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  1. Instead of a quick release like his fire spells, Zephrythos noticed his focus wane slowly as his energy did. Though simply freezing a target, aided by physical contact, is one of the most simple frost spells, he nearly collapsed from exhaustion. At first, he thought he had failed. Zephrythos began to bring his arms down, but realized that they were encased in a thin layer of ice and stuck to the dummy. Di'el furrowed his brow. "Well done, Zephrythos. Better than I expected… to be honest." The elf's hands crackled and the ice melted instantly. "You may take to this more easily than fire. You should go now. We both have things to think about," Di'el said softly. Zephrythos nodded, thanked Di'el quietly, and left the courtyard. He sighed as he touched the coat rack near the exit and walked into the downpour. His mind raced. Should I pursue this? Could I, even? How would my family react? Especially my father. A renowned pyromancer with the knowledge that he's created one of those 'weaklings.' Zephrythos rubbed his temples as he entered his home and walked quickly up the stairs to his quarters. He didn't notice the muffled screams coming from his father's locked study. Zephrythos collapsed on his bed in an attempt to get some sleep. It would prove futile.
  2. "Frost magic?" Zephrythos nodded. Di'el looked to the floor and stroked his chin, staying silent for several seconds. "It would be disagreeable…" Zephrythos shook his head. "Maybe I should just go. Forget I asked." "No, no. It's okay. I will show you," Di'el said. "Go back to the line." Zephrythos went back silently, feeling a bit dumb for bringing all of this about. Di'el motioned to his water elemental. The beast sputtered and called a heavy mist that drenched the wooden felguard, and then went outside to enjoy the rain. Di'el touched another panel, gray this time, and a solid, arcane barrier appeared, blocking view and entry through the door and windows overlooking the courtyard. "Now. Come over here." The elf beckoned Zephrythos over to the dummy. His hand glowed faintly blue, and in it appeared a small icicle. "Conjuring fire is best supported by the channeling of anger, hate, or mental chaos. Frost, on the other hand, must be created through the caster's calmness and focus. Instead of getting angry about how this makeshift demon's kin have harmed you, focus on your objective here. Think logically." Zephrythos closed his eyes and placed his hands on the wood. He focused on what needed doing: freezing this dummy. "Good," Di'el said. "Now focus on the cold. Use the mental order in your mind itself to complete your objective. Emotion is not necessary, only focus. Use your calmness to banish chaotic heat." Zephrythos focused with all of his power, and didn't notice as the wooden statue began to grow colder.
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  4. Zephrythos furrowed his brow and focused on the target. Without taking his eyes off the dummy, he brought his hands together to his right, preparing to form the thermal attack. The tunnel formed, red with heat. Di'el spoke calmly. "Focus your rage. Block out all other emotions." Zephrythos focused his "rage," but he knew it was all fabricated. How could he get angry at a wooden dummy? Regardless, on came the tensity and then release as his hands shot forth and with them a successful, if lacking, thermal barrage. Looking up slowly, Zephrythos saw the wood smoke a bit but not come close to ignition. Di'el looked optimistic. "Hmm. Not bad. Perhaps the rainstorm is weakening you. Try a fireball." Zephrythos retracted his arms and focused again, trying to hide that he was panting from the first exertion. He felt the earth form in his hands and heat instantly, nearly melting. Once he felt he couldn't maintain the ball any longer, he forced it through the air toward the wooden felguard. Popping, the ball split in midair, showering the dummy with flaming, albeit harmless, earthen pebbles. "Come now, Zeph, you can do better than that. These demons killed your countrymen! They bring apocalypse to worlds across the universe! They corrupt and destroy honest, arcane-fearing magi! You hate them!" Di'el puffed, waving his arms. "It's just a dummy. How do I hate an inanimate block of biomass?" Zephrythos asked. "I don't know. I wonder the same thing." Di'el said. "I'm sorry. I don't know how well I can help you, son of Charon. Should I see you out?" Zephrythos hesitated. "Actually, the real reason I came to visit was… I need to ask something of you." "Hm. What is it, my friend?" Di'el asked, arching a white brow. "It would be a bit… disagreeable." Zephrythos continued. "With whom would it be disagreeable?" asked the elf. "My family. And.. the academy." "Well, out with it. What dastardly deeds can I perform for you?" Zephrythos folded his arms. Now or never. "I was wondering if… if you could show me some frost magic."
