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    Real Name: Azael Vladamir Enochia Nicknames: The God of Fel (By his followers), The Devil of Silvermoon Age: Unknown Race: Blood Elf Hair Color: Black Eyes: Light Green Height: 5'8 Weight: 136 lbs Place of Residence: None (People have claimed to have seen him) Place of Birth: Silvermoon City Known Relatives: [] Kite Entrasia Enochia (Father, deceased) [] Marriane Françoise Enochia (Mother, deceased) [] Rautal Augusta von Enochia (Sister, missing) Religion/Philosophy: Views himself to be a God Occuptaion: Warlock Guild Affiliations: None Enemies: The Sin'dorei, and the House of Enochia Physical Traits: Childhood scar inflicted by Arthas Special Abilities: Able to control virtually limitless amounts of fel energy Personality: Unknown (The last person to encounter Xerxeth was Rautal) Theme Song: [] The God of Fel (Inquisition Daemonhunt Theme) ( )History: Note that this character is entirely fictional and has no relation to the current Warcraft storyline The Forgotten Son Born in the gracious city of Silvermoon, the young child along with his sister were viewed with great pride among the family who had for countless years served the high elves as powerful paladins. But such promise is not so easy to make reality, unlike his sister Azael was unable to utilize the power of the Light. This did not falter the family though and would settle for him to be a capable mage, but even that was not possible. It was not merely the Light that had abandoned him, virtually all forms of magic was unreachable to the young nobleman. To believe that a member of the House of Enochia, let alone a high elf, was unable to make use of even the simplest of magic was deemed an insult. His sister Rautal was not so unfortunate. Even at her young age her abilities made her highly favored among the family line, leaving Azael abandoned and alone. Even the people of Silvermoon saw him with disgust and belittled him to highest degree while Rautal received praise and inspiration. Power of Fel Azael wanted nothing more than to prove his worth. At that point he was forced to stay away from the public eye while his sister was sent to the famous schools in Dalaran. Nature, Frost, Arcane, Light, and even Fire were beyond him, he then discovered a different path one that was strictly forbidden to use by the noble family. Fel magic was the last power he had yet to tap, and so he went against his parents wishes and sought out books on Fel energy in the Silvermoon libraries. His practice was swift and he soon discovered his unnatural affinity with Fel. In only a brief period of time he had mastered spells that would take the novice user years to accomplish. He later showed his parents his great gift, only to be badgered and later beaten for violating the family traditions against fel magic. Pain and misery were all that was left, news of his use of fel energy quickly spread throughout the city. Feelings towards him by the House of Enochia later turned from disappointment to outright hatred. Azael and Arthas His family had now disowned him, the elven people had forgotten him. From that moment on he was an outcast from the world looked upon like a phantom in the streets of Silvermoon. During the attack on Silvermoon by the Scourge, Azael sought to aid the people and redeem himself but his family forbid any further use of Fel magic. When he insisted on battling they had him arrested stating that he was a threat to Silvermoon. The apathy his family had upon him was clearer than ever. He escaped the grasp of the authorities and ran to the Sunwell hoping that if he cannot prove himself to his parents than he can at the very least prove himself to the High elves. This act of bravery would end with his encounter with Arthas the fallen prince of Lordaeron. The Death Knight looked upon the young high elf with a twisted grin on his face and with Frostmourne pierced his heart. Lifting his balde he tossed the hanging Azael aside and continued to the Sunwell. Despite his fatal wound Azael dragged himself to the Sunwell only to bear witness to its corruption. It remains unkown how he had survived his encounter with Arthas. Rise of Xerxeth The Sunwell like every other high elf, now known as Sin'dorei, had a powerful affect on Azael. In the past his abilities in Fel magic were somewhat tame and well under his control. After the corruption of the Sunwell his power was unleashed completely and the blood elf now found himself wielding power far beyond his control. He fled Silvermoon fearing judgment for his now chaotic power and hid in the fallen regions of the Plaguelands. All his attempts to control his power had failed. Demons whispered to him, his magic overloaded his new found addiction, at that point he went mad as he became and embodiment of raw unmeasurable power. He abandoned all relations to his bloodline and as he reflected on his past declared the Sin'dorei and all beings inferior. He saw them as oppressive and discriminate and decided that he alone should rule the lands of Azeroth and all other worlds using his power. Years after Ner'zhul and Arthas' spirits fused, Azael now known as Xerxeth began a vendetta of his own. Summoning a vast army of demons he launched a crusade in Quel'thalas killing anyone who would not serve him, he slaughtered fully half of the House of Enochia including his never so beloved parents. His plans to conquer Silvermoon were faltered however by Rautal who had returned from Dalaran a full paladin. She looked upon him with great sorrow and in the end was forced to kill him. Aftermath Years later the issue involving Xerxeth had become less than a myth. Rautal, scarred by the madness of her brother during her absence, vanished and was never heard from. The House of Enochia had denied any relation to Xerxeth and Azael, declaring that he had died during the Scourges attack on Silvermoon. While some declare that Xerxeth was indeed killed by Rautal, rumors spreaded about a mysterious robed figure riding a burning horse across the Eastern Kingdoms. Whether it is indeed Xerxeth or not remains a mystery but one thing is certain. If he is indeed alive then he will not rest until he has set the worlds ablaze and rules atop the ashes as a god. Xerxeth as depicted by the Sin'dorei