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  1. The arcanist seemed lost again. Pulling a hand from his sleeves he began to count. His thumb touching each of his long delicate fingers as he counted. No words seem to come to the mage's lips. Regardless the worm picked his head up. Slithering along Alacar's shoulders once again. His gaze suddenly fixed on the spellcaster before him. His demeanor changing suddenly, as if he had become aware of Menion's true purpose here. "What did they tell you...friend.." his voice hissed as he took a step back from the older mage. His face changed again, as if he were constantly battling with his view on his surroundings. "Where have I been, ha, you'd never believe me anyway..." he narrowed his eyes "No my friend, you'd laugh like most of the populace would.." he ranted on before he clutched his chest in disbelief. Suddenly wracked with a horrible coughing fit the put him to his knees. He seemed to disappear in his robes. The material seemingly far to large to accommodate his small lithe frame properly. The wyrm floating off a short distance, accustomed to his master's outbursts it knew to be far away from him till it was safe once again. Suddenly taking an interest in the old mage it slithered over to the Cryomancer. It's long forked tongue tasting the air about the mage. Before attempting to lazy about and idly feed of of any residual many the mage might be producing.
  2. (( The writting appears to be written with a very shaky hand)) It won't go away! The pain only worsens. Why won't it just end, havn't I accepted it. Is this not a show that i'm willing to take any risks to see this through. My whole body, I can't..Concentrate I just need to..Make it stop. Make it stop! ((Written much better then the previous)) I'm beginning to wonder if ones mind can truly shatter from to much exertion. Not even an hour has passed since my last entry and I can't recignise or understand what would cause me to act in such a way. Am I really that unsure of my own resolve anymore? So close to the brink of discovery and i'm halted by such minor inconveniences. It will all be worth it, i'll keep my end of the bargain so to speak. I will someday ascend to a level higher then the greatest minds in that rotting magocrasy.
  3. Arianray blinked suddenly, shielding his eyes from a bright white light that seemed to come from nowhere and yet everywhere. Finding himself in a nearly immesurable amount of space he paused. Having no recolection of how he had reached such a place the spellcaster called out. His voice echoing several times before dying down. "Hello?" he inquired, the echo discomforting as he looked around to his suroundings. No horizon, no landmarks. Just a big space that seemed to stretch on for miles. The mages eyes narrowed, his lip curling into a grin. "This must be some sort of trick.." he thought to himself. "No, matter..I will not be played like some fool" he held his hands before him. A small ball of energy forming between his palms. Or that was how it was suppose to go. The mage blinked in suprise as nothing came to be. No portal, no magical means of escape. "Where the hell am I?" he demanded of no one in particular as he stormed off in a straight line. On and on he continued over an endless sea of blank space. Growing irritated the magi stopped in his tracks. Randomly crafting a ball of arcane energy and sending the projectile off in the distance. Watching it's slowly shrinking mass with calculating eyes as it continued to fly off. On and on he watched till finally it disipeared alltogether. But it hadn't he grit his teeth at the relization. "Impossible!" he stated furiosly as he gripped his long white hair in his withered hands. "Don't you mean, improbable?" inquired a second feminine voice. "Seryn?!" he spun around again "Why have you brought me here you, damnable worm!" he spat as he continued looking for the souce of the voice. "I'm hurt Alacar, me, take you to such a desolate place..never" she giggled "This is all in 'your' mind alacar. Your only sleeping.." The arcanist blinked "dreaming?" he inquired rather calmly. The sudden quiet ending abruptly as the mage began to cackle a bit to eerilie. "And why, oh scalie one. Am I dreaming of such a blank place then? Since you seem to know all the answers." he clenched his fist as he inquired. "It's because your afraid..." the feminine voice stated shortly "Afraid that your going to loose everything you've worked for...That you might actually die" The mages body seemed to shake at her words. His nails biting into his palms as he clenched his fists far to tight. "What do you mea-" he was cut off suddenly "You know exacly what I mean alacar..." she said rather gravely. "Your not excepting the fusion and your control of the arcane is being ripped apart." she sounded a bit amused, to the spellcaster's dismay. "I.." the mage began only to be cut off once more. "Accept what is happening to you, and know no limits to your