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  1. (( Amazing. Response incoming when I have time. ))
  2. Carmensita, Teri, was a lovely woman, and she'll be greatly missed by those of us that did have the opportunity to know her.
  3. <p>I just barely got home, I got tied up doing other stuffs all day! I haven't forgotten my post though <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  4. ((Oh my! Oh dear! I was wholly amused by this, and now I have to think of something for her mad brother!))
  5. This pleases me. I wish I could speculate, but I don't suppose I'd rather prefer to!
  6. Nuuuu! I have to go in to work tonight to get stuff done before the weekend! However, I would be greatly pleased to be a part of this in any future capacity. -Your main character for RBGs Lysimachus (Arcane Mage) -Your main spec: Slayer(DPS), Mender/Healer, Vanguard(Tank) DPS -Your alt characters for RBGs I don't have any other 100s right now! -Your alt specs Fire, but that's only for the occasional PvE jaunts. -Your gaming schedule. Give days, hours, or qualifiers like "random", "haphazard" or "ludicrous" Haphazard, unfortunately, as my work schedule is not set. -Your PvP experien
  7. Duro, I haven't been about for some time, and feel rightfully silly for it, but I must thank you SO much for your beautiful art. I will be printing it and putting it on display in my home. Truly the best gift I'd received for Christmas, even though I haven't seen the treasure until today! D:
  8. Conversation XIV - Concerning Radical Taxation and Disagreeable Leadership "GOD. HELLING. MAGISTER." The cry echoed throughout Dynastus Halls' vaulted chambers, various servants dodging behind statues and furniture, unsure of its origination. "NOWWW." Nevitt Autumburst, the premier employee of House dej Dynastus, shook his head. "Always," he thought to himself, "at the most inopportune of times." He set his ledger down upon his desk and rose, starting toward the Hall's library, knowing it to be his Lord's preferred lounge, at this hour. Pushing aside the entry's lavish curtains, he found Ly
  9. This storyline is so interesting x_x I can't waaaait for it to come along more
  10. And the contest is still going strong! Thank you to Ugraz for your entry -- let's get this gent some competition!
  11. Necroxis, your allegiances are a clear surp- oh wait. In your defense, I love blood elves, and I frankly don't care WHERE they go, as long as they remain elfy assholes. Except that Lor'themar is WAY more reasonable than either of the factions' leaders. I thought about it, for a second, and realized that pretty much EVERY leader is more reasonable than both of the factional leaders. What is wrong with these people.
  12. It's that Tuesday again! Every other Tuesday (or thereabouts, still trying to figure an appropriate schedule) will be a new "theme" posted for our community to create a story (shorter or longer, as you'd like) to enter into a judging of its peers! It may be an ongoing thread, or something created specifically for the contest. If can also be a collaboration with other writers. The story itself does not need to be posted to this thread; a link may be provided in lieu of it. It's all friendly, of course, and we should judge others on the content and quality of their story, not because they may b
  13. Congratulations to Altherion! Please send a private message to Mortica with your preference for this contest's "What's New" phrasing! This thread will be deleted within the next twenty four hours. The next story contest shall be posted in due time, pending scheduling determinations. Well done to both of this contest's entries!
  14. I mistakenly did not select a closing date for the poll, but the winner will be declared tomorrow evening. Future polls will be dated, and hopefully, more streamlined in the entire process.
  15. I waited one more week, pending competition, and we now have two options to choose from! Altherion's entry:!&p=402883&viewfull=1#post402883 Nanori's entry:!&p=403583&viewfull=1#post403583 Vote away!
  16. Pick me! Pick me! And I promise it won't be a severed nelf head in a box this time around =3
  17. Zee contest shall be extended for one week, pending more entries! (I've had a couple people tell me they just haven't had time to get a story in, yet.) Also, I think I vaguely recall these contests actually having been bi-weekly, or something to that effect, in the past, rather than weekly...
  18. ((You can post it separately, and then just link it in this thread, or, I suppose, as Altherion did, just post it directly here if it's a short story or what have you. I'll compile them and post links to each in a poll on Tuesday evening-ish!))