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  2. <p>For the record, I haven't been in a single BG for over a month, and the few I have been in since Wrath came out, I certainly never said anything about you in them. As for who did insult you in those BGs, and IF anyone actually did, I don't have anything to do with it. Maybe that's something you should look into on your own.</p>

    <p>Either way, it's over. 'He' was a shitty prize anyway, as with all the others who forsook long time friendships for you. Considering you don't like any of them anymore as it is, that really kind of just proves itself.</p>

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  4. Now known in private as Kyai or public as Miss Aluune, the elf approaches the gates looking far different than when the Onyx Sun and her first met. Eyes felgreen, three bones that protrude from each cheek in such a disgusting and demonic manner. Her scent is rich in heavy mana, runes that paint her face and glow a soft blush red on her skin. The cowl she wears to hide her once beautiful face nearly looks like it's part of her body now with the way giant bone structures stretch out from behind her head. In fact the only thing that would look like the cowl would be the small cloth that is entwined with the bones themselves. Phasing through the bars of the cell leaving behind a think cloud of fel acid residue from her altered form she smirks folding both arms at her chest. Still, she carries that lewd sex appeal from her robes parted down the middle and opened from the sides fastened by several belts from her hips down. Large spaulders decorate her shoulders with fierce flaming skulls which compliment, if one would consider it a compliment, her cowl. With a wry smirk she bows her head formally and holds out a similar device the Onyx Sun once revealed to her. Any skillful engineer would recognize it as a voice modifier, but she only holds it out as a memory of their first encounter. "Seems things turned out very opposite than you explained to me with your plans yet one thing holds true. You have been caught as predicted and will be executed. Shame... we could have worked things out had you gone a different path. Of course, if you can't tell already, my own body has gone down a different path." Dangling from her left hip is a demonic fetish which she signals with her fel-infused eyes down towards it. "To think, long ago when we first met, I hated the sin'dorei race and now I have become what they once were and so much more. Ironic how things turned out, or perhaps coincidental like yourself, no? Either way, there is still time to change things around, even before death you can do something to impact the world instead of making those, like the Grim, smile at your execution." She paces a little then settles down on the cellar floor sitting with her gown blooming out like spring's flower basking in the sun. "So I ask... why not change? We both touched surfaces with ideas and how things could and should have been yet your mind was so focused on the very thing you were trying to stop. We are alike, you know. Though I hardly know you and you to me, we are alike. I think we both know this well." She smiles politely and fixes her cowl to hide those bones on her cheeks then, as if they were a part of her, she runs her hands on the large bone structures from behind her head that outstretch towards the front like five horns upwards and arc towards the front.
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  7. That may be the spot I'll choose. It's just a bit too green to get color details of everyone's clothing. Also Soa was born from that Moonwell for those who know of her history. It's just if I use Moonglade for the area during Lunar Festival it will surely get griefed
  8. For those who didn't know already, Elek (Elanderik) and Soa are engaged and have been discussing here and there for a wedding. Soa's Plans: She's always wanted to get married, it's been my personal goal to get her married but over my course of time that I've RP'd she's never had the chance. I've farmed gold, mats, made a lot of things and with the opening of Dalaran and all the treats it offers, this calls for a lot of helpful items and tools to enhance the wedding. In my personal guild bank I have almost 2000 fireworks made, launchers for them and a variety of colors and styles of fireworks. Soa wants a grand wedding, one with tons of guests, friends, friends of friends and friends family to all come and celebrate her dream come true if things between her and Elek continue to run smooth. With this, how many people do you (everyone who reads this) think will attend, will enjoy it, or have an ideas or suggestions? As for place: It's still TBA. I have one place in mind, which is also in contested territory which could cause issues but it's a spot where no one goes to. Any ideas people would have in mind that will be accessible for all people (meaning mob safe for the most part if low lvls wish to come) or other things to add to the flavor of the celebration/ceremony if/when it occurs? Heres what Soa has collected thus far: The wedding band, 2000 (and increasing) fireworks, cluster lunchers and firework launchers. Barrels of wine will be coming in, multiple great feasts, cake, deviate delights for the after party, the dress, shoes, tiara, about 300 elune stones, keg of Brewfest beer (but win to come with it for those who don't like beer). *note* These items, such as fireworks and Elune stones) will be passed out to everyone attending to light up the place and spark things up with all the different styles of fireworks so bring bag space if you're attending. What will be made in as time goes on: I'm considering collecting materials, fishing up Deviate Delights (if anyone wishes to contribute in services I will pay for it). Materials collected will be for Dress Shoes, Tuxedos for men and women, formal shirts, if people wish to bring their own uniforms thats fine too. As the time draws closer to an exact date of if/when they marry, invitations will be mailed out to everyone with details and requests to reply if you will supply your own uniform or wish to have one of the ones I'll have produced. If women wish to have dresses made, please list the dress name/style. Approximate time of wedding: Perhaps just before or just after the Lunar festival. If after the Lunar Festival, the holiday "Love is in the Air" will be going on so flowers can help. Anyone have any feedback, suggestions or wish to help in attending and setting up the event?
