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  1. Heh. >.> I appreciate getting my old job back, and even getting paid yesterday, so now I can keep my truck.
  2. So far, I've only seen a little of Northrend on my shaman, and to do that I had to go back to playing on my old server, but most of my time has been spent on on my death knight (he will be transferred over as soon as I get the funds). The atmosphere of Howling Fjord, from the music (bagpipes!) to fighting the Vrykul to helping the Taunka, drew me into the world again. The death knight starter quests were also rather good in my opinion. After all that I did to the humans there, I'm more prepared to play a heel character in roleplay situations.
  3. I don't appreciate being reminded that the hollow shell that is the commercialized Christmas is 'right around the corner' when I haven't even had Thanksgiving yet.
  4. Great. So now the entitled raiders can bitch about the entitled casuals. And while they're fighting, the rest of us lose.
  5. Ok, I've tagged the thread as possibly containing spoilers, so you have been forewarned. *nonsensicalwordsandphrasestofillemptyspacebeforethespoilerscomeintogive peopleachancetohitthegobackbuttonbeforetheyseeanythingtheydidn'twantto seeandthusgetupsetatmeafterIspecificallywarnedthembecauseI'mnottakingthe heatforsomeidiotwhocan'treadthreadtitlesbecausehonestlypeoplewhatever happenedtotakingresponsibilityforyourownactions?* ... ... ... Anyway, with the latest expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, nearly upon us, and with at least some of the storyline already spoiled for some (for better or worse), I'd like to know where everyone thinks the future of Azeroth will take it heroes (specifically, the PC's.) Personally, I thought that the next expansion after this would take us into the Emerald Dream, to ID and eradicate the Nightmare that seems to be brewing there. However, after seeing the Wrath Gate cinematic and the questline stemming from that, I think that the next expansion will most likely focus on the material world of Azeroth. I'm thinking that, due to the renewed war between the Horde and the Alliance (stupid human king), the two factions are going to fight over whatever territory isn't already claimed. Most likely, this will include the region between the two continents, which, if I recall, have a substantial number of islands not yet seen on the map. Plus, there are unexplored nations like Gilneas on the edge of Silverpine and Grim Batol in the Wetlands. ...Ok, I'll admit, I really just want to see the next Hero class be Pandaren Brewmasters.
  6. Well, I'm catching up on some anime episodes, so tonight's not a total loss. I just hope the servers are up after I get home with Wrath. I don't care if I have to go back to my old server and then transfer the character, I want to play a damn death knight.
  7. <p>You are weak.</p>

  8. No, I think they're actually turned into food for the cannons. Or the cannoneers. Or however you spell that.
  9. I don't appreciate institutionalized ganking, is all. I'm perfectly fine with unfair situations in world PvP, because, well, it's world PvP. Besides, I'm a masochist when I play. I think I've only bailed on one PuG my entire time in WoW.
  10. I don't appreciate twinks. Yeah, wow, you're level 39, you have armor, weapons, and enchants that are normally impossible for a normal person of your level to aquire by themselves, and you were able to two-shot me, a level 36 hunter with quest greens who knows how to jump-shoot and use traps to make some distance for a second or so. /golfclap What a show of skill. Your penis/breasts must be HUGE. >.> If gear was normalized in battlegrounds, I'd bet at least 90% of twinks would suddenly suck.
  11. Ke'juarez


    *Ke'juarez lets a puff of smoke escape from his mouth.* 'Yeah, i rran into 'er a couple of nights ago. i'She was drinking a bit, but it's another elf that didn't hate me forr being a troll. She kept callin' me Kel'Thuzad, though. I guess I should have taken a bath or something...'
  12. I could be on, but I have no idea on how to actually speak in a forest troll accent. >.< I haven't had much practice imitating a hispanic accent...
  13. I'm not entirely sure, but my favorites would probably be either Medivh before he turned face, and Ner'zhul. Medivh, mainly because his character was somewhat tragic, and I'm a sucker for characters that are trying to redeem themselves later on. Ner'zhul, because he was undone by his own thirst for power and tried to correct his mistake before he was bound to the Frozen Throne. Admittedly, my first contact with Ner'zhul was during Warcraft 3, when he was undoubtedly evil, and I liked how he played his role as a puppetmaster of sorts behind the scenes.
  14. I'm already planning on making a death knight once I get my character to 55 to unlock it. I don't know yet if it will become my new main; I probably won't know until the time arises. I don't care much for raiding, because I was never allowed to see the raiding content from Burning Crusade on my old server.
  15. I noticed this a while ago. My question is why they didn't think of this before. Or, better yet, why it doesn't work the other way in terms of item scaling. Particularly, why Legendary items wouldn't scale above their current level, so if you put in the extra effort to get Atiesh or one of the Warglaves of Azzinoth, you would never have to replace it.