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  1. I think the SWTOR RP servers were so jam-packed with RP nazis I'm now terrified to roll on an RP server, I've developed lore nerdrage PTSD.
  2. You'll do more than that if you want a taste of my sweet, sweet, monkey money.
  3. Well if anyone is interested I'm Kaldore, Beraxes, and Drogos on the Blackgate server.
  4. Early access for Guild Wars 2 starts at midnight. Anyone have plans to play this evening? I'd love to get back to playing with people from TNG.
  5. Jung Ma is an awesome server, I've had random RP while out questing with people a lot more often than I ever did in WoW. Are you going Republic or Sith? If you go Republic I'll be happy to help you guys out whenever you need it, my 38 Trooper is Law.
  6. Kaldore's Official Major Complaints About TOR: 1. I need more time to play. 2. Long queues are LONG. 3. Balmorra. Kaldore's Official Major Happy Stuff About TOR: 1. Everyone in my guild is pretty swell. 2. Player skill has skyrocketed since Beta (people were AWFUL in Beta). 3. Leaving Balmorra soon.
  7. Ok, so what faction is everyone going? I've got a level 10 IA so far, but I'll play whatever side has the most TNG'ers.
  8. The two RP-PVP servers so far are Ajunta Pall and Jung Ma. Anyone know which server most of the TNG community will pick?
  9. I always play a Tank or Healer, so I end up having a better time with the 2+ and 4+ quests. Usually if I can find someone good who is the opposite role I'm playing we can duo everything with our companions. I've been in some really awful groups though and after trying to be constructive letting them know that "I've devoted enough time to this quest with this group" then leaving.
  10. I agree 100%. What I'm stuck on is this though, other than doing more melee DPS in a game that seems quite unforgiving to Melee classes, what do you think BW should add to these classes? More distance closing abilities? More stuns/slows/roots?
  11. Remember kids, if you don't get the invite right away just keep hitting F5. If you don't get it soon after, hit it HARDER. This message sponsored by Kaldore™ brand F5 replacement keys
  12. Check the testing page and your e-mail to see if you've been invited to weekend testing!
  13. All that is old is new again when it causes such delicious rage from self-important and spoiled swg fanboys.
  14. If you are in the mood to cause a total meltdown of the playerbase (once you're able to log into the game) say some of the following things: "I played the first MMO ever when it was released, my WoW account is probably worth a lot." "Someone on the WoW forums told me this game was going to have a cash shop and I could buy additional races there. I'm going to be a bloodelf Jedi." "I read something on IGN once that said the people making SWG II are going to sue Bioware."
  15. I absolutely did. There's no chat bubbles, so when I saw "NO PVP!" spammed in Nar Shaddaa chat I thought it was someone complaining about there not being any PVP there. Once I noticed the name I thought "I gave him and his stupid Consular friend a whole mess of PVP." It wasn't clear to me what had happened until my chat window went purple with angry people threatening me for... You know... PVP'ing on a PVP server.