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  1. <p>Boo! Hello, Aleria! I hope this reaches you by email, or something. It's been a long time, and I wonder how you've been? What are you up to? Are you still playing good ol' World of Warcraft?</p>

    <p>You're good people, and I've often wondered what happened to you since I left this forum.</p>

  2. All right. Little to no turnout for the first event, so I'm going to go ahead and put this on hold while I figure out whether it's a good idea or not to continue or to try to move forward with something else.
  3. One final post before the event: I have to postpone it by an hour, moving the event to 8:00pm. I didn't realize that daylight savings time starts tomorrow and Arizonans do not partake in that heathen ritual.
  4. All right, three days from the first event. I'm also posting because I'm going to need a Darnassian-to-Common translator.
  5. ((OOC info at the bottom)) It was the third case of it this week. A collection of sentinels could do nothing but stare at the figure, draped in brilliant purple and blue robes, her hands bound behind her back, hanging from a branch by a crude rope tied around her neck several feet above the ground. The apparent leader of the group shook her head, and tilted her head toward the woman to her right. "Think you can hit the rope without damaging the corpse?" The sentinel nodded and drew her bow. Her first and second shots missed, but the third finally grazed the rope enough to allow the stiffened body to break free, tumbling down to the ground. Predictably, a note had been attached, scrawled in simple Darnassian characters: "Be Kaldorei, Remain Kaldorei", and signed at the bottom with the initial "NKR". The Sentinel Commander recognized the woman, a recent convert to the arcane who came to her with concerns: death threats received from this radical group that had sprung up in the last few days. She feared for her safety, and was kept in the custody of the sentinels. "How could this have happened? We swore to protect this woman!" Her voice suddenly erupted, raised in outburst as her attention flew to her sisters, each of them apparently without an answer to give. She stared at the corpse one last time, shaking her head. "Handle this... I expect to hear an answer by the time of my return." The other sentinels nodded, two of them moving to pick up the corpse before they and the others moved on. The commander knelt down, drawing her hand around the half-moon pendant that hung from her neck, closing her eyes as she listened to the footsteps as they grew more distant. Finally she muttered. "Mother moon, your daughter seeks your guidance. Radiant goddess, please hear my plea..." She was interrupted by another voice. "Ask and she shall answer, though perhaps not in the way that you might expect." The commander's eyes drew up, meeting the gaze of a hooded and cloaked Night Elf who stood perhaps twenty feet away, studying her from atop a nearby rock with a great owl perched upon her raised right arm. Her face was mostly obscured, as was most of her body from a tattered green cloak, covered in clear entry holes where arrows or blades may have passed, surrounded by enormous purple blotches. It clearly wasn't hers, it couldn't have been. The woman wore it as either a trophy or a reminder, the sentinel couldn't determine which. "You... are you responsible for this?" The owl tilted its head to the side as the woman spoke: "The goddess has brought you here today, and me to you. We have been watching you, Yelena Shadebough, for a very long time, waiting for the goddess to finally see you to us." Unease washing over her face, Yelena could only spit back a garbled rebuttal of how they had betrayed the goddess, and their own people. The cloaked woman's demeanor didn't change, almost as though she had expected much, she spoke very calmly. "We know different, proud sentinel, and we know that you think differently. You have seen, as we have, the toll of the Alliance, they use us as fodder and undermine everything that has made us what we are while they leech from our lands and the fruits of our labor, are those not your words, sentinel?" "That doesn't mean I would ever turn to THIS!" Yelena stammered, still chasing her memories to determine how they would ever have known that. The woman before her gestured to the spot where the corpse had fallen. "They would. You remember, as I do, what they did at Suramar. You remember the laughter..." The last word slithered out, seething rage beginning to manifest for the first time in her voice. "You remember the futile cries as I do of doomed souls crying out to the false queen to save them. You and I, we're survivors, and we owe it to those who died never to never forget what happened... and to never let it happen again." "You're insane!" The sentinel weakly protested, watching the woman as the owl flapped its wings and released its talons as the woman's right arm flew down, her voice raised again. "Sentinel open your eyes! They want to systematically turn us into THEM! Any who resist they will simply eliminate, or worse! Look at what's happened, they killed their own for their own benefit, people have been kidnapped and experimented on! Don't tell me it's a rumor, I've seen YOUR reports! When is this going to stop, sister!? When are you going to stand up and fight for our people!?" Other figures began to appear out of shadows. The sentinel