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  1. Oh yeah I know, I think she based him off of him or something. My friend, I mean. Not my character.
  2. Took me a while to do it, but I finally got around to making a new thread for the stuff I make! If you don't get the name reference, I wont explain it. Anyway first off I'll post the thing I had in the last thread. Sculpture of Demitri Sunsworn, Blood Elf Warlock. About 8-9 inches tall. This next thing is something I made in ceramics class. But I decided it was too boring, so I brought it home and covered it in mechanical crap that I made myself. It's now where I store my loose change, in case you were considering breaking into my house. And this is a friend's character, I did it for her for an art trade. She made something for me, I sculpted this for her. The actual figure was made about a year ago, but the scarf and cloud-like base were both made really recently.
  3. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I really appreciate it. I'd post other stuff that I make, but I don't think any of it belongs on TNG (Not WoW-related). If I make more, I'll make a new thread. Unless I can change the title of this one. No idea how to do that. Anyhow, to answer questions... Heh, yeah. Considering the stuff I normally do, I'm not too surprised the head turned out a bit large.. It's made with lightning. REAL LIGHTNING. The clay is called Super Sculpey, a type of polymer clay. Painted with acrylic paint! Thanks! That sounds like a fun idea, but I get the feeling it would be pretty time-consuming. Still beats moving around furniture for a living xP.
  4. This is here for everyone in our little circle of friends to see. So yeah! This is the first full-body human sculpture I've made. Well, essentially human. I normally do other stuff that doesn't belong on TNG. But this does! So here it is. Demitri Sunsworn, Blood elf Warlock, about eight inches tall. Yeah, the proportions are off a bit. I'll do better next time, but overall I'm satisfied with how it came out. Yes, he's standing on the demonic summoning circle. That part was painful, since he's used that spell to kill me only like over 9000 times in duels.
  5. <p>It's because I have a really small penis.</p>

    <p>Glad I got that off my chest.</p>

  6. <p>*stoner whisper* ark..this is the earth...you should go make a burrito</p>

  7. <p>That depends....can i touch myself while you do it? <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh.png" alt="xD" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  8. <p>Is Darth Arkaydos gonna have to force-choke a ho?</p>

  9. <p>I am Captain Arkerelda von Arkenhammer, the SLEDGEHAMMER.</p>

    <p>But chya can call me Admiral Captain Arkerelda, the SLEDGEHAMMER, fer short.</p>

  10. Before I ask this question, I wanted to say something. If you knew me before, you might think this is a tiny bit hypocritical, considering what my character used to be. Not to say I was ever "powerful", but it IS to say that my character used to be a bit... Strange. But I remade Arkaydos completely, so that's over with. If you didn't know me before, then forget it and read on! Me and Demitri were talking the other night, and I mentioned how I play a hunter for RP now because, in all honesty, I don't like how a lot (Note: Not all) magic works in RP. A gun is a gun, everyone knows what a gun does. But if you meet a mage, lord knows what his backstory lets his magic do. And lord knows if its realistic or not. But, in a magical fantasy world, what IS realistic? Which is the point of this thread. Personally, I only like magic on a basic cantrips and fireballs level, and only being as powerful as character spells are. The main problem is... Warcraft isn't like that anymore. Warcraft has gone so batshit crazy with its magic in the past few years, that it borders on science fiction-esque technology. Yes, I'm looking at you, Burning Crusade. So, to get to the point... Just how far do you all think magic can go in an RP? It doesn't necessarily need to give you an edge over others to be too far out. Magic opens the door to some cool characters and backstories, but it opens an even larger door for characters that are a bit too fanciful. It also can often serve as a plot device to accomplish, well, just about anything.
  11. I think that theory would work perfectly. Hell, Blizz wouldn't even need a real retcon. Its not a stretch to say we were a bit misinformed.
  12. I think we can agree that whatever the heck it was, it was either an Old God or a servant of an Old God. But the archive didn't mention any Old Gods getting sedated, they only mentioned them being "Contained within the host". And if the weapon CAN be removed, then why would the titans leave the "corpse" in such an open area, where Twilight Cultists could come along and figure out how to rip it out. This was long before the Twilight Cultists came around, but someone would try to take the thing out sooner or later. Maybe the thing was just an Old God's servant. In that case, the weapon was relatively un-special, and could be safely left.
  13. There's another thing to consider. That weapon was obviously powerful enough to kill an old god. If it was so strong, why didn't the titans retrieve it? Perhaps they need to leave it in, or the creature will regenerate.
  14. Both me and my friend are going insane and worshiping C'thun. We should be friends.