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  1. <p>I miss Cristok.</p>

  2. What parade, I just dropped by to see who is still playing and to say hi to a friendly bunch of people I used to enjoy this game with. Good to see some people are still around though.
  3. Not sure how many people are still around from the good o'l days of BC and Wrath, but if you're here, I hope you've all been well. Maybe you're new or just joined after Cataclysm? Welcome, this is by far one of the strongest and most appreciative communities I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of, including some of the most accomplished role players. It's really nice to come back and visit, and really dig in to that Nostalgia when I look at some of those old posts haha.
  4. This new interface scares me, either way it's good to see people are alive and well.
  5. Syn

    <p>Boredom is what drove me back, plus tbh rps is so much better now</p>

  6. Kained

    <p>trying to at least but not finding the motivation.</p>

  7. Syn

    <p>you back again? lols</p>

  8. Alteract Valley: Played: 336 Won: 187 Arathi Basin: Played: 431 Won: 331 Battle for Gilneas: Played: 107 Won: 77 Eye of the Storm: Played: 257 Won: 183 Strand of the Ancients: Played: 297 Won: 187 Twin Peaks: Played: 94 Won: 61 Warsong Gulch: Played: 435 Won: 327 Isle of Conquest: Played: 176 Won: 93 Overall Battlegrounds: Played: 2061 Won: 1351
  9. <p>bowflex a bunny</p>

  10. <p>fucking slut <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/wink.png" alt=";)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/wink@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  11. The Third Faction is a group of organized Mercenary who devote themselves to ensuring a future for their people of the horde, They operate under the banner of the horde but through Thralls teachings. They have little to no respect for the hordes current leader Garrosh who leads through his bloodlust and search of power. This society operates under secrecy in the city's of the Horde and outside of it's gates in secluded compounds around the Eastern Kingdom and Kalimndor working to pull together operations to relieve the unanswered cries of it's people. Organizers deal the Mercenary of the Third Faction with assignments ranging from Tactical attacks, Recon, and decoy missions. The Third Factions recognizes that we have new soldiers entering our fight everyday, so we offer a range of training exercises to forge our new members in to tools of trade. The leader of this Organization is Kained De'leon a ex Mercenary of the Arathi Highlands wolf pack who's taken advantage of the current situations in the world. Along side him are his most trusted officers who he refers to as "Dealers", They are the leads in job assignments or missions. You have a choice, rot away with the weak or join the Faction and make a change. The rest will be up to you. " We the bulwark of the people will offer arm, leg, and soul to make sure they do not lose faith in the true Horde, we will watch the blood slide down our swords revealing the sunlight's reflection giving new found courage to those who stay silent in oppression. release your burdens and leave your past behind. Begin a new life and be reborn as a Hero of the Horde and become the thing we lost brothers, friends, and fathers for. Fight for us the Faction will keep you safe from oppression brothers and sisters, We will dawn a new light on this dark world." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guild basics: Third Faction is a secret society that is not mention in public during RP, doing so will result in a IC termination and will consist of heavy consequences. We are VERY dedicated to our RP, and only recruit the finest of Rpers that have a interest in the PVP aspect of this game. RBGS and Arena teams will be organized on guild members own accounts we don't push you in to doing these things as it creates a much more relaxed and enjoyable environment for all, In the end players will find they themselves will strive to do so on their own accounts and will learn to be independent creating much more skilled and reliable players capable of leadership. World PvP will be something constant for this guild as it will be it's largest focus, we will be spreading our good name of course through slaughter and "Hugs" big metallic "hugs". We will follow the basic rules of Honorable PvP of course witch are as follows. I. No tracking II. No Teabagging or other ooc acts of disrespect. III. No shit talking the other factions behind their backs or on their own side, You will keep a level head and wont seek out conflict. Those are the big Three, as for Guild Rp specifics. I. No Drama. Hell No this is something no one wants, so if this is your thing you might not want to join us because it will be dealt with, with a freggin Iron Fist. II. Guild chat will be In character, the ooc channel for all Faction members will be RP channel. Please mind your tongue while in the channel as your actions could affect the guilds Image. This also will be dealt with a giant Iron fist. III. You will not be pushed to do things that you don't want to but we would appreciate your help in guild, players who promote outstanding membership will be rewarded, gold, Items, And other goodies may come their way. The hordes Rp/PvP activity is at a all time low and we want to kick start things so if you've been bored off your face and perhaps gotten stuck in some guild you don't like please look in to us and help us get the ball rolling. Good luck folks.