was outnumbered. It was stupid to remain, but it was too late now. The woman continued. "Elune brought you here for a reason, sentinel. She wants you to see the truth, as we do, and fight to rescue our people from the fate that THEY, the highborne, their sycophants, and the Alliance and the Horde both, it doesn't matter, BOTH wish for nothing more than the end of our people, one is simply more honest about it! Elune wants you to see reason, and to fight for the Kaldorei, as we both have in ages past. You and I owe that to our people, you know this is what you must do, I was simply sent to make you see it." "No... sister, we've gone through changes, but they're not beyond hope! We can reform the Highborne, we only need the Alliance for a short time, there's no reason to turn to this! You don't stand for the goddess, you betray her! Please sister, see reason!" The woman looked down, shaking her head. "I'm sorry to hear you say that." Before the sentinel could respond, an arrow arced its way from one of the figures and into her heart. It was a perfect shot and it killed her instantly. The woman leapt down from the rock as one of the figures, a Kaldorei who was among the group of sentinels that had first investigated the corpse approached her from the right. "Perhaps I was wrong... sister. Perhaps she was just scum like the highborne she protects." The woman shook her head. "The death of every one of our sisters is a tragedy, worse so when must come by our hand." "What shall I say of this?" "The truth" The woman responded. "Tell them the truth: Commander Shadebough turned on her people and on the Goddess, and that you took the appropriate measures to defend them from her sudden treason... after all Sentinel, I saw the grip on her bow, and her eyes were trained on you. It was only a matter of time before she would have done the same." The Sentinel nodded, her expression appearing to be disturbed by the last revelation. "Praise be to Elune, sister." The woman nodded, turning away. "Praise be to Elune." ------------------- OOC: The New Kaldorei Resistance (A) is an ongoing event that will start on Sunday, March 11th at 7:00pm, and will continue on a once-a-week basis for about six to ten weeks, depending on how the story unfolds. Essentially, it revolves around the terrorist group: the New Kaldorei Resistance, who seek to rid their people of highborne and Alliance influences, and the attempts of the Alliance (I'm going to let their coordinator post his own introduction) to stop the killings. The March 11th event is going to be something along the lines of a meet and greet for everyone who wants to be a part of this. There will be a speech given at the Cenarion Enclave about the danger of change to the Night Elven people. I invite all participants from both sides to listen, from then on, the event is in the hands of the coordinators. After the March 11th event, depending on turnout, I'll make the final decision on whether we should move forward with this, and create a general channel for the event if I decide that we should. So, I hope to see everyone there! I want to leave three notes before I open this up for commenting: 1. Members of the New Kaldorei resistance go to great lengths to disguise their appearance during the group's work. This allows them to blend back into society during the week. Please keep that in mind if you see one of the group RPing outside of a scheduled event, unless they flat out tell you or make it obvious that they are a part of the group. 2. I'm looking for expendable characters and alts only. For members of the NKR, I encourage you to make a night elf and level it to 15. The reason why is because we will be using a roll system for the group's confrontations. During these events, characters can be captured or killed. If your character is killed, you may recycle the toon with another character, but what I'm saying is that it's better not to bring your main character (alternate characters being played on the same toon are fine) into this, unless you're willing to take the chance that they get killed by a series of bad rolls. 3. While not required, I highly encourage players to use TotalRP2 or a compatible mod for this event, mostly for the renaming of deceased characters. Credit where it's due: I borrow many of the themes, and some lines from 'Purity First', a similar group from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
  6. Moving off of the other thread, I'd like to propose an Alliance side storyline to be played out over a series of weeks, or possibly even a couple of months. A couple of MONTHS!? Wait a minute! Yes, a couple of months. This is designed to be a slow moving, ongoing story which has events (we'll just call them episodes) at a predetermined time each week. So what's the story about? I don't want to get too far into the details yet, but this is basically going to revolve around a shadowy right-wing terrorist group, and the Alliance protagonists who are going to try to put them down. How are the events going to be handled? I plan to have a series of events, probably six to eight of them, which will be a mix of detective work for the protagonists, and roll-based combat as they begin to make their attempts to destabilize and root out the terrorist conspirators. The antagonists meanwhile will plan their next moves and protect their efforts against the protagonists. How will the rolls work? I want to make it as