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  4. Tovann woke up from his nap, the reflection of a setting sun on some empty beer bottles blinding him momentarily. He glanced up peering from under his hat, noting that the sun was nearly set. He rose, empty beer bottles rolling off and away, not that he could hear it. It sounded like a war zone, and momentarily confused, he checked to see that he still had his rapier before peaking out from behind the boxes that had served as his sleeping place. The Canals were one big mess of a brawl, with what seemed to be crude weapons the norm, but he did hear explosives coming from Trade, either fireworks or bombs, and with the situation, he guessed the latter. 'Horde!' He thought out loud, which was then followed by some curses in Thalassian he picked up at a distant port from his marine days. Wait. He rubbed his eyes and then took a step back as a knife, poorly aimed at some poor worgen, flew past, sticking his hat into the wall. He turned to retrieve his hat, it was his Pa's old hat, before spinning on his heel to look over the boxes. That was a guard who threw that knife. Stepping over the box, he was then forced to take a step back as another guard thundered past, with a unmarked plate soldier a bit behind the first. He remembered a month past, talking to some worgen revolutionaries. He had made a promise. Acting quickly, he shouldered into the unmarked soldier as he ran by, sending the man straight into the canal with a loud splash. He already had a excuse in mind, 'Well he was unmarked and it looked like he was chasing the guard!' He turned to those who were pursuing the guards, grinning. 'I got em good fer ye lads, didn't I?!' The four Worgen merely snarled, and didn't make any inclination of stopping, and unluckily for Tovann, he was the new target. Guess they didn't take acts of kindness well. He pulled his sword, then did a double take. Flimsy rapier, four big bloodthirsty beast men, flimsy rapier... A loud clang, the woosh of four small goblin rockets attached to his boots, and Tovann was down the street towards Old Town. Maybe the Pig was still open.
  5. A notice from the Honorable Westwind Trading Co.: To our esteemed clients, That last shipment of food, on board our only vessel the Stoverumbler, was lost to anti-Wrynn saboteurs along with said boat! We deeply apologize for this inconvenience, and do hope that you will continue to keep us in mind for your shipping needs, be they the finest Darnassian silks to Stormwind Nobles, or Theramore rope to Dwarven Shipbuilders (Not that those exist! Ha ha!). We also promise to reimburse our loyal clients with full payment in gold, more on this at a far later date. Remember the Westwind Trading Co.'s moto, 'You need stuff shipped, we have a ship!' This has been slightly altered to its new and improved format, 'You need stuff shipped, we are currently working on getting a new ship!'. So as of now we hope that you keep us in mind for future shipping needs, while we work on building and or buying a new vessel the legal and Stormwind way. In lighter news, the Westwind Trading Co. has a new leader, Tovann Westwind! An Ex-Admiral, Tovann Westwind hopes to bring new guidance and a hopefully golden age for the Company. At the Pig 'N Whistle, a well known Stormwind Tavern, Tovann gave a heartfelt speech to his co-workers, explaining his willingness to work with them, and for them, while still satisfying the customers shipping needs! Here is a quote, "Brethren! Fellow Merchants! It is true, aye, that we have suffered some set backs. Raventy still be missin', an' two other merchants be not reportin' in neither, our meager fleet is a shallow hulk that we can nay return to! But do not worry, friends, I, Captain Westwind, do promise to do somethin' aboot it! We will find those responsible, those fiendish people, an' we will not take any drastic measures, rather will report it to the Stormwind Guard immediately!" We here at the Company also look forward to working with any authorities that are willing to assist in bringing in those anti-Wrynn individuals who destroyed the beloved Stoverumbler. -Khegan the Fifth The Honorable Westwind Trading Co. P.s. See attached photo of Captain Westwind!
