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  1. **Spoilers** By the Light...as I gaze upon the once blue skies of Lordearon... I see something that I believe I have yet to fully comprehend... Argus itself now sits within sight of Tyr's Hand, and my views now seem so horribly short sighted. When I sat and watched The Prophet touch the head of The Deceiver, as if to absolve him, if nothing else to show mercy and pity in the Demon Lord's last moments... I look at my own world view and cannot help but question myself... what sort of follower of the Light am I? The Prophet Velen is a paragon of the Light... a true believer... It would seem as though I do not hold all the virtues as close to my chest as I have sought to, I must look inward... I must look to the Light... and I am afraid that when I am done looking, I will have forgiveness to ask...
  2. Cavanaugh takes the flier off the wall as he moves from the Cathedral in Stormwind, reading over it after a few moments he places the flier back up nodding to his squire. "Ah, the Dusk Watch, a noble organization...I will attend this event personally, alert the other officers, and instruct them that I also will require their attendance." Cavanaugh sends the squire on his way as he continues to make his way through Stormwind to the Gryphon master. Quietly saying to himself, "The Alliance needs all the aid she can muster, we will see what plans the Watch has in store..." --- OOC - I cant wait! Looks like you have some fun stuff planned and I look forward to attending!
  3. June 22 As I get closer and closer to presenting a sermon to some members of the Alliance who will listen, I find myself torn. Our old order certainly can use redemption, and I still lament what the Legion did to it, and to the names of some of Lordearon's greatest heroes... While my goal is to make a pure fighting force, how pure can it be if I hold tight to the requirements that only Lordearon's former citizens and their kin can join our cause? If I am truly a messenger of the Light, should I not seek to bring all members of the Alliance who worship at the same altar... together? My stance on the Horde remains the same, unwavering, I find compromise with them, while they are led by the Banshee Queen... impossible. And so long as they occupy Alliance lands... and promote the existence of the Forsaken, their expansion even, there is no middle ground... but that shouldn't cause us to view our brothers and sisters of the Alliance with any less camaraderie. Perhaps it would be best to simply let the Scarlet Crusade die the death it should have after its corruption... I find giving up distasteful, but I cannot help but think that the symbol is too far gone, and we are not doing justice to the cause we wish to advance. I also can't help but feel that the symbol doesn't strike the same fear as I anticipated into the Legion or the Horde... I misread the effectiveness of it, even those we wish to protect and aid see us in a light that is unfavorable, and this is counter productive to our true goal, spreading the word of the Light, purifying Lordearon, ending the Undead threat, and protecting the innocents of the Alliance. However, it is not all for naught, I certainly do not feel any attachment to this new Silver Hand or what it stands for, when it stands arm and arm with the Horde. And while I understand there are certainly times we may need to work in conjuncture with the with the Horde to stop some threats, that does not make them any LESS of a threat, nor does it mean we should be required to stand with them in all aspects of our daily toils. I do not plan on simply forgetting the atrocities committed by my cursed, former kin, and will not stop until justice comes to them and our lands have been purified. So long as the Horde stands in our way, we will oppose them with every fiber of our beings, and by the will of the Light, we will triumph.