simple as possible. It's turn based in this sense only: The attacking party selects a (plausible) target and rolls a die of 10. The defender also rolls 10. Whoever gets the higher roll emotes an appropriate attack based on the size of the difference and the target's remaining hit points. Appropriate modifiers not exceeding one may be added in cases of clear strategic advantage. (i.e. attacking party is looking down on defending party from atop a steep hill, and therefore gets +1 to their roll.) How can you plan efforts against any party if they know what you're doing? That's for either party to figure out, because treason, the funneling of information from inside either camp, an in-group coup, or turncoating is absolutely acceptable (some restrictions apply: either party can choose whether or not they'll take you) My only request is that it's done in-character. But, what if my main is Horde? That's fine, because I don't encourage you to bring your mains (or main characters) to this anyway. With the exception of a handful, every character is absolutely in danger of losing all of their hit points in a series of bad rolls and dying ICly. Now, you can use your main toon for this, but unless you're willing to put their character to death, I would suggest that you temporarily have them channel an expendable character. - The events will also take place in low level areas to allow for maximum accessibility/protection from unwanted interference. So what if my character dies? Each group will have a counter of 'reinforcements' which each death will count against. The death of someone critical is not so easily replaceable from the organization's point of view, but we'll recycle the toons with new characters. I want to give these characters appropriate RP time as well, so participants are encouraged to log on during the week and RP with them for a bit. We'll keep a channel for each side to coordinate and help people link up if needed. What sort of mods will be needed for this? None, but in terms of RP mods, I use TRP2 to communicate character status and relevant facts that might help with the event. This is absolutely not required, but it is advised. Do you need help? Yes! Most importantly I need a protagonist coordinator (contact me via private message). I'll be handling the antagonists. We can select our lieutenants from the pool of characters that show up for each side. I would also like to remind you that if you are interested in something like this, please tell me so by posting in this thread, along with a set of times that would work best for you (if needed, I'll try to alternate days). Also, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to post them here.
  7. I think at the same time that I will be working on a non-PVP Alliance side set of events to be done on a weekly basis, an ongoing story arc that will take about two months to conclude. I still need to hammer out the details on my end, but you should start to see posts very soon.
  8. ((Screw templates!)) Sentinel Aleria Frostwind has walked the earth for longer than most people can remember. Towering above most at a height of seven feet and three inches, the night elf bears numerous scars accumulated from a lifetime of wars and small conflicts, spanning from the War of the Ancients to the struggle against the lich king. To most of her peers, Aleria was not all that unlike other archers. Defined by drawn-back purple hair and markings that streak down either side of her face, there is little else to be called significant about her. Her entire life to this moment was lived as little more than one of the group, one of the countless individuals, their faces interchangeable, who could be counted on to hold the line, to fight their enemies to the death, and to accept suicide missions without question or complaint. Given the heavy losses the sentinel corps have always taken, it is either luck or the hand of Elune that has kept her out of the ranks of the dead, at least for now. For Aleria, the motivations have always been the same. Being a person whose family was killed during the Highborne's attempt to purge those not among their caste during the War of the Ancients, and being a person who narrowly escaped such a fate herself, she understands that anything that even looks remotely like a threat to her people must be dealt with immediately, and without hesitation. Today, she is a vocal opponent of many of the changes that have been imposed on her society: The Alliance, the fallen, and most virulently, the return of the Highborne. Rumors abound, describing her supposed connection to the radical terrorist group: the New Kaldorei Resistance, although none have been proven. The group itself has been blamed for the brutal killings of at least four, including two Shen'drelar, a visiting human, and another Kaldorei whose opinions were seen as sympathetic with the return of the Highborne. Aleria herself has said that the attacks were 'regrettable', but has also been heard saying: 'I can understand why they chose to act in the way that they did.' She is generally rude to 'outlanders', and doesn't speak the common tongue. She is currently deployed in Ashenvale. ((OOC note: Same toon as before, much different character. I'll be on every so often.))
  9. Well, I've got my feelers in on Alliance side. Aleria's still level 80 and needs a character overhaul, but if this works I might think of transferring my main here.