  6. Full Name: Tovann Westwind Nicknames: Theramore Age: Early 30's Race: Human Gender: Male Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Place of residence: Any barn loft will do Place of Birth: East Lordaeron Known Relatives: Thomas Westwind, Lawyer, Deceased Religion/Philosophy: Holy Light Occupation: Brewmaster, Captain on the side Group/Guild affiliation: Westwind Trading Co. (Easily seen by the red anchor with red trim on black background) Guild Rank: Captain Enemies: Tovann's enemies are probably not perceived by him as his enemies, while the enemies themselves believe themselves to be enemies of Tovann, while the feeling isn't shared and or recognized. Likes: Drinkers, drinks, drinking, drinking games, getting drunk, passing out, brewing drinks, preaching the light, preaching the light when inebriated, people who drink. Favorite Foods: Tauren Favorite Drinks: Scarlet Ale Favorite Colors: Scarlet Weapons of Choice: Great Axe, Mug Dislikes: Non-drinkers, pointy-ears who don't drink, empty mugs, shady fellers, shadow fellers. Hobbies: Drinking, Brewing, Doing Exorcisms Physical Features: Lost an eye to circumstances that are ever changing, depending on what mood Tovann is in. Special Abilities: Drinking, Brewing, Doing Exorcisms, Master of Disguise. Positive Personality Traits: Humor, light-minded Negative Personality Traits: Light-minded, doesn't usually take things seriously. Played by What Famous Person: Billy Connolly Theme Songs: Fall From Grace From God - Young Dubliners History: A young Hyjal veteran, Tovann Westwind found himself in the newly established nation of Theramore, where he struck for the navy. He rose through the ranks, becoming Captain after an engagement that cost the life of his arrogant superior. He then was promoted to Admiral of a newly established fleet, created from the dregs of the fleet. With help from his friend Captain Halvar, Tovann made the marines strong, before being honorably discharged after an engagement that cost the lives of most of his fleet. Always having a taste for brew, Tovann now fell heavily into its grip, brewing and drinking heavily. He then found his way into the Dusk Watch, where he got his act together and was able to fight for the Alliance for a few months. Then he finally gave into the pull of the sea, joining with the merchants that he was brewing with as a side job while in the Watch. Tovann is now Captain of said merchants, going under the guise of the Westwind Trading Co.
  7. "Right! Mr. Phellan! Uh huh, fantastic feller, real nice. Real smart an' such, I feel like he be the good contrast against the rest o' the mates." He shifts his eye patch, nodding. "For some bleedin' reason they call him frigate, 'sposed to be some bird. Madness, I tell you!"
  8. Tovann


    Tovann loudly proclaims to the goblin. "No sir! I, Reserve Air Guardsman Thomas Fielder, have never heard of such an elf!" He then leans in. "Aye, I do know 'er. Broke poor ol' Choppys heart, then went an' nearly got ol' Cuergo killed! Other than that, can't keep the bleedin' pointy-ears off me an' me pals." He nods seriously and adjusts his helmet, which is part of his current disguise, and flys off on his gryphon.
  9. Reserve Air Guardsman Thomas Fielder slipped his helmet, which was gleaming in the morning sun, up to his forehead, pushing back his hair. Light, his mangled bad eye ached bitterly. He took a sip from a flask, adorned with the colors and symbols of Stormwind, and then rested his shining rifle against the pommel of the gryphon Conquest's saddle (Which was also blue and shined brilliantly). Setting the helm back onto his head, Thomas looked about at the various Stormwinders milling on the docks. Nodding to some passing guards, he kicked the gryphon, putting it into the run that would take him airborne. After gaining altitude, Thomas looked back at the blackened ship. "Well, they really showed that boat." He grinned to himself in amusement. "Who knows who'll be next, someone's poor mount will be found dead in an alley! Oh no!" Conquest snarled at him in response, trying to bite off his hand, no doubt. Thomas responded by giving it a few healthy punches. "War... Right. For that, you need battles... So far, no battles." Realizing that he had been speaking aloud, even though he was high above the city, the only one that could hear being Conquest, Thomas scolded himself for inattentiveness. He banked his gryphon, applying pressure with his leg, and headed for some distant safe house well within the city.
