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Status Updates posted by Thelsuo

  1. <p>lol, Been back and gone again! >.> Chillin with my RC bruddas through numerous entertainment media!</p>

  2. <p>Currently playing Ariothei on Wyrmrest accord. hope all is well.</p>

  3. <p>Not back as in TN back. Just casual play on Bloodhoof Horde with some RL friends from work. Name is Tekaji.</p>

  4. <p>I want you to know.. That wherever you are.. *SNIFF* I won't be far away.</p>

    <p>/thelsuocat is watching you __________</p>

  5. <p>I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU! *unzips*</p>

  6. <p>Hehe, Got tugged back into it by some RL friends from work. On Bloodhoof Horde, Name is Tekaji. Mostly pvp and chilling. How are you Serenity?</p>

  7. <p>You like my smell. Get your nose away from that!!</p>

  8. <p>Well, hello! *Randomer*</p>

  9. <p>-YOU- sir, need some pants.</p>

  10. <p>Pants are an abomination! So long as I can fight I will be leaping into the fray with no pants on!</p>

  11. <p>I miss you too Vanilla bear, heading to work soon and checking a few bios, making a few responses! I'll be on tonight.</p>

  12. <p>Oh, heya Laras!</p>

  13. <p>I have no idea who you are Allheart, but I am intrigued by your /lick and will subscribe to your newsletter.</p>


  15. <p>Screw you Yat! I DO have the power!!!</p>

  16. <p>It's totally thelsuo! His ears are hidden.. Yea hidden definitly.</p>

  17. <p>DUDE! I hit 80 about a week ago! WAY TO NOTICE JERK!</p>

  18. <p>I beat everyone to 80! I was just so bored that I went back in time to do it again! muahaha!</p>

  19. <p>Thanks for the welcome!</p>

  20. <p>AAGHHH I'm SO ANGRY!!!</p>