  10. Don't stop there. Post have someone take video and post it wherever you can. Market it to other RPers to turn TN into a destination server.
  11. As someone though who is considering a moveback, let me share a few things that you may want to consider. 1. The Fisherman Problem. RPers tend to fall into the trap of just standing in places and expecting people to RP with them. It doesn't work like that, and if hubs are nothing but a few people staring at each other awkwardly from across taverns, causeways, and canals, people will continue to call the server dead. 2. The Icarus Effect. The Icarus Effect is the tendency for society to destroy people perceived as too powerful or influential. MG has this problem with people trying to defame and/or induce a ban on RP guild leaders, and TN had this problem with the trollplayers who made the management of the Wandering Tavern a nightmare instead of something that I would do for fun. The issue with this is that if you make it too hard for guild leaders or event organizers to do what they do, they'll just leave. TN will have to ensure that it is mindful of this as people emerge to create events and guilds with the intent of promoting RP, and as they come under attack for quirks, character flaws, and minor scandals which will suddenly blow up into the dreaded drama thread. 3. PvP Cataclysm and MoP have and will continue to bring a renewed interest to RP-PVP. This is an opportunity, not a liability for TN, because you're in the position to have RP-PVP events of a more uncontrolled and asymmetrical nature. People like me who were convinced to move the servers like MG and WrA, but sorely miss the PVP component will be drawn in by this, as will people who want to RP the conflict aspect of it. With that said, I will be watching this initiative intently, and I wish it success.
  12. Upon his return, the paladin found the camp completely empty. The once-green crystals were now collapsed and grey, the boxes of mana gems lay completely empty, and the magisters had gone. The air even seemed to be dead and empty. The paladin smashed one of the boxes with his steel boot, muttering a curse under his breath before he looked back at the Warden approaching from behind. The paladin shook his head. “It was a good plan, but you knew they had to figure it out sooner or later.” Kyalin frowned. “We didn’t have the numbers to do anything else, but at the very least, it looks like they’ve cleared out, and won’t be creating more of these crystals… at least… hang on, what is that?” A darkened figure stood where one of the camp’s portals was once located, lurking in the fleeting morning shadows cast by the large boulders behind him. His voice however, was recognizable. “Do you know how easy it will be to get started again!? All I have to do is find a very large prime number and multiply!” The figure stepped out into the morning light. His skin was of a pure black but his hair retained its fiery redness, and his face was unmistakable. The paladin’s impulses couldn’t be contained, light enveloping his frame, he dashed toward the felblood as it taunted him, throwing its left hand up. “What’s the rush?” A green bolt flew off of his fingertips, crashing into the paladin and stopping the plated elf in his tracks. Soon after though, Gaige noticed that the Warden wasn’t where she was supposed to be, and soon found out where she had gone as a heavy blade sliced a deep upward diagonal cut into his back. With only magic now keeping the linkages between the severed disks of his spine in function, the felblood whirled around, a black spell erupting from his fingertips to the Warden, trapping her neck in its grip as it hoisted her upward. “You’re too late, already I’m more than mortal! But look at you, you’re trapped inside that little body.” Kyalin laid a kick into his face before he could continue, and as the spell’s grip on her neck dissipated she fell to the earth, gasping for air. Gaige rose quickly to his feet, the usual smile and taunting expression vanished. His clawed fingertips beginning to burn with green flame, he proceeded toward Kyalin once again, his attention too fixated to notice the hammer-stroke that the paladin laid into the same spot that Kyalin had already severed. It was too much, and Gaige crumpled to the ground. Still conscious, the fallen felblood’s eyes were looking at something else, and then finally the weakly-uttered word slipped out of his mouth. “Thymond!” Sure enough, there he stood. Kyalin only noticed the black robed elf as a surge of fel magic came