  10. Quartermaster Election The Redblade Corsairs has continued to improve. Recently, in a display of true pirate democracy, the crew held an exciting election for Quartermaster -a position in which an individual must represent the crew and counter-balance the power of the Captain. Candidates squared off against each other in various scenarios such as hot grenade, the companionway, and more. Fierce debate raged. Would the crew want a Quartermaster who was in the Captain's good graces or one that she despised? Should the Quartermaster be excessively cruel or excessively just? Was it better to be crazy brave or stupid tough? The election was a draw between Khegan "Celly" Fairbreeze, Chandrath "Frigate" Phellan, and Dromethius "Green Legs" Ralphaezan. How best to end a draw then with a knife fight? Khegan was declared the winner, though he sustained considerable injury. "Some say vengeance is bittersweet, but I find it to my liking." It was another dreary day in Dustwallow Marsh and the Redblade Corsairs were about. The Corsairs headed to Lost Point to sell captives to the deserters there, or at least, thats what they were pretending to do. However, their plan was really to stage an ambush on the Seventy Third military regiment lead by none other than Branngas Stouthammer the Magnificent. The Thursday before the Redblade Corsairs had met up with a band of Horde mercenaries called the Dragonhawk Brigade. In exchange for captives, treasure, and other valuables, the Dragonhawk Brigade would spring a trap on the Seventy Third. Yet, being the lawdogs that they were, the Seventy Third's sensed the trap - they were unwilling to leave the safety of Theramore's walls to engage the Redblade Corsairs. Tovann, a former Theramore Marine, improvised. He doned his Theramore uniform and colors, and ordered his fellow Corsairs to march single-file, prisoner convoy style. If the Seventy Third weren't going to the Corsairs, the Corsairs'd go to them. Tovann, going under the alias of Thomas Winters, met up with advance parties of the Seventy Third. After some brief questions, the Seventy Third's suspicion faded. They offered Thomas Winters and the supposed prisoner chain that he lead, escort. Like sheep to the slaughter, the Seventy Third followed Thomas Winters straight into the claws of the waiting Dragonhawk Brigaders. With the Seventy Third fighting desperately for survival as the noose tightened, the Corsairs slipped past the battle, charging into the heart of Theramore, Tovann leading the way. Unlike the Dragonhawk Brigaders, who pillaged indiscriminately, chaotically, the Corsairs made for the local Blacksmith. The Corsairs piled weapon after weapon, iron scrap after iron scrap into the forge in an attempt to sabotage it through cloggage. Then, the blacksmith was put to the torch. The tavern was pillaged next. Torches were thrown, fires lit. Windows smashed. The Corsairs rushed inside to loot any valuables. Pillowcases were turned inside-out for psychological effect. The last pages of every book were torn out in a display of true malice. Innocent bystanders were called mean names to inspire debilitating fear! And for the final act of Corsair cruelty, the giant kegs in the Inn's cellars were uncorked - their contents free to drain. The inn would drown in a flood of ale! For too long the Redblade Corsairs had suffered setback after setback from the Seventy Third. Pirate dens had been closed. Captive auctions shut down, the captives freed, the patrons arrested. The Stormrunner had been slapped fine after fine for bogus reasons. It had been boarded and even shot at by the Seventy Thirders. Crew members had been surrounded, beat up, imprisoned, tortured. Now Theramore was burning and the the Seventy Third were routed, their tails between their legs.
  11. Totally agree with you there. I though Garrosh was silly until that part... The guild chat was actually bashing him, so it was kind of ironic for my view of him to change at that moment. Garrosh for life.
  12. Don't mean to interrupt, and I know this was awhile ago, but I believe Aleria meant the Stonetalon quest when, as horde, you fly your balloon bomb into the druid school tree thing. And then Garrosh throws the Warlord that planned it off the bluff. That moment was win.
  13. That. Is. Awesome. Alliance didn't start the fire, horde did.
  14. <p>MASQ! I waited on my troll, but no officer was on! =(</p>