  4. I'll make sure I let my wee guild know! And spread the word when I can!
  5. Bursting into the offices of the Kirin Tor, the Scarlet made his way hastily to Regrave's office, his eyes fixated on the door as he walked, his small escort drew the attention of several other members of the Kirin Tor and the two Knights did an about face as the Crusader entered her office and shut the door behind him, quietly. "You know... Miss Redgrave, I would have thought some competence was required for this position..." he calmly removed his gauntlet his tone as friendly yet condescending as possible as he took a seat across from the woman, casually leaning back in the chair. Caught a bit off guard at his brazen entrance the mage looked up flatly, "What do you want, Scarlet? I haven't the time for games." she responded, only looking up for a moment, attempting with her body language to convey that she was far too busy to be bothered with any petty business that the Crusader might have. "We are, in case you didn't know, in the middle of planning for our final assault on the Tomb," a small smile appears if only for a moment, "Certainly there is something -else- you can be doing?" "Oh, I certainly do, I shouldn't be doing other peoples jobs. Like yours for example... or the guards of Stormwind." leaning forward a bit, slowly and calmly removing his gauntlets and placing them on her desk, "What sort of device did you put around the Mage's wrist, Amberlight has escaped and I can't imagine that frail savage could have succeeded in such an endeavor simply based on his physical skills, he isn't exactly known for his constitution." The mage looked up, a bit of shock and dread on her face realizing now why the Paladin had come. The thought of Qabian escaping sent a small chill down her spine. She knew he wouldn't take her handing him over to Stormwind authorities lightly. "I-I he, what?" she stammered a bit, caught off guard at the news. Redgrave had assumed that the mage would be indisposed for quite some time if he was truly guilty, or out of her hair completely... "You know, I of course blame the fools that guard him for their deciding to place him within the same cell as a common thief, and the bungling Kirin Tor for placing such a simple device of his wrist to hamper his magical prowess. A wrist guard that can be removed by a novice. However, it seems that with the new commanders of this city come with some instances of gross incompetence, perhaps you didn't want to feel left out?" His snide tone not hiding his disdain a bit, his eyes cutting through her as if she wasn't even there. "I imagine he won't be happy with you... and I must admit I am not exactly satisfied either... you should have secured him properly. Or perhaps handed him over to my organization to deal with his crime. We have very effective measures for handling these types of situations." Redgrave glanced at the Knight and his tabard for a moment before locking eyes, "I would -never- just hand someone over to -YOUR- organization. It would be disastrous for our relationship with the Horde-" He cut her off and slammed his fist on her desk, "What is disastrous -IS- our relationship with the Horde! And the fact that we must suffer -THESE- savages and let them roam free in -ALLIANCE- cities like Dalaran even -AFTER- they have committed so many crimes against the Light, GIRL! Do not tell me about our relationships! Perhaps Lady Proudmoore needs to return to cleanse this city again, not only of the traitorous Sin'dorei and their Horde allies, but also of the less than competent Kirin Tor who sacrifice their honor for a tenuous peace!" He leans over her, his eyes narrowed not taking care that his voice was rising as he spoke. She took note of his rant and was quite aware of the position of the Scarlet Hand, trying to remain calm, but when he called her "girl" she nearly lost it. His belittling tone, his obvious warmongering, even if in the back of her mind she did wish for Jaina's return and supported her, and would have been apologetic for the escape of the mage, it was this sort of attitude that drove her back towards the current council and its stance. "Get out! I don't have time for YOU or your zealous, xenophobic attitude!" Her voice echoed through the halls. Provoking a reaction was his goal and he smiled, picking up his gauntlets he began to place them back on, clasping them and keep his eyes locked on hers the entire time, "You know, one day, Lady Proudmoore may return, and when she does I hope this city is no longer a haven to traitors to the Alliance like you, and the rest of your organization. Selling your souls for convenience, instead of having the faith in oneself and the Light." he smiled and reached out and tapped her face lightly, she recoiled in anger. "Light guide you." he smiled and said to her as he walked out of the room, nodding at his escort as they made their way down the hall. One magistrate peeked in and he could see her still staring at the empty door, seething... barely able to catch her breath, as the Paladin calmly walked down the halls and out to the streets of Dalaran.
