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  1. Full Name: Erryth Dawnseeker Nicknames: Erry Date of Birth: May 31 Age: 80-90 Race: Sin'Dorei Gender: Female Hair: Long, red, artificially dyed and curled Skin: Reddish, like a sunburn Eyes: Livid green Height: 5'5" Weight: 114lbs Place of residence: Shattrath Place of Birth: Quel'Thalas Known Relatives: Of the Dawnseeker family, only the twins Erryth and Eridia survived the Scourge. Religion/Philosophy: Live free, die happy. Occupation: Rogue, scavenger Group/Guild affiliation: N/A Guild Rank: N/A Enemies: Unknown Likes: People, murder, dresses. Favorite Foods: Everything. Favorite Drinks: Everything. Favorite Colors: Black. Weapons of Choice: Daggers. Dislikes: Nothing. Hobbies: Hanging out. Physical Features: Erryth has a pixie-like face and a slim, moderately athletic build. She wears heavy makeup. Flecks of a fine gold dust are often observed on her person, often in her hair, sometimes on her skin, other times lining the creases in her clothes or armor. Special Abilities: Unknown. Positive Personality Traits: Carefree, friendly, generous, fearless. Negative Personality Traits: Flakey, with a careless disregard for the lives she takes. Misc. Quirks: Erryth steals things to give to people she likes. Played by What Famous Person: Nora Zehetner has the right voice and almost the right face, but would need to build up some muscle. Theme Songs: History: Erryth has a record of petty crime, most of it from her youth. Offenses include shoplifting, vandalism, and insulting a Magister. Two years ago she checked herself into a rehabilitation center. She's been in and out ever since. Erryth recently became a rogue for hire. Before that she scraped out an unsuccessful living in the entertainment industry.
  2. You figured out a way to play an undead child. Whoever reported you must have been one of the "No Undead Babies!" crowd.
  3. Yeah. I like talking to him. He saw the Nightmare.
  4. Loud but... Loud but harmless, I think. Like a good dog, yeah? Just wants to be petted and roughed up a bit.
  5. Erryth


    Jin'sa. She's very clever. Knows a lot, yeah? Head full of practicality. Kinda uptight. Pretty. Possessed, too. Uh... *smiles* That's it.