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  1. <p>lol, Been back and gone again! >.> Chillin with my RC bruddas through numerous entertainment media!</p>

  2. <p>Why the fuck would you not be a troll anymore?</p>

    <p>There are no excuses.</p>

  3. It's not really who zergs better so much as... Who turtles AND zergs better? When you play offense, you find yourself playing a lot... Offense, it's honestly just a lot of zerg 7:47 O'clock, when the defending team does their attack, all dead zerg 4:14 o'clock. etc. etc.
  4. <p>Merry Christmas, you lovely man, you!</p>

  5. TB was amazing the first few fights, huge battles and some good fun. Once it settled into who turtles better wins it. Lost it's luster rapidly. I'm sure they'll change it to make it easier to change hands. Though, as I approach exalted, I find myself caring less and less.
  6. <p>OHAI, WB MANG!!!</p>

    <p>Wow...back to TN for more hot buttery killins? <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  7. <p>THELSUO!</p>

    <p>How's WrA treating ya man?</p>

  8. That was immensely fun to watch!
  9. Huh, who knew a prerequisite for being the guardian of whatever was that you had to dress like a hobo, grab a man purse, look angry and unhappy, and roll around in feces. "Today on lyfestoiles of the rich and fahymous. Thrall the former Wahchief of the Hoede."
  10. <p>Currently playing Ariothei on Wyrmrest accord. hope all is well.</p>

  11. Yea, I'm going to send it back. I want to say thanks for all your fervent help guys, especially Marroc, Karkarov, and Sorrow. Your patience was a huge help. I'll look into a larger case to stuff everything in. It is definitely tight in there. /cheers
  12. Left my computer on all day yesterday while I was at work ,(gone for around 12 hours). It was still on when I got back. Played Wow this morning and was able to do one instance(20 minute run) and logged out. Turned on Assasins creed 2(temps seemed low during play) played for about an hour with no issue. Then went back into wow for WG and was able to play that. Though my temps did rise a good deal, Also lowered my resolution in wow. Tried ME2 after WG and got a message on my monitor of "Input signal out of range." which i'm thinking would mean there is hardware damage on the card since I was able to play ME2 (Rather addictively) for a month. Going to send the card back for a new one. Install it and see what happens. I was thinking, is it possible for the graphics card to turn off the internal fan when a certain application loads up? AC2 is a new game and it was running a lot cooler than Wow was. Just an odd thought. Unless anyone has some other things to try!
  13. *Update on HWMonitor* [ATTACH]312[/ATTACH] (This reading is with the PC case open and a large fan blowing on it.) I just installed your link Marroc. Yesterday it happened twice while not playing wow, but only after playing wow and having the same crash. (If that makes sense). I'll snag a picture of the inside of the case later on. @Karkarov. It used to be on my desk though I moved it on the floor after the first few days of seeing this crash so the fan could do it's thing. When I initially bought the card I tried installing it myself, but it was a tight fit and I didn't want to damage anything. I deferred to Nerds to Go and got it installed a long with a 600 watt power supply. @Sorrow, I'll look into a CPU fan. @Gorvena. I haven't tried that yet, I'll pick a can up when I go out. Couldn't hurt at least. May also try out Mass Effect 2 for a few hours tonight. Haven't had much time to sit and test this issue on another game in a few days. Perhaps the problem carried over where before it didn't.