnt that interesting
  13. Yehvon

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    Some things arnt visible so I kind of spent about 30sec to make little changes to the pic . Pretty basic with no fancy footwork on my screen since ive moved to a 15'' xps laptop now (PC finally kicked the bucket).
  14. I remember being cedes and doing a Rooks + IFR raid there and we nearly wiped in the first pull in MC. Then we got to the first boss and it took EVERYTHING to beat him in a couple tries (and couple tries in 40man wow= an hour or two of raiding lol). Did MC in december and Was amazed at how it turned out....we wiped 2 times on that first boss as 80s. I laughed and felt like I should just retire my paladin from doing any MC again. Also, lvl 80 fire resist aura is hax in MC and Ony's lair.
  15. Ulduar is a breath of fresh air imo. Very fun and I actually enjoy debating in our healer chat channel as to what to try next pull for. Now we are deep inside Ulduar 25 and we're seeing the stress factor of it as we continue to progress. Still fun though and exciting to see what Blizzard has done. Wiping on Ignis trash the first week 3.1 came out was the mist fun ive had since maybe doing SSC or MH for the very first time ((ssc in remembering the giant bog's and wondering if they'll pop babies or not and MH's very first raid night and capturing old WC3 memories of the 25min final lvl))