  5. Di'el led Zephrythos into a courtyard behind the rest of his home. Nearly all resident mages had a courtyard in their home for "hands on" study. Most were made entirely of marble, magically reinforced against the mage's spells. Di'el's had no ceiling to allow the rain in, which filled a reservoir that fed several fountains made of unmelting, magically conjured ice throughout the house. The courtyard walls themselves sparkled from a light coat of frost, probably from Di'el's practicing. The elf touched a violet panel with the Kirin Tor insignia on it, and a lavender shield burst into existence, covering the ceiling. "The conjurors have done such a fine job with today's storm; it's a pity that it would interfere with our work," he said. "Now, let's find out exactly what is amiss." He directed Zephrythos to a red line on the floor, and motioned to a target. This target was different from the one at the Academy. Instead of being made of straw to allow ignition, the dummy was constructed entirely from wood, with parts that looked like armor probably made of iron or steel. The form it resembled was much larger than the Felhound. It was biped, had many spikes on its upper back and helm, and had two arms, one of which was carrying a large axe. "This is one of the mo'arg race of demons, commonly called a Felguard. These felguards serve as the majority of the Burning Legion's standard soldiers. They are ruthless, fearless, and endlessly loyal to Sargeras. Now, focus. Let's just begin with a standard scorching attack."
  6. By the time Zephrythos left his home, a heavy rain had begun to fall. Stopping in the foyer of his home, the young mage placed his hand on a gently glowing coat rack near the door. A semitransparent bubble surrounded Zephrythos as he walked, protected, outside through the downpour. He enjoyed the rain. It seemed to drown out the responsibilities of the world for a few hours with foggy mist and the calming pattering of droplets on the ground. After a short while Di'el's house came into view. The cryomancer was outside, watching his water elemental draw rain from the downpour. Zephrythos began to reconsider his decision. After all, how would his family react if they found out? His father would yell, his mother would seethe, and his brother would laugh and ridicule. Not to mention Di'el would lose his parents' friendship and trust. He was about to turn around when the elf's calm voice pierced the storm. "Zephrythos Xavien, is that you? Surely the son of one of the Kirin Tor's most renowned pyromancers wouldn't be caught dead in a rainstorm." Cursing himself for his lack of foresight, Zephrythos thought quickly. "Actually, sir, I've come to... seek advice in my studies." The elven mage smiled gently as Zephrythos drew closer. "You know not to call me 'sir' when you are my guest. But why have you come to me with this request? Your field is not my area of expertise." "Sorry, Di'el, but my father is very busy and the instructors at the Academy are far too impatient to make any progress with me," Zephrythos lied. (Well, the first part was a lie.) "Hmm, a lack of impatient pyromancers? Impossible," Di'el remarked, not completely joking. "Very well, young master archmage, I will help you. Surely you have not fallen too far behind, hm?"
  7. Meh, it's an off server guy. If it was a TN character, especially an 80, there would be srs lulz.
  8. Zephrythos stepped from the portal, arriving in front of the stable. After tying his horse to one of the rails, he glanced around at the village. He saw the other undead eying him with suspicion as he walked with the elf. He realized, not for the first time, that nearly all of his work was done with blood elves, and he generally stayed away from Forsaken magi. Zephrythos shook his head slightly at his peers' attitude. Fortunately, Forsaken xenophobia wouldn't be present in his new office and home in Dalaran, and for this he we thankful. Strolling nonchalantly despite surrounding scrutiny, the mage silently led Aledis into the Gallows' End.
  9. Zephrythos dismounted. "Ah, excellent! I am a colleague of your friend Leah. Zephrythos Xavien." He bowed to the elf graciously. "Menion awaits us in Brill." Zephrythos pulled a rune from his pocket and concentrated on it, causing it to glow and disentigrate. In front of him, the air cracked slightly as a portal leading back to the town burst into existence. He took the reins of the horse in one hand and with the other motioned to the rift. "Shall we?"
  10. Zephrythos nodded silently to Menion before spurring his warhorse down the road at a moderate pace. Gazing to the sky, the mage was grateful for the short vacation before his formal move to the city of Dalaran. At the very least, the chilling winds of Alterac would serve to comfort the cryomancer. Returning his eyes to the path in front of him, Zephrythos spotted an armored figure just off the road. As it drew closer he saw it to be an elf, likely a paladin. Pulling up to the man, Zephrythos hailed him. "Greetings, friend. By any chance have you seen an elf named Aledis? He'd likely be heavily armored as you are."
  11. Zephrythos nodded. "We had better get underway. Your family no doubt expects you." He followed Alacar, giving him a bit more space each time the wyrm hissed. Zeph furrowed his brow and scribbled a bit more in his notebook.
  12. "Actually, I could use some time in the Alterac ice. I had just arranged my items to be transported to Dalaran, so I am free to take some time away." Zephrythos motioned to the city around him, smiling. "I'll miss the Undercity, but it's a bit warm for my taste." He stowed his notes in his robes and returned his gaze to Menion. "I will enjoy meeting your family, at any rate. When do we depart?"
  13. "Yes, one of those parasites elves cannot seem to get enough of. Most of the mages here will not suffer their presence. This one had somehow managed to get its jaws around your cigar case." Zeph looked to the ceiling briefly and sighed. "At any rate, it's yours again, although the arcane phlegm might take a bit of scrubbing." Smiling a bit, he continued, "But I digress. What of the estate and your leave?"