  6. Smiling as he walked into the cathedral of Light the Paladin slowly walked toward the altar, glancing about at the rather empty building, only a few members of the clergy were gathered about, hastily preparing for something, an upcoming service perhaps, a visit from the King... it didn't matter to Cavanaugh, they didn't notice him and he didn't much feel like any interaction. Kneeling before the altar at the base of the steps he removed a small locket from his satchel and pressed it to his lips slowly as he recited a family prayer in a hushed tone that was only audible to the Knight. After a few moments, he moved the locket from his lips and opened briefly and a warm smile spread across his, before he snapped it shut and returned the ornate necklace to its place in his pouch, rising to his feet and straightening out his tabard as he made his way to a meeting with Brother Crowley. Going over a report with the Scarlet priest, he was hardly engaged, but courteous, his mind was wandering to the prisoner that he had brought to the Stockade, 'What sort of trial is required? What if it was required that the children be brought before the Magistrate? That could put them in danger... would his testimony alone be enough?' He knew that he was no longer held in favor by the King's court, and his resignation from both the Military and the Silver Hand was not looked upon favorably by the faithless and weak. "My lord!" A deep voice echoed through the stone walls of the cathedral's basement, a warrior and escort of the Scarlet Crusader burst into the room with as much flair as you might expect from a ham fisted soldier of the Crusade, "The mage... he- he has escaped!" trying to catch his breath as he gave the information to Sir Cavanaugh, "Somehow he was able to escape, he removed the bracelet, his cell mate was killed, some guards... perhaps others!" The Paladin slowly looked up from the parchment before him, and a look of boredom was replaced by a furrowed brow and a scowl that hardly masked the fury that was building within the Paladin as he was given the new. "WHAT?!" he bellowed, as he quickly stood, slamming his gauntlet down on the table, his chair flying back and making a loud thud against the wall as it toppled on its side to the ground. Looking at his escorts the Paladin nodded, and beckoned to the door. "To the Stockades... now! Crowley... this will have to wait!" the small troupe marching to the door, Brother Crowley bowing his head as he watched the Knight make haste to the door. Leading the way and walking with an almost possessed pace the troupe made its way toward the stockades, the warrior taking to his mount and riding ahead, advising the commoners who remained in the city to make way, out of courtesy to the Crusaders and the populace, it was unlikely that they would have hesitated in trampling any citizens who were caught off guard by their march. As they arrived at the Stockades Cavanaugh looked about, ordering two of his men to remain outside he marched past the sentry set up to prevent entry and his heart seemed to go into his throat as he surveyed the bloody scene the greeted him in the hallways of the Stockades. One of the guards recounted what had happened to Sir Cavanaugh and he listened intently, containing his anger, outwardly to the Guard, almost lending a sympathetic ear as he seethed inside, 'Why would they put a savage, accused of murder, and implicated in other possible attacks just based on his organization... in a cell with a common thief, or with ANY of the general populace...at best this was incompetence, at worst collaboration...' the thoughts were streaming through his head, as he was being told the details of what had happened, hardly paying much attention once he learned all he thought was necessary. "May the Light bless you and your brothers in arms, this was not your folly, you did what you could. May the child and guards that were harmed rest peacefully..." the paladin put his hand on the soldier's shoulder, he knew the young man was not a child, but certainly this would play better... and the fire needed to be stoked. His outward calm and discipline hiding a storm that was brewing inside as he made his way to the Warden's office, nodding for his last two escorts to remain outside the door, he entered calmly and closed the door behind him, a condescending smile spread across the Paladin's face... "So was it just incompetence that allowed for this to happen? Or are you colluding with savages of the Horde now? Sending their murderers back to the front line for the 'Greater Good'?" the paladin asked in a tone that was very outwardly belittling to the Warden. "You are not going to march in here while I am dealing with a crises, Crusader, and make accusations of -me- in -my- city! We have enough to deal with then having to put up with your paranoia!" snapped the warden, his patience was at its end and he hardly had the will to deal with the aristocratic jabs the Scarlet was likely going to give him, thinking that was enough to send the Crusader on his way... he was mistaken. Nearly as soon as his eyes returned to the desk his table was thrown out of the way and Sir Cavanaugh grabbed him by the throat and raised him to eye level, his eyes lacking the clam he entered the room with, filled with fury, "-You- will indulge me you insolent wretch. If you were under my command I would have you executed for your incompetence and disrespect. You are at best a fool, and at worst a traitor. I tend to lean towards the latter." "Unhand me... you... zealous..." the Paladin tightened his grip as the man spoke, obviously more then a match for the Warden, and unconcerned with his words and cutting them off, with his breath. "Be silent, worm. I would kill you here and now if I thought you a threat... thankfully, your poor decisions will likely lead to your dismissal regardless, and hopefully your imprisonment within these very halls... and your own charges will do my work for me... and I will -SEE- that they do. As you know... our coin is not in short supply." A calm smile returned to his face as he threw the Warden into his chair, leaning down and placing his hands on the arms of the seats, his face just inches from the Warden's, "The Light have mercy on your soul." Coughing the Warden looked to the ground, rubbing his neck. He thought to call for guard, perhaps try to jail the Crusader for his assault, but he had enough trouble on his hands with this event, and he knew that even though Sir Cavanaugh had fallen out of favor, he was still needed on the front lines, there would not be anything but a slap on the wrist for what had just occurred... if any punishment was levied at all. "Get out..." he coughed out at the Knight, still catching his breath, reeling from the exchange that just occurred. The Paladin stared down at the man, for a few moments longer, a look of disgust and disdain still on his face as he made a quick about face toward the door, looking back, "You -will- pay for your incompetence." Opening the door and nodding at his men to leave. Several of the guards peeked into the room noticing the mess, but did nothing, simply nodding at the Crusaders as they made their way to streets. "Summon Odesserion, we must make our way to Dalaran, and he shall open a portal... I must speak with this... Redgrave." Cavanaugh looked about as his troupe made haste to the mage district. ------