abilities. The ground beneath the mages feet crumbled. Sudden streaks of red light erupting from the cracks as the floor began to give way. The ground beneath the mages feet suddenly gave way to the mages yells. He continued to scream, even as he sat straight up in his bed. Wide eyes in fear till the relization came he was safe in his room. No sooner had a sense of sucurity washed over him that a sudden burning pain erupted in his palm. With a stiffled scream he brought his hand quickly to his chest. A snapping sound catching his attention. His ears drooped to the side of his head as he looked to his palm. The deep blue crystal embedded in the middle of his hand began to crack. Pieces of it falling to the covers. "You won't be needing this anymore.." seryn stated with a short giggle. The mage stared wide eyed as the crystal finally shatted in several chunks. A deep depression left in his palm from where it once resided. The mages eyes stared in shock, the burning pain continueing on along his wrist and forearm. The veins beginning to bulge as the crystals contents were returned to it's wielder. The arcanist took the fragment in his hand. Ignoring the growing pain in his arm as he tried to collect them all. " no no!" he repeated, the fragments breaking as he would pick them up. "Handicaps alacar..nothing more then handicaps.." the feminine voice stated "If you want to remain like you are..make another one, I know you can do it.." the mage paused as he listened. "If you want to become something much more..." The arcanist understood even before the wyrm finished her sentance. Hanging his head in defeat the sudden silence that ensured was only broken by the sound of Alacardia screams. The wolves that inhabited the lands surounding the mages tower answering in suit long into the night.
  4. Arianray's lips curled into a slight grin as the warlock departed. Having just finished with a rather amusing conversation. The expression unfortunately was lost, hidden by the hood he wore. His face nearly shrouded entirely by grayish cloth. A feint glowing eye continuously scanned his surroundings. The other elves footsteps seemed hollow in the vaulted ceilings of Sunfury Spire. The mage remained silent as he turned back to the mage's study. An oddly ethereal wyrmling appearing from the very air near Arianray's head. "A rather amusing individual as well..We should talk to him again sometime." the faint feminine voice seemed to come from nowhere in particular as the arcanist stopped in his tracks. "You know how bothersome it is when you talk to me in public I hope.." he inquired not even caring if he got an answer as he idly looked the wyrm over. "Your looking healthier today, A good sign?" The wyrm did the closest thing the arcanist could describe as a shrug. "Maybe..although it still seems to bother you greatly" The wyrm turned her attention to the arcanists hand. The skin at his wrists turning a slight azure as it wrinkled up. Following her gaze as well Alacardia sighed heavily. Altering the slightly revealing outfit by placing his hand on his chest. The separate strands of cloth realigning and coloring themselves. The mages form was soon wrapped in elegant black cloth robe. Richly embroidered with bluish runes that served to enhance certain aspects of his power. He hid the slight alterations by sliding his hands into the opposing sleeves. "As enjoyable as your presence is..I think it's starting to bother me." he opted to leave as quickly as he could. Taking the route the warlock had and descending the ramp into the rest of Silvermoon.
  5. "Tsk tsk, such damage from such little exertion Arianray" a soft feminine voice spoke as the mage's eyes slowly opened. The dull gray irises scanning the room he called his study. Carfully he searched the bookshelves for the scaled creature he had seen from the night before. "Your not going to find me Arianray. What little energy I used to cast such a minor illusion spell did a good number on your frail body I'm afraid." The Arcanist slowly shifted his position. Laying on the stone floor of his study where he collapsed the previous day. A dull ache in his head gave him little warning as the room quickly began to spin. Opting for stable ground as he settled on the floor once more. "I'd take it easy if I were you. Else you might cause more...unnecessary alteration to your form." The spellcaster's eyes quickly narrowed, running his tongue over a sore on his lip. In his weakened state he barely noticed the change to his tongue. No longer human in form as reptile in nature. Once again the stubborn mage tried to get to his knee at least. His hand quickly taking hold of the sturdy wooden table where he did most of his writing. The simple act caused Alacar to clutch his chest as his body was wracked with a fit of coughing. The stars fading from his eyes enough to see the speckles of blood that now adorned the desk drawers. "Blasted warlocks.." he spat as he drew in another ragged breath.
