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  1. Lazeenja ponders over the description given to her before speaking, "Ah! He be one of dem humans hangin' 'round our bar! Wonder how dey get in...nevahmind. Guess he be okay, my rhino likes em. Too bad ah' don't get a word dey be saying..."
  2. The priestess had been smoking more than usual lately. This left her room with a veil of thick smoke, the air reeking of fadeleaf. Her mind even slipped away in several trances, yet not a single vision to show for it. Lazeenja ran off days ago and Zari was actually getting worried. There shouldn't have been anything Eversong the huntress couldn't easily walk away from. So what in the fels was keeping her? It just occured to her, Shirvallah. Did the God unleash His wrath upon her? Zarimuni would've prayed against that if she wasn't so out of it. She could only hope Laz did her damn service already. Zarimuni tilted her head towards her door. If she didn't know better she'd say something was scratching on it. Probably one of the many beasts that Laji refused to stable. Zari was sitting on the floor, her back leaning on the foot of her bed. She managed to stagger up somehow and slowly walk towards the door. With her weight and ear against it, Zari shouted, "Get da fel offah mah door!" What she heard next was a snarl. Whatever it was actually started banging at her door, causing it to shake quite a bit. This response did not please the priestess. She quickly opened the door, more than ready to use her own powers to deal with the situation.. The poor girl was not ready for the sight before her. There in front of her, stood the wildest looking troll she'd seen in a while. Whatever armor it had was battle worn to the point of no return. It's hair was coarse and flaring, appearing more like a mane than a head of hair. The mane extended all the way to it's elbows and...paws? Paws for hands and feet! The fur on it's skin was not subtle in the slightest, but it failed to conceal the thick and wired muscle underneath. Zari's eyes soon moved to the most frightful thing, the face. There was a strained quality to the skin, as though it were being pulled back by continuous snarls. Such menacing fangs jutted from the creature's mouth. The tusks barely managed to dwarf them. Those eyes, those feral eyes... it was some untamed feline staring back at her, not a troll. Zarimuni merely stared in bewilderment as the troll grabbed her by the arms. The beast-like figure then sniffed around near the priestess's neck, causing her to tense up considerably. It felt like leaving your fate to a goblin. She had no idea when something would go wrong. After it caught her scent, the troll pulled it's face away and spoke, "Zar...Zari?" The voice was raspy, yet still recognizable. Zari's eyes were as wide as saucers. How could it be her? "Laji?" was her reply. "Zari? Zari!" Lazeenja started to shake her while calling her name. Each time she spoke, her voice became clearer. "Zari! Wake up!" The priestess did just that. Zari jumped as she emerged from sleep. She was in the same spot she started her dream from, on the ground near the foot of the bed. One big difference was that Lazeenja, looking like her normal self, kneel before her with her hands on her shoulders. That would explain the shaking. "Ohh....whatcha doin in 'ere?" Zari groaned as she slapped Lazeenja's hands away. "Laji sorry, but ju not gettin' up when Lazeenja come knockin'. Ja door be open too."
  3. ((Lucy)) She calls us by name now. Lucy, we are. Maybe she senses our new feelings? First there was hate, annoyance, all of them negative. The mistress took us from our home, made us hers. What is there to like about that? Her behavior is strange. The hate is endured. We bite and snarl, but that doesn't discourage her embrace. She continues to feed us too. Shall we be good for the mistress? Will we come to adore her too? We fight for her, eagerly casting down enemies that seek her life. Should we be among those we destroy? It would be a chance to be free.
  4. It was with a strangely heavy heart that Zarimuni put out her latest cigar. Her eyes rested on the trinket Laji thought to give her. A square-shaped device the size of her palm, it was made from a batch of silver her youthful sister saved up. Lazeenja told her that the gnomes originally invented it, or was it the goblins? Zari couldn't remember. She had to give Lazeenja credit though. The little piece of magic made lighting her cigars that much easier. Where was her sister now? The priestess couldn't help but ask this again and again. Zarimuni wasn't expecting Shirvallah to take possession of her little sister. Perhaps the Loa favored the hunter more than either of them thought, despite her recent trespasses. What she did know was that the Loa required a service from the girl. If Zari knew anything beyond that she might have followed her, but Laji equipped her armor and ran off without a word. The girl had a crazed and terrified look in her eyes. A stare that struck the priestess dumb. Maybe that's how Zarimuni appeared many times before, having dealt with the Loa much more often. Zarimuni was a...Loa speaker, for the lack of a better term. It was through priests like her that Loa allowed their desires be known to the masses. She'd also been known to receive the various services the common folk performed to appease these spirits. Shirvallah spoke through her often enough, but she lacked experience concerning requests. It just occurred to her that The Tiger may have preferred to be more direct with his dealings. The priestess continued to butt the fadeleaf cigar into the ground, giving no consideration to the burned holes on the elven carpet. As far as she was concerned, the room was her own now. Anyone who'd have a problem with it could take a cigar in the eye. Why in the fels did Lazeenja decide to move here? It was a boarding house run by trolls, sure. However, the Besstarices were the most insane lot of trolls she ever met. Not to mention the place was surrounded by elves! Elves of all things! Zarimuni had read and listened to her elders often enough to know what those wretched creatures have done to her race. Entire empires reduced to mere shadows of their former selves. Oh, but the young girl's foolishness didn't stop there, as Laji had the nerve to lie with one of them. The only reason Zari knew that was due to Lazeenja's child, whose eye glowed with strange energies. Upon revealing the reason to her, Laji had to beg that Zarimuni not kill the disgusting little thing. Even now Zari wondered why she stopped. Why did she not kill the little one? Zari merely sighed. It didn't matter now, or she tried to convince herself of that. For now, she'd pray for her sister's safe return. ((Pardon the tap-dance with lore here. If people are offended enough by it then I'll remove this one.))
  5. Would anyone be interested in drawing either Lazeenja or Zari? Please PM me if you like the idea. I'll gladly prove pictures, description, and the like. Oh and I wish I could pay for this, but I can't afford it. >.>
  6. Lucci