  7. Full Name: Sir Russell Cavanaugh Nicknames: Cav Age: 34 Race: Human Gender: Male Hair: Short, Black Eyes: Brown Height: 6 ft Weight: 200 lbs Place of residence: Tyr's Hand Place of Birth: Brill Known Relatives: Sir Gregory Cavanaugh ( Father ) - Knight of Lordearon, Deceased.; Coria Bloodstrider - Magister, High Elf, ( Fiance ) - Deceased Religion/Philosophy: Holy Light Occupation: Enchanter / Jewel Crafter - Master Group/Guild affiliation: The Scarlet Hand ( Current ) , Knight of the Silver Hand ( Former ), Scarlet Crusade ( Former ) , Argent Dawn ( Former ) , Argent Crusade ( Former ), Fabled Paladin Order ( Former ) , Praetorian Guard ( Former ). Guild Rank: Grand Crusader Enemies: All Undead, Enemies of the Holy Light, the Horde ( As long as it follows the Banshee Queen ). Weapons of Choice: Two Handed Weapons - Prefers Sword and Mace Dislikes: Any who would bring harm to those that cannot defend themselves. Hobbies: Devotes most of his time to honing his combat skills, studying the Holy Light and its teachings, and organizing the day to day operations of the Scarlet Hand. Physical Features: A robust Knight, physically slightly larger than average. Has a few scars hidden by armor, one large one starting near his upper right shoulder and going towards the middle - left of his abdomen. A small cut above his left eye. Special Abilities: None to speak of other than that of a normal Paladin. Positive Personality Traits: Charming and Charismatic, devout in his faith, dedication to his cause, very well spoken and well read. A natural leader. Negative Personality Traits: Can be arrogant at times, uncompromising, lacks empathy to people he sees as enemies, zealous in his religious beliefs, not tolerant of other systems of belief - considers it blasphemy and / or heresy. History: Cavanaugh was born to Sir Gregory and Lady Susan Cavanaugh of Lordearon, his father was a Knight and owned an estate just outside of Brill. His father was a veteran of the Second War, and served in many notable campaigns including the battles at Tol Barad, Crestfall, Tarren Mill, the Siege of Lordearon, Blackrock Spire and the Dark Portal. He became very close friends with a High Elven, minor noble, Magister Bloodstrider, during the conflict and this would eventually lead to Cavanaugh meeting and falling for the Magister's daughter, Coria, shortly after the Second War ended. His father also earned the respect of Alexandros Mograine and Saiden Dathrohan, due to his connection he was able to get Russell into being a squire for the Knights of the Silver Hand. During the break between the Second and Third Wars, Russell's training progressed as did his relationship with Coria, and just before the onset of the Third War, as his role of squire was coming to an end, and his initiation into the Order as a full Knight was neigh, he proposed to the young elven maiden and their marriage date was set. He was not called on to deal with the plague of undeath as it unfolded, however, his father was, and his father was part of the expedition to the Northrend - he did not return. During the Fall of Lordearon, and the aftermath of Prince Arthas returning, the remainder of his family was unfortunately lost as well. Events moved quickly as the fall of Lordearon unfolded, and he was pressed into service and given his Knighthood shortly before the events of Stratholme unfolded and the Silver Hand was disbanded by Arthas. He took to Saiden Dathrohan's side and followed him into what would become the Scarlet Crusade. As these events unfolded, his fiancé was slain during the razing of Quel'Thalas, as was most of her family. He went with a small Scarlet Expedition to attempt to locate his fallen love, when her body was discovered he buried her near a small tree stump near the shoreline in Eversong Woods, the place where they shared their first kiss. He still retains a small locket that was given to him as a gift from Coria with a small picture of them together. Not long after the formation of the Scarlet Crusade it was evident to many close to the Grand Crusader that something had changed after an assault on Stratholme, with several Knights, and a rising fanaticism within the crusade, Cavanaugh left and joined with the Argent Dawn. He fought for many years, however he would join with the more mobile Fabled Paladin Order after the Dark Portal reopened during the events of the Burning Crusade, where he would remain in service of the Alliance until the return of Arthas, in Wrath of the Lich King. When the Argent Crusade was formed by Highlord Tirion Fordring, he quickly joined and was involved in many campaigns in Northrend, following the Highlord through the entire campaign. Some moderate personal justice was achieved due to the fall of Arthas because he held the Lich King as fully responsible for the deaths of his father and fiancé, as well as the rest of his family and his fiancé's family. He has spent the majority of his time since the fall of the Lich King with the Argent Crusade rebuilding and helping to reclaim what remained of Lordearon, however