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  1. Frankly, your class needs quite a good bit more nerfing than that.
  2. 1. Sulfuras 2. Gladiator's Frost Wyrm 3. Thunderfury I guess.. pretty close to it too
  3. Bah, beat me to it. As far as cities go, I'd choose Thunder Bluff probably, or Dalaran.
  4. I've been telling Trade that if the Ice Stone melts too many times the Alliance gains control of Orgrimmar, and the only way to stop it is to frantically buy Eternals sold by Ronzak, also known as the Ice Lord.
  5. I've tried to pvp as frost when I don't want to respec, but in arena it's pretty worthless. Mage Frost Ward basically screws you, so say goodbye to ever beating one. Among other things.
  6. Summary: Yo dawg we herd you like ratings so we put a rating on yo rating so you can tank it while you tank it. Blizzard needs to stop throwing ratings around IMO and just fix crap so it works. What was so bad about just having team rating? Is it really that unacceptable to allow people to play for multiple teams?
  7. It's not OP. It's a needed buff. I'm just saying it's pretty big, but warlocks needed a pretty big buff.
  8. Nah, but for PvP it will be huge. Warlock/spriest will have basically constant mana regen.
  9. Bahahaha awesome. Of course I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't need him, prot is pretty overpowered in PvP as of now.
  10. Oh, man. I'm sorry, but that feral druid damage shield is NOT needed. Bear form is already invincible as is. Good warlock stuff though.
  11. Advurb


    Eh, he almost alt-tab ganked me yesterday. Luckily my class is OP.
  12. Druids switching forms to deal with CoI = lol. Total mana rape. It's stupid to be honest. The only thing that would conern me with a CoI nerf would be fighting mages and paladins. Mages would be hell especially.