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    History of Soa...

    ((open to those involved with the incident of Nightmare collections and up to Eranikus))
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  14. To search for your past, seek out the ancient... be aware he is not likely to be interested in talking to such a being until you've proven your worth to his kind. Anachronos can help you. The woman gathered together what would be considered a generous gift to that of the Brood of Nozdormu. The head of the tyrant Broodlord Lashlayer, and a generous amount of Silithid carapaces collected through the efforts of her friend, Cpike, and her boyfriend Elek. This was no easy task or process as she was up day and night hunting Silithid invaders, seeking them deep in their burrows and within the depths of their hives. At long last, she had enough, enough to present Anachronos to be interested in hearing what she needed. "I wish to know of who I am... rather, what I mean, Anachronos the Ancient. It has been an issue I've pushed aside for far too long and now I wish to discover my roots, my heritage and why I am so much like these Sin'dorei and yet not." Her lavender eyes shifted to a soft toned blue while royal purple swirls invaded the outskirts of the corners. The dragon stared for a long while, silence, the very silence that would keep her on her toes but she waited patiently for his response. She didn't sway, she ignored all which surrounded her and minutes became hours, hours to days. For three days she stood there, staring back to the dragon who's time may never come. Finally, the sun was setting on the third day and the moon took flight. "Your birthplace has all of the answers you wish to seek. Pull the tyrant from the Dream, save him from the Nightmare and you shall know where to go from there, my child." She didn't flinch, didn't react. The cool desert winds scraped across her skin, blowing her crimson hair across her face. Her mind snapped from the trance, freed of the moment of thought. "Tyrant of the Dream..." She thought to herself. "Nightmares... existed within the sunken temple of Atal'Hakkar... Eranikus." Her eyes faded back to their soft lavender hues where she then nodded sagely and took off on her Deathcharger. She crossed the desert sands, took flight Orgrimmar and headed for the zeppelin to the Eastern Kingdoms. Her journey was dire in her manner, hastily she traveled to the Swamp of Sorrows and made fast to the ruined temple. Once inside, she met with the sleeping shade of Eranikus. Malfurion's appearance manifested before her. She took fast to draw her sword, yet his words were warm and greeting. "This is not a task you can perform by yourself, young one. To awaken the tyrant of the Dream you will need to collect fragments of the Nightmare where the vengeful spirits of the greenflight have emerged. Once you've collected these fragments, take them to Romulus, he will help lure Eranikus into the physical realm." "What does any of this have to do with me though? I understand I was born from Elune'ara's Moonwell, however... I don't know why I would have to bring such a creature to this realm!" Nothing was said beyond that. The shades vanished from her presence. Her eyes were fierce, she was confused, frustrated. None of this made any sense or was even remotely related to her. In a reluctant manner she nodded and headed off first to Ashenvale to begin the fragment collections. Her battle stance was ready, determination in her eyes and mind. She fought against a small group of corrupted dragonkin. Her first attack was to sedate the oracle and to combat the two warriors, confident in her actions and abilities, she executed her plan. With a fast blast of blinding light the oracle fell asleep, disarrayed from the battle as the two scalebane warriors charged in. Her sword raised, thrashed against the dragonkin's flesh, only the blade didn't pierce. She ducked to avoid an attack only to be caught off guard from behind. A firm blow from the other scalebane's tail struck her, flinging her in the air and slamming her body against the rocky mountain. Blood spewed from her mouth upon impact and her body tumbled down. Her vision blacked out the moment she felt her veins boil in such a faint yet familiar manner. When she opened her eyes she was bathed in blood of the dragonkin. Her mouth was bleeding heavily, gums dripping, gushing with crimson liquid. Her cheeks were sore, torn from the insides in an odd manner. Her hair tousled over her face, draping over her furious blue eyes as they gradually grew to their tranquil lavender shades. Within the slain oracle she extracted a