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    The Death Knight sighs as she sips on a mug of amber liquor. "Does the world -need- another self righteous Paladin who thinks they're a God? I mean, really, we already have one misguided fool. Let Rohan remain in his own catergory." She shakes her head, silvery-green hair falling in her face. "Either way, if she crosses my path, she best be carrying her own casket. I don't do burial's."
  2. Silver-green hair fell in front of the elf's face as she read the piece of parchment on her lap. So they were going after the Raven Cross now, were they? Funny. Last year at the same time it would have been the Grim, or the Marauders, but now that there was a bigger kid on the playground... She rolled her blue eyes and let the parchment slip from her fingers. It was rediculous, charging the Ravens in their own nest, but she couldn't help but smile as she began making her way towards the docks. Retribution came on swift wings for the monster that murdered her daughter, and she couldn't wait to see how the seagulls defended their territory. It was a shame she wouldn't be able to see the slaughter that would ensue, but she had better things to do. If they were successful, she'd hear about it. If they weren't... well, then there would be no suprises.
  3. *The elf's eyes are dark, her face an emotionless mask.* You can tell the Raven Cross that I am coming for them. Each and everyone of the that fights beneath that banner are as good as dead. And Illisade... *She growls, her lip curling up into a sneer* Him and that -woman- will answer to me, and I promise you it won't be pleasant. *Her eyes linger on the Goblin's face a moment, the look positively deadly. Without another word she turns her horse around and kicks it into a full gallop.*
  4. The elf sat in high backed chair in Cut Throat Alley, shuffling through papers that littered the table. The sun had set on the Veiled Council, and it was time to send out letters letting her children know that it was time to set their tabards aside. She smiled faintly as she scratched words into the parchment. Time to set aside the tabards, but never the masks. An old friend had come back into town and Nel had decided to join back up with the Raven's Wing. She had written many of the members, even those she hadn't seen in weeks, but one name stuck out to her. Peritous. The man had been her second in command, her confidant, and her friend. Her hand stopped in mid sentence as her mind wandered. Where was he now? She hadn't spoken to him in almost a month, and try as she may to not care for anyone, the death knight had found a soft spot in her heart. Not that of a lover, more of a brother. Someone she could count on to always have her back. Her icy blue eyes looked the paper over, the words, the sentences. She frowned then. Too much to read, too much to process. Crumpling the half-written letter, she slid over a blank piece of parchment and began to write swiftly and precisely. The man was smart. He would eventually get word of the dispersal of the Council, and whether or not he agreed, she knew that he would stand by her decision. Her smile was grim as she wrote a few lines, then looked them over again once more. It was everything he needed to hear, and everything she could give to him. Trystanel folded the letter up and dripped blood red wax onto the back of the letter. Pressing a mask seal into the rapidly cooling wax, she let herself smile. In time they would meet again, and only he would be able to tell her if it would be the last. She had made a promise, one that she intended on following through on. Later, when the Knight received the letter, very few words would he read. ‘Peritous- My promise stands. I’ll send you to the Nether the only way I know you’d want to go. Just say the words, and my blade is yours. Take care of yourself, my friend. -Trystanel Terkerinor '
  5. I think I'd have a Noblewoman who'd like to come... *Gives shifty eyes*
  6. The elf wasn't angry. She wasn't even upset. You see, she had gone so far beyond the point of anger, that she had looped right around to being calm about the situation. Trystanel's eyes scanned the frozen plains, a few caribou ran about in the snow, a mamoth or two made their slow pace across the fields, but there wasn't an elf to be seen. At least not hers. "Dammit child..." She led the gryphon into a downward spiral, a mountain range looming ahead of her. She was about to turn back around and start at another end of Northrend when she heard the wailing. It rose and fell and finally reached her high-perched ears. Unaware, at the time, that those bagpipes belonged to the very dwarf who had kidnapped her daughter, she followed the sound. Curiosity mixed with a certain annoyance led her to the broken down door of the Dwarf's cave. She hefted her axe into her plated hands and jumped off the gryphon. The bird eyed the axe and took back to the sky. Leif was a brave bird, but slightly squeamish. He had seen what his mistress had done to people with that axe, and he was well off without seeing it again. Trystanel looked into the cave, her eyes adjusting to the dimmer light. The dwarf stood a ways back, she couldn't really see his face, and a very mad Worg looked like it had just lost a promised snack. A little further back sat her daughter, chained to a chair with a gag in her mouth. Suddenly her blood was boiling, she closed her eyes, her hand in a fist. The ground behind her shattered and broke, a corpse raising itself from the dirt and ice. It looked at the Death Knight with sightless eyes, then moved, rather quickly at the dwarf. As the ghoul lept to the dwarf, Trystanel darted towards her daughter, Axe held high. With a practiced swing, the blade bit through metal and wood, severing the back legs off the chair. Trystanel caught the tipping chair with the side of her axe, waiting until Kairiel had removed herself from the chair to split the chains that held her feet. She looked at her daughter, just a moment passed before she smiled, "Get outside, Leif will get you." Her silver haired daughter nodded her head once, and then blurred from her sight. A grin painted itself across Trystanel's face as she turned to see how her ghoul fared. Kairiel was fast, she had barely seen the young elf move. A quick glimpse over her left shoulder told her that Leif had picked up her daughter and they were well on their way out. Good. Now for the questioning and disemboweling.
  7. ((Lail and I found this for you, it reminded us of Rohan and I felt the urge to show you. ))
  8. Nel smiles for a minute, then shakes her head sadly. "He's a good man, and has become a good friend. I made him a promise... and someday I plan to uphold it. I just hope that it's what he really wants." She looks off into the distance for a moment, then sighs heavily. "I know he'd do the same for me..."
  9. That's my girl... Not sure why she wants to hang around her father so much, but hey, I'm not going to tell her to not. She needs to know for herself who she is, and Illisade can help her with her chosen path far better than I'll ever be able to.
  10. A disgusted grunt can be heard. "Annoying, sexist, short, doesn't know what's appropriate and what's not... but, he's not so bad. I guess I've just got a soft spot for the crazies."
  11. ((Lawls. Suprise, you're a daddy?))
  12. *The elf blinks a few times* Chill? I'm chill? I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment or a derogitary term to my unliving status... eh, I'll smack him for it later.
  13. "In shadows is where we dwell. We are the secrets, we are the lies, we are the masks and the actors in this absurd tale. We are the unstoppable force of Hope, and the distinctly fond sense of euphoria. You do not speak of the Council; you do not acknowledge the Council. We are simply here to help move things along.” Kill one to save a thousand. We do the dirty work, the things that go on behind the curtains before anyone see’s what’s going on. Death is an idle threat where we come from, and not one that we are too fond of. Enemies? We have them. Do we worry? Not for a moment. To some we are the heroes, to others we are the Villains. To us, we simply do what we think is right and consequences be damned. We serve no one, and everyone. Your morals are your own, we don’t ask that you take on ours, but we do have rules. They are simple as this: You follow them. When the Masque bids, you come. You do not kill the young. You do not harm the old. You fight the Scourge and the Legion tooth and nail. When a Brother or Sister needs you, you give your life for them. OOC Info: We are currently accepting all classes and levels. Eventually we plan on doing world PvP as well as Raiding. We are a heavy Role Play guild and intend on doing large RP events as well. We interact with many different guilds on different levels, and enjoy forming ties with Alliance and Horde members. This is not to say that we necessarily like the Horde in character, but we do have ties with a few members. If you’re interested or have any questions feel free to contact Either Trystanel or Peritous. I’ll be posting Ranks and Officers once I have them concrete, as well as general rules and the like. Just wanted to get something up.