down on her head. Head spinning, she could only see faintly the paladin charging again for the newcomer, being stopped by yet another spell. The black-robed elf ambled toward the incapacitated paladin as garbled words began to replace the ringing. “You elves will never understand. You lash out against us in futility, but you turn around and there we are again, like your own reflection in a hall of mirrors.” Thymond forced the paladin’s head back, drawing a vial from under his cloak whose contents he proceeded to force down the paladin’s throat. “You’ll end up working for us after all… ironic.” He concluded, taking only a moment to cast another spell before he vanished as Kyalin finally regained her senses. “Thymond!” Gaige cried out. “No, Thymond! Don’t… leave me!” He pleaded as Kyalin stood up, and brought her foot down hard on his neck, producing a sickening crunch before she proceeded to the paladin. Hunched over, the man only muttered, and Kyalin could smell the thick taint of demon blood, noticing blackened skin peeking out on the paladin’s neck between the silver plates of his helm and his bright red cloak. Without thinking she plucked one of the long knives off of her hem and brought it down to the paladin’s neck, missing the precise mark as the paladin tried to whirl around. Instead the knife embedded itself into the side of his neck, and his hammer slipped out of his hands, diverted from its intended course to be hurled into the dirt. The fire burning out of his eyes, the once-proud elf collapsed. As the morning sun illuminated the enormous greyed out crystals, dissipating to dust in the calm breeze amid the corpses of the Sin’dorei, Kyalin’s eyes inevitably drew to the distant, towering spires of Silvermoon, and her attention to the fact that she had lingered too long. She turned away to see the paladin, lying on the ground with his eyes open, staring right at her. The demon blood had splashed onto his face but she could see the error. His skin was only pale, but he was breathing, if only just. “In a different world… might we have been friends?” He had lost too much blood already, and before she could respond, he was already unconscious. She knelt down and carefully slid the paladin’s helm off of his head before she removed the bloodied knife from his neck, noticing the small, now blood-soaked symbol of the moon, etched into blade. She looked back at the dying paladin, studying his peaceful expression as she whispered. “We may never know.” THE END
  13. “During the night, the south crystal came down, crushing an unlucky arcanist who happened to be in its way when it crashed to earth… many of the magisters haven’t come to work this morning either.” Thymond’s assistant concluded as he reached the end of a carefully prepared scroll. “Read off the list.” The assistant nodded. “Muller, Filer, Olander, Croucher, Hayes, Fei…” The elf squinted as he read off the last few names. “Gieger, Lowe, Davila and Fedihk.” Thymond closed his eyes placing his finger to his temple. “Something wrong, Thymond?” Said the red-haired elf. Thymond nodded in return as his eyes opened. “Yes, Mr. Gaige…. there is.” In that instant Thymond pulled a knife from a quick sheathe on his belt, brought it up, its point facing the assistant, and then down into the man’s heart before he could react. The shocked elf doubled over, his papers scattering to the ground. “Your underlings could stand to be a bit more perceptive next time... someone is here, and I think I know who.” Thymond continued, the icy tone never leaving his voice, nor showing any sign of wavering. Gaige nodded. “Execute the pullback order.”
  14. ((I put this up to disclose that a good portion of the dialogue in this next post isn't mine. Instead, it is taken and changed to fit the current story from the story that I've been trying so hard to reference. Those who are familiar with the reference, which should become painfully obvious after this next addition, should be able to spot it easily. (The offer for the 25 internet points is gone as of this post... sorry.) So, to say it again: a good portion of the dialogue in this next post IS NOT ORIGINAL, and is mostly for the benefit of people who get the reference (although it is a convenient reveal). )) The vegetation and the treeline well-concealed the camp. It was no wonder the Paladin didn’t recognize it, or had been told about it, perhaps for good reason. Spying through the foliage he spotted enormous sickly green crystals, hovering above the ground near open crates of those glassy blue crystals. Magisters