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  1. <p>Well don't know how often you check this page (if at all) but it said it was your birthday...so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!</p>

  2. I really want you to draw Cale some time. I can't imagine what goes through Duro's head when she does whatever the hell she wants.
  3. Considering the people who started the TNG are from the Grim, I think that's a good idea. But I suppose it would be whomever wants to try - it's a monumental undertaking, as the server has been around for a long time. I'll bring it up to people who've been on the server forever, if they aren't already aware.
  4. A lot of people liked the idea I suggested of a rp primer - and after reading Duro's comments on Genyosha's thread here, (which started the whole idea), I figured we should have an entire thread dedicated to discussing it. I'll start with a few ideas - Anyone can apply to list their character - we'd have a basic form that would be filled out - sections would be separated by faction, player, or guild - guilds would have to reapply every month or two to keep an 'active' status - unactive or disbanded guilds have their own section - it remains digital because it'll be constantly updated What else?
  5. I agree with all of this - a lot. Naturally, points would be a guide - there are a lot of roleplayers who take confirmed lore as a 'guide,' too. I think, if we (inspired by Slag's rant) had a sort of... I don't know, booklet? that explained /our/ servers lore, that could help a lot. We have threads for rp guilds, but we don't really keep up with those. I've been on and off rping on TN for years now. Our community can be very strong, which I believe has a great deal to do with the TNG here. It allows a lot of cross-faction stuff we otherwise probably wouldn't bother with. So - if we had some sort of 'intro' booklet about major guilds (Grim, Dusk Watch, DHB, Horde Brothers) and what they were known for, I think that'd be awesome. Maybe even a directory of people. They can be listed if they which to be known - perhaps NPCs gossip about them, or use them as examples to newer adventurers. Anyway, we'd list what would be common info - name, affiliation, crimes/good deeds. We needn't include looks, or homes or anything - nothing that specific. But I completely think, especially now that the game is closing on 7 years - it would be really, really WEIRD for someone who's lived in this world to know nothing about it. Just because they're a new character, or new to the server, doesn't mean they don't know about the Dusk Watch or the Grim. It would be a sort of primer. Also, on the point system - I love roleplay more than anything - but we are on a PvP server. PvP is a large factor in a lot of rp. The point system wouldn't account for player skill. As annoying as that is, I fully believe that unless you can actually win a duel, you shouldn't claim that you're the strongest. Now, a lot of people do /e fights. That's fine, if you trust the person enough, and respect their skills as a writer. The same thing goes for PvE - if you've taken down the Lich King, you should be pretty damn powerful. It's not impossible for us to acknowledge this. Naturally, most won't claim they /personally/ took down the Lich King or Death Wing, but we all helped. The gear that you've spent hours for, or the titles, and especially the levels, must be respected. But that's my own personally preference. I hate meeting a level 35 who thinks they can honestly beat my 85. No matter the origin story - I know everyone here is smart enough to account for a /reason/. The 35 may have fought in the War of the Ancients, is super old and super wise - but maybe they're injured. Or they've retired from battle for a very long time. Perhaps a trauma afflicts them. A reason - not a "It's my rp I can do what I want." excuse. There isn't a faster way to alienate me. This is all rambley, but I think I made some points.. for the TL;DR people - bullets! - server lore primer? - guideline for notoriety (maybe an add-on, if someone is program savvy) - Character Directory for well known people (we'd have to decide on someone (or someones) to keep up with it) Um... yeah. I think that's it.
  6. I haven't yet. Not like I really have the time, but I still WANT one.
  7. ... Draw me Cale. I'll.. send you.. money.. sometime?
  8. Count my Belf Hunter in for RBGs. Akaelea: MM hunter
  9. She spread sand across the fresh ink of a letter she had just penned to her aunt. Calestra deserved to know, considering she was once a member. Akaelea reclined in her seat, the flickering of magic flame illuminating her room in Silvermoon. Finally - finally she would get her wish. After doing whatever she could to represent the Cross, she didn't have to fight alone any more. Kelzzmala had suddenly come over the hearth stone, calling her to the Arena. It was a nostalgic place, to be sure. She had been taught so much there, by the others continually pounding her into the dust. She smiled grimly, before scooting back from the desk to stand and stretch. Kelzzmala had told Crutch and herself to make something of the Cross again. Periettel had even made an appearance - though he no longer knew what loyalty meant. Tension sprang back into her shoulders. Loyalty! Crutch didn't know either - he had abandoned the Cross as soon as it began to sank. Akealea had stayed - she had kept it afloat - just barely - by simply carrying on the name. Never would she abandon what the Cross was, what it stood for, and what it meant to her. But as it was going to be hers - that gob cared only about money, and money wouldn't give him a successful fighting force. It would only get him a greedy one. Akealea was going to become the Matriarch, and she was going to bring the Raven Cross back into glory. "First thing," She said to the great cat laying at the foot of her bed, "Is to alter the creeds to be more applicable. Perhaps I will write new ones entirely... And I need allies. Ones that won't be swayed by coin..." She began to pace back and forth, Sunclaw lifting his huge head only to yawn at her.
  10. My famillyyyy! <3 Heart my dej Dynastus'.
  11. The Sentinel looked down at the questioner, brows knit. "If you so insist... I don't know her well, but she is.. from what I've seen, a delicate soul. Impassioned yet fragile. She cares very deeply, which might be a draw back..." Lalene looked up and away, before setting a hand on her dagger. "Now, if you please..." She walked off.
  12. Full Name: Lalene Mosschaser Nicknames: Lala Date of Birth: Spring Age: 233 Race: Kaldorei Gender: Female Hair: Vivid green Skin: Pale lilac Eyes: Silver Height: 7’3” Weight: 200 lbs Place of residence: Feathermoon Place of Birth: Ashenvale Known Relatives: TBD Religion/Philosophy: Follower of Elune Occupation: Sentinel Group/Guild affiliation: NELF Enemies: Horde Likes: Quiet, intelligence, devotion, wit. Favorite Foods: Favorite Drinks: Favorite Colors: Crimson, Weapons of Choice: Daggers Dislikes: Traitors, excessively loud people, humans, dwarves, gnomes, worgen. Hobbies: Alchemy (to be continued outside of class.)
  13. ( It's Cale's misunderstanding. She thinks the only reason she'd leave the Grim was she returned to her human sensibilities. )
  14. Calestra mused over the paper, a smirk of indulgence lifting her lips as she reads the article about the Grim. "Human to forsaken to human. Yes, I'd want a traitor in my guild, too. Oh, Abric, what were you thinking?" She chuckled. "Makes me long for the Grim of old days. Oh Nymare, Qabien, where'd you go? Ha!"