    Rage and Fury

    Lazeenja bit her lip and proceeded to glare holes into the ground. Another failure to add in an ever-growing list. Wonderful. As for leaving, the trolless didn't understand it at all. So every time an elf gets angry, a person has to go? A miracle that they've been in the Horde this long. "I can easily go home from here. I need to stop at Tranquillen though, left my raptor there." It had been a while since she spoke in troll. Laji was always willing to practice the language of orcs, if only due to being terrible at speaking it. Her usual eagerness to learn was shot at this point, however. It seemed that Conroy decided to get comfortable in a nearby tree. Perhaps he was really tired or maybe he was just being nosy. It didn't matter to Laji though. She knew the albino would eventually make his way to the edge of Eversong, he always did. Not to mention she could always return a day or two later, in case the bat felt really lazy. Lazeenja waved at Conroy dismissively before slowly walking off.
  7. Lucci

    Rage and Fury

    Her shivering began to settle down as Laji looked up to the newcomer. Her helm may have hidden her confusion, but her voice did not,"W-who ju be?" She didn't take the offer to get up just yet. Instead she lifted her head to see the dwarf and human, who were both standing. "Lazeenja not knowin' what ta do now. A-ah just don' have fight in me anymore." Conroy finally started hovering near Laji. The bat appeared to look over her. Afterward he seemed content, looking at the priest with what appeared to be approval. The trolless allowed the Tazindivya to help her up. She couldn't help but sway and stagger a bit, but that didn't stop her from explaining what she could, "Deh dwarf be hexed, da elfie got someting dying up his butt, and da human? Ah' don' kno' much, just dat he be one of dose wise-men humans like so much."
  8. <p>You and me, both! I've never tried a hand at writing much combat. Doing it with three others involved? Oh my! And, I always figure, as long as folks are trying then the result can't be too bad.</p>