he still bore a very open and hostile attitude to all undead, and still seeks to reclaim all of Lordearon for its living citizens, and put to rest those that were risen. This attitude often brought him into conflict with his superiors, however, he was not willing to rejoin the Crusade after the Legion's corruption of the Scarlet Crusade was exposed. He joined some groups during that time, including forming the Praetorian Guard to help protect the Alliance from Horde aggression during the Cataclysm, however, his role was mostly as a figurehead and he rarely left Lordearon, allowing the officers of the Guard deal with the threats. During the conflict on Pandaria and during the Iron Horde invasions, Cavanaugh led a small personal force that was engaged in some minor conflicts, but again, most of his time was still spent in Lordearon, only moving to the front when called upon. Upon the invasion of the Burning Legion, Cavanaugh set out with Alliance forces to the Broken Shore and was injured during the initial assault. It was during his time in recovery he saw an opportunity. He would bring retribution to the Burning Crusade for the destruction of Lordearon, the formation of the Scourge, and the corruption of the Scarlet Crusade. He formed The Scarlet Hand after several rather large disagreements with the new Highlord of the Silver Hand, mostly on dealings with the Horde and Ebon Blade. He seeks now to reform a purified Crusade against the Legion, and all who threaten the innocents of the Alliance. Wishing to redeem his old order, and the names of some of his greatest heroes and mentors, while leading the banner they corrupted against the Burning Legion itself, the Scarlet Hand was formed. Due to his experiences during the Third War, and his fervent religious beliefs, he considers all undead to be unnatural and seeks to purify them. While he harbors no true ill will toward the other races of the Horde, seeing them as simply adversaries, their harboring of the Forsaken and hold on his former homeland is unforgiveable and he lumps the entire Horde together for that reason, along with the Banshee Queen being Warchief, he sees them as agents of the Undead. There is no middle ground until the Forsaken are removed from the Horde.
  8. *considering the question of the Goblin reporter, the Paladin maintains his composure but his eyes narrow a bit* "You know, for years I had fought against the Grim, even this particular elf...", he took a deep breath, shaking his head a bit, "and I had always considered them misguided, short sighted, perhaps foolish... many things, and knew their goals were the eradication of the Alliance. I understood that... and have bled many times to help prevent them from achieving this goal, their mandate." Looking down at the ground for a moment, gritting his teeth, "I always had a modicum of respect for them however as a worthy fighting force... even perhaps with members who had some honor fighting alongside the deranged, because in their eyes perhaps the ends justified the means, no longer. The actions that took place at the Stormwind Orphanage by this blight on the landscape has drained all possible respect that any could possess for this organization and its members. Killing an innocent matron who looked after children, and had it not been for the grace of the Light, the children themselves... there is nothing more that needs to be said. Light have mercy on him." Dismisses the Goblin with a wave of his hand and heads toward the entrance to Stormwind Keep.
  9. Light give me strength. A great servant of the Alliance was laid to rest today. Light lead her home. One of the Matrons of the Stormwind Orphanage was slain by a foe that I know all to well, and I presided over a service for her. Such a senseless killing... but The Grim are notable for that, their total disregard for the lives of innocents. They are at the very least, consistent. I cannot personally fathom the reason for taking the life of someone who has dedicated their live to helping the less fortunate. A kind soul who cares for the children who have already lost so much. There must be retribution for this atrocity... this mage cannot escape justice this time, not for this.
  10. Well we are actually organizing "sermons" that I am beginning to write and intend to invite any alliance who want to attend and maybe hear a little radical / zealous Pro - Alliance propaganda. :-) ... The first will be held at Tyr's Hand, the second will be in the Cathedral of Light in Gilneas... followed by some good old fashioned purification of some Undead Targets :-) of course this is a Horde heavy server so that prob doesn't appeal to THAT many people on the TnG. We were also thinking of hosting a PvP type of tourney, similar to how Dusk Watch used to run the ARMS tourney... but again, our RP being so anti Horde atm, precludes us extending any invites to the other side, altho perhaps a challenge or something can come of that! I am always open to ideas!
  11. June 9th That filthy murderous heathen has escaped! I am dismayed and disgusted at the current state of the Alliance. While I was encouraged by the positive reaction that King Anduin Wrynn had when he acquired his fathers sword, the inability to defend our own boarders is becoming tiresome. Next time I capture a known criminal we will perform our own interrogation and bring the Light's justice to the fiends. There was hardly even the -need- for a trail in this case, and letting known murderers roam free serves no greater good. Evil must be fought regardless of its source. That source can be existential, from things like the Legion and Scourge or the Old Gods, but it can also come from the Horde and has for nearly as long as I have been alive. I fight for the people of the Alliance, and my homeland... I will not sully our mission with their blind political decisions.