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  1. <p>Grood! I am patient, and when the time comes, I shall suckle upon your words.</p>

  2. <p>Hey! Sorry I took three years to get back to you. I looked over it and I think it looks really good. I fiddled with the wording a little to try to get rid of passive voice, but aside from that, I think it looks quite nice.</p>

  3. <p>Men in tweed with monocles.</p>

  4. <p>Check this out, uffer. I think I'm going to lurk a bit and see how active/awesome it is. I would love to find something TNG-ish for TOR. <a href="" rel="external nofollow"></a></p>

  5. <p>Sooooo cuuuuuuuute!!</p>

  6. <p>I have to tell you about something hilarious that happened to me today, and you're the only person I feel I can tell because you are so completely unabashed about intestinal mishaps.</p>

    <p>Today, due to <em>certain evidence</em>, I came to the shocking conclusion that I had roundworms. An internet search of the beasts only confirmed my fears, and the knowledge that I don't wash my hands enough and tend to have dirty feet (worms can get in THROUGH YOUR SKIN) seemed to support the conclusion. </p>

    <p>And then I remembered that I ate bean sprouts yesterday. </p>

    <p>This woman's story mirrors my plight in a manner that I find very reassuring: <a href="" rel="external nofollow"></a></p>

  7. <p>HARRUM, YOU. </p>

    <p>Can we change to the downtown one so the ladies and I are not rushed?</p>

  8. <p><img src="" alt="104.gif" /></p>

    <p><a href="" rel="external nofollow">Best verdammt comics evar.</a></p>

  9. <p>YOU ARE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. Meaning I think your phone is dead or off.</p>

    <p>Are we still having a ting tonight??</p>

  10. <p>Yeah, it's going to be tough for me to do much for a little bit. Hopefully things will settle down within the next couple of weeks.</p>

  11. <p>Hey, I might not be around for a bit...some serious stuff has been going on in RL and I don't know when I'll have a lot of time and energy to devote to RP. I'll let you know when I can hop back in on story stuff, but in the meantime don't worry about going ahead without me.</p>

  12. <p>Ta-da, posted. Let me know if you have any questions!</p>

  13. <p>It occurs to me that I don't think we've EVER actually RPed with each other. Isn't this horrible? Isn't it awful? We need to fix this!</p>

  14. <p>Hey, would you be willing to do a Nether Legend for the finding Libelle and Exanimo thing? That would work MUCH better for Lys and me, since we have very different schedules and getting us online at the same time is like pulling teeth.</p>

  15. <p>Heya, I probably won't be able to get online tonight, as its' really important that I work on a manuscript for work. I wasn't sure if you were expecting me to be on but I thought I should let you know! I'll be around later this week!</p>

  16. <p>Hey! I logged in tonight after I got home but alas, you were gone. It's just as well, I'm about to drop. Catch you another time!</p>

  17. <p>*Though if you're thinking of something that's not very long it may be negotiable!</p>

  18. <p>I took long enough in responding. You must think I'm a big jerk. </p>

    <p>I was half-joking with that's something I'd love to try someday but right now the main problem for me is time--I've got grad school coming up which is notoriously lacking in fun. As it is I really only have time to jot down half-edited RP snippets, as far as writing goes. </p>

    <p>When things calm down though, who knows?</p>

  19. <p>So how's this thingy of yours going down, eh?</p>

  20. <p>Dids it.</p>

  21. <p>Don't let that stupid comment bother you. He's long since forfeited his right to be taken seriously.</p>

  22. <p>HARTCHOO</p>

    <p>BACK SOON (ish)</p>


  23. <p>SOMETIMES I like them.</p>


  24. <p>I wrote something in our story yestiddy! </p>

    <p>Also, I'm SO HOMESICK. I'm the worst at vacation. What you doin on Monday? I get back on Sunday night and will need lovins and moist chicken.</p>