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  1. I really dislike being outside so much. I discovered those high and mighty kal'dorei tampering with one of our arcane sanctums. After all these years, can't they leave us alone? The dwarf ambassador was involved as well. Seems the old "alliance" truly does want us dead. Any misgivings I might have had about joining the horde are swiftly fading. At least they're not openly trying to kill us. The tasks I've been performing in Eversong Woods have kept me running all over the place. My studies have been progressing, but it's hard to concentrate on tasks when you have to run halfway across existence to do it. Isn't this what we pay couriers for? I tried bloodthistle for the first time at Saltheril's party. I like it. I need to find a way to get more.
  2. Being away from the city sucks! You can't get mana crystals or anything out here. I'm having to drain it from living creatures. Though that isn't really all that bad, but it's such a hassle. I have found that I can satisfy the craving a little by using the imp I have been taught how to summon from the nether. That makes it much easier than relying on finding some mana-carrying beastie in my travels. Sunstrider Isle is infested with ick. I killed my fair share of nasties there, but it seems like more just come in to replace what I kill. I killed enough to make the people there happy though, and that's the important part, I guess. I could really use a bath. I think I'll see if I can get one when I get to Falconwing Square.
  3. They cast me out of the City! Well, perhaps not so much as "cast out," but some striderdung about "needing to expand my horizons." It's a fel-damned pain, is what it is. I like studying in the libraries. Much safer than traipsing about in the wilderness. But, my instructor is insistent on this, so it looks like I'll be heading out to Sunstrider Isle shortly. I hope one of the wretched doesn't get me on the way.