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  1. Main RP Toon: - Duroxas Horde Or Alliance? - Horde Guild: - Aahh... The most notable would be The Pale Heart, Warsong Liberators, and The Grim. (Lots of "The" names) What was your favorite RP event or storyline? - The Nameless was fantastic, in terms of Forum events and storylines, but I was never really involved in those, though I WAS heavily involved in the Aliss murders (Duroxas was actually the one who crafted the poison she used, as well as the one who framed her for the death of Meznier, wich he and Svet committed!). In terms of smaller things though, I RPed the Dragonwrath quest cha
  2. Boss house; making me want to play Minecraft some more. That skin is super impressive though in particular!
  3. Needed a break from things, so I drew a Sha-touched Duro. Sha of Violence in particular. I know the Sha are done and dealt with, but it was fun to do anyway.
  4. Those eyebrows put some serious "mogu construct" feels into it, wich is awesome. Reminds me a bit of the robot constructs powered by the Dark Animus; it could be one of those totally.
  5. Oh my god that beetle Oh my god that beetle
  6. Duroxas - 6pm Horde Daronas - 8pm Alliance Cant waaiiittt~
  7. Guess who's new tablet pen got here today?
  8. <p>Tis a Duro *nod*</p>

  9. Backing this 100% and will be assisting your search for raiders.
  10. Put Duroxas on the 6 to 7 (H), and sign Daronas up 8 to 9 (A)
  11. I can see what you mean about the smiling, but I disagree; it only looks like that because the tips of the fangs are pointing upwards and fooling with the eye. The actual corners of the mouth are clearly pointing down.
  12. It's a great scribble though. Very smooth.
  13. I lost my tablet pen.. havent seen it in days. CANT KEEP ME DOWN.