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  1. http://lonerli.deviantart.com/ Not much on there, but maybe someday I can focus on it.
  2. (*Quick update on the guild relations*)
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  5. Agreed, the comic is an excellent piece of work worth checking out. RIP Snooch
  6. Full Name: Lonerli Theodore Kiith Nicknames: Loner Date of Birth: Approximately 40 years before the destruction of Dalaran Age: 77 Race: Sin’dorei Gender: Male Hair: Blond, long Skin: Slightly darken skin color of the average color of his race due to sun exposure Eyes: Green with a hint of teal Height: 6'8" Weight: 175 lbs. Place of residence: The inns of any city he chooses to rest at. No location to call home. Place of Birth: The outskirts of Dalaran Known Relatives: None, family was murdered by the forces of Scourge. Rumor hints that his wife of life long past is alive... Religion/Philosophy: Wonders if someone is out there... "Eye for an eye" "Reap what you sow" Occupation: Durant's scout, 'Gun-for-hire' Group/Guild affiliation: The Raven Cross Guild Rank: Novice Ascetic Enemies: None for now, a few members of the alliance has gotten on Lonerli's nerves but not noted as enemies. Likes: Gold, his loyal pets, collection odd weapons and things to change his appearance. Favorite Foods: Simple foods. Anything with more then two foods mixed together as it's incredance is not appealing. Favorite Drinks: Apple juice (Although from the tree in Daralan... it's questionable) Favorite Colors: Blue Weapons of Choice: Shoots the gun, will swing anything else. Dislikes: Wands (sissy sticks) and daggers. (used for skinning and cooking. Not combat). Thinking about losing his family. This broom that seems to follow him... Hobbies: Showing off his 'Hog', making gold and fine tuning his combat prowess Physical Features: Lonerli has a large and charge appearance to him. Agile and strong for a hunter. Small burn scars dot his arms from several failures from engineering. Also small noticeable scar across his neck where he barely dodged a decapitating blow from a Scourge boss in the destruction of Dalaran years ago. Special Abilities: Excellent shooting skills and dedication to whatever task is at hand. Able to focus his abilities to be in tune with his animal companions. Changes his physical appearance thru the use of magical items.... alot. Positive Personality Traits: Positive and upbeat. Goes where the winds takes him. Negative Personality Traits: Regretful of his past. Utmost hatred of the Scourge. Very leery and mistrusting toward the undead. "Forsaken or not, I cannot trust them unless they show me otherwise. What happened at Wrath Gate... *becomes annoyed* And all of the Scourge are undead." Often blames himself for not saving his family at the destruction of Dalaran. Lack of direction. Misc. Quirks: Works for a Goblin Engineer director 'Junk Dump'. Has odd weapon stash. Can't hold his liquor. The use of magical items to warp his appearance quenches his thirst for magic. Played by What Famous Person: Not one but Lonerli himself of the internet. History: Lonerli was born in the outskirts of Dalaran and lived with his parents and studied the ways of a hunter from an old Troll. While growing up he earned the name of 'Loner' by not following the other children in becoming magic users or paladins. While coming of adulthood, he befriend a female bloodelf paladin, Foxli, and married after several years. Her brother, Sunli, joking called Loner, 'Lonerli' and that name stuck to him. Lonerli and Foxli had a child who was born with white eyes instead of the usual green as most Blood Elfs have, thus Sunli dubbed him, 'WhiteStar'. His original name was forgotten over the years. However, at the date that Dalaran fell, the scourge forces invaded thru and slaughtered everyone in the towns on their way to Dalaran. Watching his family fall and die in front of him, Lonerli was paralyzed from a near fatal wound and his hunter mentor survived and saved Lonerli to drag him away as the assault on Dalaran was occurring. He later succumbed to his wounds for being too old to regenerate after he was sure Lonerli would survive. Blaming himself for being weak and a disgrace, Lonerli escaped. Making his way around the world, Lonerli didn't know what to do or how to deal with his pains of his memory, which lead him into drinking himself to near-death many times and running against the alliance who called him a traitor and an enemy. In a hopeless state, Lonerli camped near Darkshore one night and was approached by a ghostly cat after picking up a figurine of a cat. Believing this to be a sign, Foxli loved cats, he dubbed him "WhiteStar" after the ethereal cat began to follow Lonerli around and accepted him to be it's master. Getting some hopes in his life lead him to outskirts of Thunder Bluff, in which a barking wolf chose Lonerli to be it's master, and to the mountains of Alterac where a snow bear chose Lonerli to be it's master who Lonerli dubbed as 'Sunli'. Lonerli's life turned for the better as a goblin engineer demanded to teach Lonerli engineering and he was invited personally by Thrall to wage war on the alliance in Alterac after being the horde's envoy to the Thimbermaws. Soon Lonerli went anywhere where he could earn gold and fight the Scourge who he vows to make them pay for taking everything away from him. Doing whatever brings him gold and what sounds good is currently keeping Lonerli busy, also he is finding that waging war on the alliance is rather... entertaining.
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  8. <p>This is my Scout. There are many like him but this one is mine~</p>

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