occasionally drew power from the hovering green crystals, and in their hands formed the small blue ones, which they then tossed ever so carelessly into the boxes. Towards the end of the camp, another elf conjured a portal, being observed by a red-haired blood elf wearing regal white robes. Through the portal stepped another blood elf, who wore black robes with white embroidery. His hair was slicked back, and the sides of his head were scarred with what appeared to be runes. “Ash falah no?” The paladin looked over his shoulder, holding his hammer threateningly, but the Warden just stared at him. “If I wanted you dead, you would be already…” She started, speaking quietly. “I’ll admit, I hate you probably as much as you hate me, but I’ve got just as much interest in finding out what’s behind this as you, Quel’zaram ashal’alah” she finished, employing the term in a mocking tone.” “What was that?” Said an emotionless, cold-toned voice from the camp. Kyalin gestured to the bush that the paladin had been hiding behind, before crouching down beside him. Through the bush they could barely make out the two elves. The black-robed man stood within earshot, but was staring at something else before the white-robed tried to turn him away. “You worry too much, Thymond.” Thymond kept his eyes fixed on the position, moving only when he saw fit. “Our plan demands on being able to put an urbane, diplomatic face on this…” “That plan is already in motion, Thymond. Your appointment to the council should be finalized within the week, I have already discussed the matter with the magister.” “I take it he was agreeable?” The red haired elf smirked. “He didn’t really have a choice.” “Has he been addicted?” “Oh yes, most certainly, when I mentioned that I could get him more crystals he was so willing it was almost pathetic.” “This addiction” Thymond replied, his voice still absent of all but a shred of actual concern “The violence is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain it.” Shrugging, the red-haired elf spoke almost nonchalantly. “Why contain it? Let it spill over into the academies and the sanctums. Let the bodies pile up in the streets! In the end, they’ll beg us to save them.” “I’ve received reports of armed attacks on couriers. There aren’t enough crystals to go around, and the wretched are starting to get desperate.” “Of course they’re desperate!” The red haired elf confirmed ever so matter-of-factly. “They can smell their death, and the sound they’ll make rattling their cage will serve as a warning to the rest.” Thymond only looked pensive. “Hmm… I hope you’re not underestimating the problem. The others may not go as quietly as you think. My sources confirm that Blood Knights have been dispatched to intercept our couriers in Eversong.” Scoffing, the red haired elf shook his head. “A bunch of pretentious old men playing at running the world, but the world left them behind long ago. WE are the future.” “We have other problems.” “The Warden?” “Enraged by what she found in Darnassus, she has arrived here. She entered and then slipped my gaze about a day ago. I have someone out to retrieve her though. I think you should be more concerned about the remnants, they’ve relocated to the peninsula.” Looking defensive, the red-haired elf leaned closer. “Our siphoning processes are far in advance of theirs, as is our distribution, and their… strategic inflexibility has allowed us to make progress in regions they refuse to consider!” Looking unimpressed, Thymond inquired further. “Your Darnassian project?” “Among other things… although I must admit I have been somewhat disappointed with the performance of our first courier.” “Your next courier should be prepared soon. He’s currently undergoing preparation and should be ready within the month. My people will continue to report on his progress. If necessary, Walnut’s subjects will be terminated.” “We’ve had to endure much, you and I. But soon, we’ll have their obedience again…. and a new army! Arganthis spoke of the turning of their people, soon that turning will again be reality and we shall be crowned their kings!" The red haired elf stared up at one of the giant green crystals before him. “…. or better than kings… gods!” The paladin tensed up, but he felt the Warden’s hand upon his shoulder. She shook her head, whispering harshly under her breath. “If you charge in they’ll just kill you… and as much as I hate to admit this, I need you to get this done. We have to do this carefully.” The paladin frowned. “You’re insufferable.” “… and you need me too.”