fragment of the Nightmare and headed to Seradane, Dream Bough and finally set her path to Duskwood. She had a bad feeling about the Twilight Grove in Duskwood the moment she entered the area, a malicious whisper wanted her to draw in closer. This may be something she couldn't handle alone and so she set out looking for people who may be able to help her. Illiyana, Cpike, Resinous, Pearlle, Kalories, Zoreal, and Dyiana all banded together to assist Soa in this powerful foe. The Twilight Corrupter stood before her and her friends and acquaintances. Together they charged in, helping one another, managing themselves while inflicting damage and pain upon this demon satyr. After a long while of fighting, pulling together and cooperation amongst these strangers who were vaguely in relation wish Soa, the demon fell and within his decimated corpse was the last fragment she needed. With all four in her possession, the small group of people made their way to Moonglade where Soa presented the four fragments to Romulus as requested.Still confused, she and her friends followed Romulus who made fast to Lake Elune'ara where he would extract the vengeful Eranikus from the Dream. Sure enough, Eranikus emerged, angry as ever, happy to be within the physical realm to have the chance to erase the world of Malfurion Stormrage and seek his revenge on Elune. Elune.... one of Soa's mothers as she believed her to be. Perhaps that bronze dragon wasn't so wrong into what she sought after. Before she knew it hundreds of shades had invaded the town of Nighthaven. Cenarion druids and defenders took arms fighting against the Nightmare beings summoned by the mighty tyrant. Soa felt her body become lighter, drifting almost. Even after being inflicted by dozens of waves of shadowbolts and mauling claws of these black monstrosities who only became more powerful as each kill excited their bodies. Lost in the midst of battle, the war raged and ravaged her homeland and it was though as if Azeroth cried in pain. Elek was seen in the shifting crowds of battle. She had to focus, she needed to see him, even in the midst of all of this chaos, she needed to reach him. Others were caught up in the battle, some fled as it was too chaotic, others stood by trying to find one another. Her knight, her boyfriend, he was everything to her in this time. She watched in aw as he swept up the Nightmare's incarnations taking them all at once. Cpike was working as hard as he ever has before, doing his best to aid in the druids fighting, keeping Elek's wounds in tact and regenerating with his focused study in the Light. Eranikus' forces were defeated and in his madness he descended from the sky taking on Romulus and the druids himself. Illiyana charged in with her swords and began to slash away at the thick scales of the angry tyrant. Elek jumped to the front assisting Romulus in taking the damage and keeping Eranikus' vengeance focused on him. Kalories and his wolf unleashed their assault as well, now that order was slowly restoring, everyone could focus on just this menacing dragon. Soa picked up her sword and fought next to her best friend, Illiyana as they focused all what they had to give in stopping Eranikus. The tyrant cried out blaming Elune for letting him fall from her grace. With his bellowing roars and cries, Tyrande came to aid in the battle of Moonglade giving her blessings of the Moon to the thrashing giant. Eranikus cried in pain on how much it burned. Cpike continued to use all he had been trained in, studied for in the Light to keep everyone in tact during this vicious and vigorous assault. With the combined efforts of everyone involved, Eranikus surrendered before being destroyed, transforming himself into the shape of a Highborne. Soa ran up to Elek, hugging him tightly. Though Kalories and Soa have been through a lot together, romance wasn't his thing. She knew if she needed his bow and his wolf again he'd come, but in a flash he left. Her attention focused to her boyfriend, her eyes swirled to a vivid pinking purple as her ears listened to Eranikus explain himself to Tyrande and Romulus, thankful for being saved from the horrid Nightmare and to try to fix what he had caused. Soa broke the small moment of silent romance with Elek and turned to the redeemed Eranikus. "Um... Eranikus... Anachronos told me to seek you out, that you'd have answers to my past possibly. All I know is that I was born from the Elune'ara Moonwell yet-" He interrupted her, raising a hand and smiling. From this he offered her a small book with the seal of the Shen'dralar embroidered into the cover. "Thank you for your help with the others in saving me from