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  1. Ariavan's smile widens as the goblin asks about Loranah. "She's a dear friend. I take her for granted a lot and I am an awful person for it but she continues to work along side me. I concede that if you had asked me a week ago I wouldn't have said much but..." he sighs softly. "That isn't the case anymore. She's a bubbly one, ambitious, and strong. It wouldn't be hard to imagine her as anything but sweet natured. She's followed me on more excavations then i can count but where she truly shines is in the workshop." Ariavan stands to give a small tour around the shop."Everything that you see here was created by us. Her dedication to the trade is why she was hired on as my assistant. She says she isn't capable of coming up with much but i see that differently. Yes, the machines just speak with her and she knows how to piece it all together but I know she's capable of more.” He leads the goblin out of the workshop before closing its large doors behind him. “She is… important. She is very important to me and I would probably lose my bearings if she wasn't around. I hope that i haven't done so much damage that it sabotages everything.”
  2. ((Updated with revisions. History coming soon.))
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  4. <p>Lord Lysimachus dej Dynastus,</p>

    <p>The University of Gadgetzan would like to host your findings in our well as potentially purchasing what you have acquired in your, excavations. Should you chose to allow it, I, Dr. Ariavan Qui'venar, would like to meet with you and your family in regards to the rare gems dug up by de Khats Sabobah. Also, if there are things that need to be researched, then I or my staff, will be willing to work along side your family in uncovering the mystery and wonder that your artifacts hold. </p>

    <p>((In other words...I must meet with you and RP with much hellery to go around))</p>

    <p> Signed and Approved, </p>

    <p>Dr. Ariavan Qui'venar</p>

  5. "A very unpleasant woman, she is by far the worst person I have ever met...why you ask...because she stole my book. I hate her." The goblin sighs. "You know she is Ansha Saeralyn right? The writer..." Ariavan nods. "She is an amazing writer, her work has been part of my lectures for sometime...although, I make my own minor modifications to some of the nonsense that I find in her writing. As brilliant as it can be. She is a pleasant person to have intellectual discussion and debate with. I like her." Ariavan scratches his head. "Though...why she would steal her own book is beyond me. I mean...why make me pay a late fee for something that she already has. Maybe I can get the manuscript from her. A rare collectors edition indeed." The goblin, yards away from Ariavan, can be seen laughing as he continues to walk away.
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  7. T.T I need Photoshop skills badly... This is my first Blood elf, Ariavan Quivenar. Yes, that would be his name in Sindarin...
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  9. Introduction It is with the understanding of a live organism's physiology that a person can maximize their potential in understanding the fundamentals of engineering. The living organism's body, like that of a mechanical construct, was created using a blue print.(Schematic, if you prefer.) Whether you believe in the process of evolution, or in Elune, that does not take away from the fact that there was an initial design. This brings up the question of all questions in the field of engineering. Can one construct a living organism? Many have designed and built constructs that resemble the image of their creatures. None of which were capable of doing what we know as, living. What makes something alive? Could it be self propelled movement? The process of thought? A heartbeat? Engineering has reached a point where all these things and more can be imitated. Some with the help of the arcane. Take the heart for example. Within the walls of its four cavities(specific to the human race of course) is the source of life. Blood. In the simplest of terms, the heart pumps the blood through the left and right atrium, moving it from ventricle to ventricle till it leaves the aorta and out into the body once more. Could fuel be recycled in such a way, as to give a mechanical construct a "heart?" Could a device be built that recycles all the used up fuel, turning it from a gas back into a liquid. That is a question many have considered when constructing a "replica of life." Within the bindings of this book, I will explore that which is imagined. You will find schematics and notes pertaining to the title of the reading. These are my findings. They are for public view and use. Information should not be kept from inquiring minds. -Ariavan Qui'venar Professor of Historical Advancement In Engineering

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