  6. The Arcanist sighed heavily, tapping his nails against the old wooden tabletop in his study. His other hand steadily holding a quill over a small black book. Lost in thought the mage barely even noticed the ink dripping from the quill. His eyes instead focused on a mana wyrmling that appeared from nowhere. "Hmmm, no. Your not him, last I recall he died" he commented idly at the demise of the previous wyrm that always floated by his side. The wyrm would shake it's scaled head in response. Arianray looked the wyrm over quickly. setting the quill on the tabletop as he resettled in his seat. Pressing the tips of his fingers together as he rested he elbows on the tabletop." Couldn't be him anyway, your far to bright. That slug became to engorged on his free ride to even flicker." The mages eyes narrowed slightly as his mind rolled over a fleeting thought. A sudden realization occurring to him of the creatures origins. As if reading his mind the snake like creature dipped it's head in response. The corner of the mages lip curled into a slight grin. " No voice to speak with then deary...or are you just shy? "he mocked in a soft whisper. The wyrmling slowly faded at the mages words. An odd reaction indeed, the mage thought. Unable to inquire further as every muscle in his form convulsed. Knocking his journal to the ground as he tipped back in his chair. A loud clatter as his form struck the floor. His mind assaulted with the sound of a faint, very distinct feminine laughter. Unable to process anymore as he blacked out.
  7. <p>*grins wickedly* Hope you like the new toy you get to play with, silly arcanist and his dragon...</p>

  8. Yes, how to reach you. What a wonderful question that would be. I could very easily just assimilate you. I wouldn't even give it a second thought. But, what if I could make better use of this. It's not like any harm could come of it. At least, to my knowledge. A valuable ally, confidant. Yes, I can see several bright sides to such a union. But, how to reach you. How many hours will it take to figure out that answer I wonder. Maybe the answer lies right in-front of me. ((Several hours later)) Well then, preparations are in order it seems. Nothing my most complicated of experiments. The potion I was able to fabricate will take it's effect before lo- ((The writing hence forth appears in a much more elegant hand. A drastic change from the previous sentences. )) My, what an intriguing individual you are Arianray. I had almost lost hope of remaining conscious after that little episode earlier. Maybe we could get to know each other on a deeper level after all? Until then, my little master. -Seryndigosa
  9. Alacardia Arianray Arcane Mage, Enchanter Encounter begins when Frostmourne drops from Arthas. Seeking to destroy the cursed blade the mage turns on the party Quotes: Start: This is it, our chance. Give me the blade, let me destroy it. We can begin to end this horror now! Agro: You need for useless trinkets means more then the destruction of the entire world?! Arcane Explosion: Can you survive.. Arianray: Let me show you what a life time of study can accomplish. Phaze Two: Flesh only hinders you in the end. Mirror Images/Invisibility: Persistence will be your undoing. Raid Whipe:'Alacardia disenchants frostmourne. Turning his attention back to the raid and asking if anyone would like to roll for the shard.' Raid successfull: How...unfortunate. Arcane Blast: Standard ability, casts it on the tank at regular intervals. Dealing 12K damage Cannot be broken. Stacks five times increasing arcane damage by 200%. 3 second cast time. Debuff can be dispelled. Arcane Explosion: Standard AoE dealing 10k damage in a five foot radius blowing all effected targets back by thirty yards. Caused a debuff called Arcane reside that ticks for 1k Damage every second for ten seconds (Can be dispelled.) Arcane Barrage: Begins to cackle madly. randomly casts Arcane missles at a random target. 2 second channel spell that deals 15k to selected individual Slow: Casts slow on the highest threat generating target. Working his way down until Arcane explosion is cast. Reduced run speed by 50 percent. Arianray: Absorbs the residual mana from the room as well as absorbing 1k mana from every possible raid member. Absorbs any arcane residue buffs that may remain. Randomly targets a player (except the tank) Sending the mana in a large beam to the target dealing a death blow. Can not be avoided, can not be helped. Mirror image: At about 50% Alacardia spawns four replicas. with around 100k hit points each (10 man version) Each mirror image is capable of dealing the same amount of damage as alacar, can use all his same abilities. Invisibility: When Mirror images appear the arcanist disappears. Allowing a momentary respite of sorts as his images do the work for him. Can be pulled out of invisibility but who really wants to deal with five enemies at this time. Take the time to deal with the images before he returns. Phaze two: Alacardia sheds his physical form. Taking on the form of a wraith and continuously casting arcane explosion. Drops agro and randomly targets players hitting them with arcane missles. All magical damage done to alacardia is increased by 50%. While all physical damage is decreased by 50% Once defeated he sends a final AoE blast killing anyone within melee range.
  10. ((The written is nearly illegible. The writters hand constantly shaking almost making the writting utter chaos.)) Have I been cooped up in the cities that long. That I my life would be ended by the forces of nature herself. I ventured from Sholazar Basin into the lands of Storm Peaks. It's so cold here, I can barely feel my hands. All logic gone, even now it takes me forever to form a sentence. I can't feel anything, is this what it means to be so far away from the comfort of others. To be locked away from society. To pursue ones studies to the brink and beyond. Why Do I feel so cold? Why do I feel so empty all of the sudden, my magic has been my life. Why does it feel it to be my death all of the sudden. I don't want to die... ((The words nearly trail off the page and are far from decipherable)) ((Written later that day)) It's interesting what comes across ones head when you find yourself on the brick of death. Or what ever that was today. I think I'll leave this entry as is though. It almost humors me in a way how people act when they have lost all hope. I'll take that which caused me such pain and turn it into a weapon. If the cold wishes to kill me, I'll do what must be done to prevent myself from such a horrible fate. I think I've studied the arcane enough as is. Maybe it's time to look into what my fellow colleague put his whole life behind. I'll harness ice as a weapon just like that ice princess did. What fun we will have the day I exceed you in that as well my old friend. What a day that will be.
  11. (( Minor updates and changes. Included a link to youtube for the theme song. ))
  12. How long has it been since I've written in this particular book. I'd almost lost it it seems. Anyways, I shouldn't start this entry off with a rant. I've taken up a new calling, well maybe an old calling. If I'm not reading a book I'm writing one it seems. Upon entering Sholazar I encountered a rather interesting tribe known as the oracles. Upon first glance they appeared nothing I'd ever want to dirty my hands with. But, after certain events that transpired I've put them on the top of the list for my studies. Now that I think of it. I've spent a lot of time in this basin. More time then I've ever spent outside of a library or laboratory. If I'm quiet enough, I can even hear the odd sounds that occur out here. Maybe I'll stay out here a little longer, at least until my studies are completed on the Oracles.
  13. *The Arcanist sat quietly in his study. A small glowing crystal proving the only illumination to the room as he wrote in his small black journal. His attention was diverted by a lard rapping at the only door to the room. With a heavy sigh he rose from his seat. His dark grey robes nearly dragging against the floor as he went to the door. Opening it but a crack as he peered out. "Hmm?" he inquired, seeing on of the other resident of his tower's apprentice. The young trainee bowed quickly to Alacardia "Sorry for the interruption Master Alacardia. But this goblin would like a word." the apprentice motioned with his hand to the smaller figure to his left. Standing barely up to the man's waist. The goblin's face was hidden by a clipboard. The mage thought a moment, opening his door further and letting the creature in.* Lady Winterlight you say? Hmmm, yes I'm aware of who you speak of. But with the many, although short encounters. I can't tell you a whole lot. She's has always been kind, if not stern with the help. Someone I could see becoming a key figure in many things." Alacardia tapped his chin in thought. "She always seems to have people by her side..A good quality some would say." he turned back to his desk, waving dismissively "Anything further your just going to have to live with not knowing." he put his full attention back to his book. Not caring about the goblin's fate unless it involved closing the door as he left.
  14. I've moved my lab and studies to a tower high in the mountains of Azshara. I do this in hopes to cut down on interruptions, as well as save the surrounding populace from any possible repercussions. Currently, I've been employed by a certain warlock whom I've had but minor dealings in the past. He came to me seeking an answer, one i intended to provide in full. In return he is to give me a small sample of his power for studies. Although nothing at first glance is different in his abilities. I just always pride myself on having good samples of everything i eventually experiment on. Anyways, as i was saying. This will be the first time I've ever allowed this particular experiment to go onto another. I must admit it's my own desire to see what kind of practical uses could come about of it. I just hope it doesn't turn sour like my mind is telling me it will.