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  1. Love is in the air! To celebrate the loveliest time of year we will be holding a party on February 19th, complete with games and merriment. Bring a date or come solo--who knows what will happen? When: February 19th at 6 PST/9 EST (That's after Blizzcon!) Who: All the lovely members of the Horde are welcome. Where: The Garden of Night in Ardenweald (warlock summons will be available). What: A party! We will be holding the following events during the evening: - Secret Valentines: Send an anonymous message to your valentine, to be read aloud during the party. Or if you're feeling bold, si
  2. Oribos was odd, a sterile city that clearly hadn’t been built for mortals. Libelle had entered the Shadowlands in an effort to prove that she was useful to Sanctuary, but it was taking some getting used to. Staying a night in Oribos gave her some time to think and collect herself, or at least grow somewhat accustomed to the strangeness of being a mortal among spirits. Oribos was not well prepared for an influx of mortal visitors, but a back room of the inn had been stuffed full of cots which could be rented for an entirely unreasonable fee. Libelle didn’t have much money to her name, but she d
  3. It's time for another rousing Dating Auction, hosted by the magnificent Mozzi (Draq), the lovely Libelle (Sabeinne), the marvelous Mardalius (Mard, duh), and of course, the fantastic Phyruss (Cobrak)! It will be held at 5 PST/ 8 EST on Jan 23 in Sagehaven, Bastion. How does it work? We present the best and most bodacious of bachelors and bachelorettes, and bidders cast their gold to win time with them at the place of the bidder's choosing! It doesn't have to be romantic, it can be a friendly discourse or just a chance to meet someone you've never had a chance to talk with! (OOC contact shoul
  4. Oof, I started playing around then, but I don't recall. You should try asking around the Discord--it's pretty active and there may be folks there who remember!
  5. I'm an oldtimer, though I don't remember your name--so we must be oldtimers from different eras of oldness?? I've been popping back in periodically over the last few years, but what I discovered on my most recent pop-in is that all the action seems to be on the Discord. I recommend checking it out if you haven't already!
  6. The next morning, Sabeinne lay in bed considering who she might go to for assistance. There was Aphraelle, the cautious ally. Or Setrema, with her biting laugh and endless store of gossip. And...Sulras, that grizzled old ranger with his hardened but gentle hands. A sudden warmth bloomed in her at the memory, and she huffed in frustration. How long had it been since she’d had a proper affair? The unfortunate truth was that she hadn’t spoken to any of these people in years. One by one, she had sacrificed her relationships in the name of Lysimachus’ ever-shifting vision for the House, from his
  7. ((Goodness, I hope I didn't miss anything while reading up on relevant lore. This game isn't exactly forgiving to multi-year breaks.)) ((Naughty language and probably other things to follow.)) Sabeinne remembered what it was like coming to Dalaran as a young woman, full of hope and fire. It was thrilling to make her own way for once, slumming it with the other hopefuls who wanted to study with the best. Her time as a student left nothing but golden memories of staying up all night, discussing magical theory and experimenting with the psychedelic side-effects of certain spellcast
  8. <p>Grood! I am patient, and when the time comes, I shall suckle upon your words.</p>

  9. <p>I just barely got home, I got tied up doing other stuffs all day! I haven't forgotten my post though <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  10. Hi Rizz! Welcome to the TNG! I'm just coming back from a four-ish year hiatus, so I also don't really know anybody, except for the crusty old geezers who have been here forever. I think you should join Horde because Horde is cooler. But I think I might be a little bit biased.
  11. ((Hi all, if you don't know me, I used to hang around here quite a bit, but I really haven't been around since Cata. I recently re-subbed, and that got me to wondering what exactly my characters have been doing over the past few years. It was probably this. )) Sabeinne reclined on her divan, lazily examining her fingernails and casting touch-up spells one by one. It was her second manicure that day, an activity that took precedence over more productive pursuits due to the fog that had settled dreamily over her mind. Business was slow. It had simply been too hot to tempt anyone to cross the bl
  12. Hi. :3 I just came back. Hopefully this won't ruin my career.
  13. This is beautiful. And I think I remember it! Ergo, I am better than Keraph.
  14. Hurp. *trips into TNG from another dimension* I would of course call out Lysimachus for providing me with the most delicious varieties of RP throughout the years, but I think that's cheating. I remember reading this story by Nymare and Qabian a while back and being just transfixed by their wordsmithing: The Blood of the Sun And I can't find the thread (grah!) but I remember Cabriel addressing the topic of crystals with a level of detail that impressed me, a student of materials science. And then there's this story by Bir, one of my first RP contacts when I had absolutely no idea what wa