  9. Lucci

    Rage and Fury

    ((*snicker* Well that changes things! )) Finally, less talking and more fighting. A wicked grin settled on the trolless features, barely obscured by the helm she wore. So the elf decided to go through a hissy fit eh? Maybe today would work out after all. With that thought she managed to avoid the spear, which nearly grazed her neck. Not so lucky concerning the flames, however. She'd simply have to bare the pain of being slightly cooked in her armor, since Rand was making his charge. As for what she would have done, perhaps it wasn't meant to be. At that point a shield of light surrounded her, protecting her from the angry elf. Lazeenja was caught by surprise. Noticing that she had breathing room, she stopped to put out the flames that caught on her armor. "Today isn't your day kitten. I admit though, I am amused. Perhaps I'll ride you again. Very soon." That's when the spirit left her. She began to feel crappy again, the same nervousness and shakiness that occurred last time. The trolless hit the ground on her knees and began to succumb to what looked like withdrawal. She wrapped her arms around herself and started trembling again. Her words were meek,"Not again....don' leave."
  10. <p>Too much coffee and a writer's block. Fun! Fun! <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  11. <p>I'm totally winging this fighting thing. I only hope it doesn't turn out to be a horrible post. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh.png" alt="xD" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  12. Lucci

    Rage and Fury

    "All ja do...is talk! Just....shutup!!...a-ah'..." That's as far as her reply went. Damn all the lands and the elf's petty threats. She began to pull her bow string even further back, knowing damn well that she wouldn't have another shot at this. Kill or be killed seemed fair enough in terms of logic right now. The dwarf appeared to understand. That was the one thing that kept her from breaking. Somethings went beyond status and faction, that much became apparent in this encounter. Part of her really wanted to give in to such things, however, to see her prey go and bear the shame. She already betrayed the Tiger once though. Could she really bear doing so again? And what of Conroy? It was as if her best friend didn't matter in this at all. A certain voice in her head didn't help either. "I bless you as my own and you still hesitate. Have you truly forgotten your first love?" "No!" she cried out. "Nevah forget, nevah." Her hands continued to pull the arrow back, the strain on the bow blatantly audible.
  13. Lucci

    Rage and Fury

    Lazeenja's body was low to the ground in a squatting position, her eyes smothered with a quiet anger. The way she carried herself, you'd think she was an animal ready to pounce. She stood behind Conroy, seemingly shadowing the beast, her stance dared those around her to get closer. Eventually, her bat steadily got up and screeched excitedly for some reason. Although, she seemed to pay it no mind at the moment. She was too busy fixing predatory looks at the dwarf, who was already on the ground. She only spared the human a quick glance from time to time and seemingly didn't acknowledge Rand making demands. This could have been due to her knowing no Common, or maybe it was something else. Laji glanced at Conroy and gave him a nod. With only a quick grasp of the situation, the trolless readied her bow as she stayed crouched on the ground. She aimed at Sifar's head once again. Yet this time arcane energy gathered around the tip of her arrow. "J-ja.....be right," her voice was raspy. For some reason, words were...difficult now. Still, she struggled to speak to Sifar, wondering if the hexed dwarf would even understand her plight. "Need ta, ta take your throat. But, what bout these folks...in da way?"
  14. ((Conroy)) A hellish day indeed! Laji can't decide who her enemies and friends are. Normally I wouldn't care about such things, but continuously having to engage and disengage the same bunch of morons can quickly wear on the nerves. Personally, I find ankle-biters and the rabbit-ears to be annoying, each in their own way. Yet this little woman has the nerve to further my irritation by jumping Lazeenja. Annoying little midget. Something's wrong with Laji though. I'm sure of it now. Her depression has returned suddenly, something to do with our failed hunting attempt. Not sure if failed is even the word for it. She just stopped and ran off for no reason. Gah! I've no time for this. Time to make a certain midget-woman pay.
  15. Lucci

    Rage and Fury

    It angered Lazeenja to see her Conroy treated in such a way. Seeing the bat hit the ground stirred something deep within her. The albino bat was among her first beasts, and one of the few friends she had in a long time. A feral gleam sparked in her eyes. "It angers you, and rightly so. Do not allow such trespass, lest there be others..." Familiar feelings of tranquility and ease began to wash over her. Her spirits were...uplifted in that moment. In real time it took only a second, but it certainly felt longer than that. "Ja blood be mine." Laji's voice came in only a whisper at first. However, it increased into a shout as she readied her bow. "Nether take ja, Amani wretch!" With that Lazeenja took care to shoot at Sifar's head for a concussive blow. Maybe being knocked senseless would slow the dwarf down.