the Nightmare. This book has what you are looking for though it is written in a language you cannot understand. Take this shard to the Highborne, they will acknowledge you and help you with your research, young one." A broad smile stretched across his lips as he handed her the necklace with a mystic green stone attached to it." She took the book and the necklace and nodded slowly. The four, Illiyana, Cpike, Elek and Soa watched as Eranikus returned to the dream. Tyrande set off back to Darnassus and Romulus to the grove. She looked back to her friends, closest combatants and simply nodded in appreciation of all of their efforts. Her embrace with Elek slipped loose where she then set off to the ruins of Eldre'Thalas. Her little body was exhausted, fatigued from so much traveling and fighting, possibly even fevered from climate changes in her travels but this was too important for her to not continue forward. She wanted to find out who or what she was alone. Upon her arrival to the now Dire Maul, she slipped passed the sleeping ogres and snuck into the sealed libraries of the Shen'dralar. Her mind raced, heart throbbing as this could be what she's been looking for all this time. She reached the dying race of the Shen'dralar long last with this mysterious book and token of Eranikus. "E-exuse... m-m-me... I'm-" "Soa Aluune Luuthafia." She blinked, stood still, book clasped to her chest in her hands and necklace clutched in her other hand. "I... how did...?" "I am Lorekeeper Javon. I can sense our blood in your veins and you carry one of our books." Her raised an eyebrow quizzically as he examined the small woman before him. "Yet your body seems to have tapered with abused arcane magic of the commonly known Blood Elves." She blinked, her skin a bit more pale than usual. Fevered and shocked. Sweat broke across her forehead then she offered the book and the necklace to this mysterious Highborne. Her eyes noticed the wisps about the area, looking almost as she remembered what she saw on her birth. The unexplained mysteries. Lorekeeper Javon took the book and exmined the necklace closely. "You must have done something great to have pleased Eranikus. To that, how may I help you, Soa?" "I wish to discover who or what I am exactly... you just said I've the same blood as you but... how is that even possible? I mean... these wisps I see I... I thought I was..." "Just water? Hardly, my child." Lorekeep Javon opened the book and flipped through several pages then nodded slowly. "I see... interesting, Eranikus." Soa couldn't help but to try to stand on her tippy toes to examine the contents of the book. Yet this Highborne stood a firm two feet over her. Once the Lorekeeper saw her actions he quickly shut the book and smiled. "It seems you were a wisp at one point, created through magic at the Moonwell. It wasn't intentional for us to leave you there for so long. The Lunar Festival was about the world, and it seems fate had sealed when Sin'dorei stumbled upon you. Their abusive arcane magics influenced your development, altering your form into... what you are now." He then patted her gently on the head, she stood still just staring in wonder, thinking, curious as to how that occurred. "When one is afflicted in arcane magic, it will change your appearance forever. For you, you were influenced by it in your early stages as a wisp. Your appearance changed, your weight did not... well not too much as you may be aware of. Your... other affliction has only altered you more. Do not let is consume you, else you may find yourself lost, fallen from the grace which has been bestowed upon you, even now." She placed her hand just under her left breast along her ribs. The Highborne nodded then removed his hand from upon her head. "Lend me your ring. Allow this gift serve to you as a reminder of the efforts you went through to discover your past, your present and future and to never forget who you are now and who you were then." Her hand instinctively rose to his favor. With a few waves of his fingers and strings of magic binding Eranikus' gem to her ring, the two objects became as one. Finally she collapsed, her body gave out from the exhaustion. When she woke, she was back in Silvermoon. Her eyes were glossed over in their purplish tints. Her skin remained pale, her body hot and cold all at once. She tried to swallow but her mouth and throat were dry, hurting. She could barely raise her hand to see the ring, the gem uniquely crafted into it. "A Highborne...?" Her eyes closed as she soon passed out again. This was just the beginning for her affliction was next to uncover.
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