  15. Upon a field of white, there was no sensation, nothing in sight for miles in any direction. “Hello!?” Kyalin cried into the nothingness. “HELLO!?” Appearing in front of her were her parents, but unlike the happy, supportive people she visited every week, their expressions were cold. Her mother shook her head. “Look at you, Kyalin…” “Wha-?” “You seriously let her draw a rune onto your head.” Said Anolyn, appearing to her right. “You let my friend die.” Verronia lamented, appearing to her left. “Gruff said ‘e hated youuuuuu!!” Cried the Dwarven fight master ever so faintly as his gryphon passed overhead. “You do not belong here, Kyalin.” Her mother concluded. “You have failed us all.” “Lost your faith in the Moon Goddess.” Anolyn chimed in, the moonwell from the temple and the statue of Haidene appearing briefly behind her. “Just like the rest of them.” Verronia added. “NO! No I have not! Elune is all that guides me!” Kyalin protested as her surroundings darkened. Her parents grabbed each of her arms, and no matter how hard she struggled she could not break free. “The Moon Goddess erred in sparing you.” Her father spat as their surroundings became that of a barrow prison. Before her at the end of the cavern, a figure resembling the High Priestess drew her bow. “NO! NO! I have not faltered! I never lost my faith! NO!” “May your aim be true, High Priestess!” Anolyn whispered as the arrow flew from Tyrande’s bow. Kyalin could almost feel it pierce her neck, and then her eyes flew open. She struggled to sit up, but felt bonds connecting her wrists behind her back. Her ankles were bound as well, but she also felt a bandage wrapped around her head. Eventually she sat up. She was still in the ghostlands. The paladin, a Blood Elf clad in silver and gold armor looked over from the pot that he had been stirring. “You're awake…. good… I have questions for you.” Kyalin slumped back down, muttering. “Oh Elune.... why didn’t he just end it there?” “Death is too easy!” The paladin responded, rising to his feet. “You will face justice! Now sit up.” “People like you shouldn’t even be allowed to use the word…” Kyalin muttered, staring up at a cluster of overhanging branches. The paladin scoffed. “Look who’s talking…” “Why are you even talking to me, Sin’dorei? We both know you’re going to drag me back to your people, who will hold me guilty of espionage or not being a fel-sucker like yourself or what-have-you and execute me anyway.” The paladin knelt down, his blue eyes looking calmer. “Answer my questions, and you may find forgiveness within the light.” Kyalin chuckled. “Now he’s lecturing me on his light… oh, by Elune…” “You talk in your sleep. I could hear you.” “Why do you even care?” Kyalin muttered, quietly, devoid of the taunting and confidence that had colored her other responses. “You feel ashamed, ashamed for what you have done. I can help you.” “I’m not going to let some blood elf lecture me on faith… you’re wasting your breath.” Kyalin turned to her side, directing her attention away from the paladin. “What is this?” Kyalin turned onto her back again and stared at a glassy blue crystal with green threads dancing beneath its surface. “I found it on your person, what is it?” Kyalin shook her head. “It’s one of your mana crystals… you should know…” “These things have been flooding our streets and the ranks of the wretched have swelled, don’t pretend to me that you’re some kind of idiot. I know better! What were your orders, who put you up to this, oh and by the way, how can YOU lie there and lecture ME on corruption when you’re pouring THESE into our cities!?” “Sinu a’manore, quel’zaram ashal’alah!” Cried a voice from the distance. The paladin looked over his shoulder and then back at Kyalin. “We’re not finished, I’ll be back soon.” The paladin stood up, proceeding to the dark-robed, black haired visitor. Kyalin could just barely hear them speaking as she noticed that her cloak and glaive were nearby, and the small knives still clinging to the cloak’s hem. She slunk toward it as the Sin’dorei conversed. “I am here to collect your prisoner, honored champion of the light.” The dark robed one said, but the paladin shook his head. “I did not ask for anyone to pick her up, who sent you?” Kyalin sat against the cloak, carefully removing one of the knives from the hem of the cloak before trying to work at the ropes binding her wrists, checking her captor every so often to ensure that she was not being noticed. “Do you have any identification to tell me who you are?” The paladin asked. The man in the black robes shook his head. “I did not know that I would face such scrutiny from a fellow soldier. Nevertheless, I will take her now.” Kyalin quickly cut the bonds around her feet before she threw her cloak over her shoulders, sweeping up her glaive before she stepped behind the tree that it was leaning against. “I will see her to Silvermoon, thank you. You may be on your way.” The paladin replied. The man in black shook his head though, pointing at the camp. “You have already let her slip away.” The paladin turned, and behind him, the black-robed elf’s hands glowed a sickly purple. The paladin turned toward the visitor again in time to watch the black-robed elf bludgeon and disorient him with a blast of shadow magic, shaking his head. “Light-blinded moron… it will not save you in the nether…” he said before he began to chant a spell in the demonic tongue. His voice grew louder, his hands glowing vibrantly of a putrid green, but then a knife entered into his skull through his forehead, and he slumped to the ground. The paladin knelt down and removed the dagger: a thin blade which cropped out of a lightly weighted circular section in the middle. On the other side of that circle was a thin metal shaft with a small hole hiding at the end, from which a pair of thin strings still hung. He stared back at his camp which was completely empty, apart from his cooking fire. He tossed the knife aside, then noticing a figure in the darkened forest, running away. Without even dousing the fire, he dashed after it.