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  1. (( Amazing. Response incoming when I have time. ))
  2. Carmensita, Teri, was a lovely woman, and she'll be greatly missed by those of us that did have the opportunity to know her.
  3. <p>Grood! I am patient, and when the time comes, I shall suckle upon your words.</p>

  4. <p>I just barely got home, I got tied up doing other stuffs all day! I haven't forgotten my post though <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  5. ((Oh my! Oh dear! I was wholly amused by this, and now I have to think of something for her mad brother!))
  6. This pleases me. I wish I could speculate, but I don't suppose I'd rather prefer to!
  7. Nuuuu! I have to go in to work tonight to get stuff done before the weekend! However, I would be greatly pleased to be a part of this in any future capacity. -Your main character for RBGs Lysimachus (Arcane Mage) -Your main spec: Slayer(DPS), Mender/Healer, Vanguard(Tank) DPS -Your alt characters for RBGs I don't have any other 100s right now! -Your alt specs Fire, but that's only for the occasional PvE jaunts. -Your gaming schedule. Give days, hours, or qualifiers like "random", "haphazard" or "ludicrous" Haphazard, unfortunately, as my work schedule is not set. -Your PvP experience. Random battlegrounds, arenaes, rated battlegrounds, world pvp, etc. A fair amount! I've arena'd heavily in the past, I used to be an extremely active member of The Raven Cross before its dissolution, briefly led an RP PvP guild with my best friend, Sabeinne, and am ALWAYS raring to go in World PvP. Lysimachus usually shoots first -- gotta build those stacks of arcane blast! -Can you lead an RBG group? Probably in some battlegrounds. I don't have tons of practice in some of the newer ones, like Deepwind Gorge! I prefer coordinating on a smaller scale, though. -Can you target call? KILL THE HEALER. I'd prefer not to. -Can you give tactical calls? (Secondary leader) Yes!
  8. <p>Well happy birthday Matt, although you might not really check this site anymore ><</p>

  9. <p>HAPPY BIRTHDAY!</p>

  10. Duro, I haven't been about for some time, and feel rightfully silly for it, but I must thank you SO much for your beautiful art. I will be printing it and putting it on display in my home. Truly the best gift I'd received for Christmas, even though I haven't seen the treasure until today! D: