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  1. **Spoilers** By the I gaze upon the once blue skies of Lordearon... I see something that I believe I have yet to fully comprehend... Argus itself now sits within sight of Tyr's Hand, and my views now seem so horribly short sighted. When I sat and watched The Prophet touch the head of The Deceiver, as if to absolve him, if nothing else to show mercy and pity in the Demon Lord's last moments... I look at my own world view and cannot help but question myself... what sort of follower of the Light am I? The Prophet Velen is a paragon of the Light... a true believe
  2. Cavanaugh takes the flier off the wall as he moves from the Cathedral in Stormwind, reading over it after a few moments he places the flier back up nodding to his squire. "Ah, the Dusk Watch, a noble organization...I will attend this event personally, alert the other officers, and instruct them that I also will require their attendance." Cavanaugh sends the squire on his way as he continues to make his way through Stormwind to the Gryphon master. Quietly saying to himself, "The Alliance needs all the aid she can muster, we will see what plans the Watch has in store..." ---
  3. June 22 As I get closer and closer to presenting a sermon to some members of the Alliance who will listen, I find myself torn. Our old order certainly can use redemption, and I still lament what the Legion did to it, and to the names of some of Lordearon's greatest heroes... While my goal is to make a pure fighting force, how pure can it be if I hold tight to the requirements that only Lordearon's former citizens and their kin can join our cause? If I am truly a messenger of the Light, should I not seek to bring all members of the Alliance who worship at the same altar... together?
  4. I'll make sure I let my wee guild know! And spread the word when I can!
  5. Bursting into the offices of the Kirin Tor, the Scarlet made his way hastily to Regrave's office, his eyes fixated on the door as he walked, his small escort drew the attention of several other members of the Kirin Tor and the two Knights did an about face as the Crusader entered her office and shut the door behind him, quietly. "You know... Miss Redgrave, I would have thought some competence was required for this position..." he calmly removed his gauntlet his tone as friendly yet condescending as possible as he took a seat across from the woman, casually leaning back in the chair.
  6. Smiling as he walked into the cathedral of Light the Paladin slowly walked toward the altar, glancing about at the rather empty building, only a few members of the clergy were gathered about, hastily preparing for something, an upcoming service perhaps, a visit from the King... it didn't matter to Cavanaugh, they didn't notice him and he didn't much feel like any interaction. Kneeling before the altar at the base of the steps he removed a small locket from his satchel and pressed it to his lips slowly as he recited a family prayer in a hushed tone that was only audible to the Knight. After a f
  7. Full Name: Sir Russell Cavanaugh Nicknames: Cav Age: 34 Race: Human Gender: Male Hair: Short, Black Eyes: Brown Height: 6 ft Weight: 200 lbs Place of residence: Tyr's Hand Place of Birth: Brill Known Relatives: Sir Gregory Cavanaugh ( Father ) - Knight of Lordearon, Deceased.; Coria Bloodstrider - Magister, High Elf, ( Fiance ) - Deceased Religion/Philosophy: Holy Light Occupation: Enchanter / Jewel Crafter - Master Group/Guild affiliation: The Scarlet Hand ( Current ) , Knight of the Silver Hand ( Former ), Scarlet Crusade ( Former ) , Argent Dawn ( Former ) , Argent Crusade ( Former ), F
  8. *considering the question of the Goblin reporter, the Paladin maintains his composure but his eyes narrow a bit* "You know, for years I had fought against the Grim, even this particular elf...", he took a deep breath, shaking his head a bit, "and I had always considered them misguided, short sighted, perhaps foolish... many things, and knew their goals were the eradication of the Alliance. I understood that... and have bled many times to help prevent them from achieving this goal, their mandate." Looking down at the ground for a moment, gritting his teeth, "I always had a modi
  9. Light give me strength. A great servant of the Alliance was laid to rest today. Light lead her home. One of the Matrons of the Stormwind Orphanage was slain by a foe that I know all to well, and I presided over a service for her. Such a senseless killing... but The Grim are notable for that, their total disregard for the lives of innocents. They are at the very least, consistent. I cannot personally fathom the reason for taking the life of someone who has dedicated their live to helping the less fortunate. A kind soul who cares for the children who have already lost so much.
  10. Well we are actually organizing "sermons" that I am beginning to write and intend to invite any alliance who want to attend and maybe hear a little radical / zealous Pro - Alliance propaganda. :-) ... The first will be held at Tyr's Hand, the second will be in the Cathedral of Light in Gilneas... followed by some good old fashioned purification of some Undead Targets :-) of course this is a Horde heavy server so that prob doesn't appeal to THAT many people on the TnG. We were also thinking of hosting a PvP type of tourney, similar to how Dusk Watch used to run the ARMS tourney... but a
  11. June 9th That filthy murderous heathen has escaped! I am dismayed and disgusted at the current state of the Alliance. While I was encouraged by the positive reaction that King Anduin Wrynn had when he acquired his fathers sword, the inability to defend our own boarders is becoming tiresome. Next time I capture a known criminal we will perform our own interrogation and bring the Light's justice to the fiends. There was hardly even the -need- for a trail in this case, and letting known murderers roam free serves no greater good. Evil must be fought regardless of its source. T