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  1. Thank you, I'm proud of that one! This next one was inspired by Wyndforge's work. Not nearly as good, of course, but I like it. ^^
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  4. The Admiral, done by hand with pencil, cleaned up in a photomanip program.
  5. Full Name:Elizabeth Churchall. Nicknames: Admiral, Bonejaw, Bony, Crazy, Fish! Date of Birth: Race: Forsaken, once human. Gender: Female. Hair: Blonde. Skin: Sickly pale. Eyes: What eyes? When her eyesockets were filled, they were blue. Height: 5'2" Weight:90lbs. Place of residence: Lordamere Lake is her official residence, although she is currently a diplomatic envoy to the Blood Elves on behalf of the Aquatic Empire. Place of Birth: Brill. Known Relatives: In life, Elizabeth was the daughter of a goatherd and his wife. In death, she is alone. Religion/Philosophy: "Big Fish eat Fish. Fish eat Little Fish. Big Fish die, Little fish eat." Occupation: Decorated Admiral of the Aquatic Empire. Group/Guild affiliation: The grand Aquatic Empire! Guild Rank: Admiral! Enemies: Nachytsm: Hater of the present-box. Likes: Fish, fishing, making friends, playing with metal and springs. Enjoys people who don't talk down to her. Likes it when everyone around her speaks Orcish. Her fish, Waldir. Favorite Foods: Fish. Favorite Drinks: Water. Favorite Colors: Blue and Green. Weapons of Choice: Her magically-preserved dead fish, Waldir... (Who also doubles as her best friend) and an Arclight Spanner. Dislikes: Nachytsm. Fire. The word "Monster." Babies. Puppies. Cats. Yelling. Angry people. Being talked down to. Thalassian. Crying. Wounded people. Hobbies: Fishing, Engineering, and Socializing. Physical Features: The Admiral lacks eyeballs. But it was during the transition from death to unlife that they were eaten by bottom-feeders deep in a lake. So she has no eyeballs, but can see perfectly fine. Special Abilities: The Admiral herself has no 'special abilities.' But her magically-preserved dead fish, Waldir, is a nearly indestructible weapon! Positive Personality Traits: Kind, caring, innocent. Negative Personality Traits: Paranoid, Anxious, toothy. Misc. Quirks: Do not mention babies. DO NOT. Played by What Famous Person: Can't think of one. Theme Songs: "Underwater Friends" by Dethklok. History: Elizabeth Churchall lived a happy life until she caught the Plague. In order to save her village, an unknown figure drowned her in a nearby lake. This was, of course, to no avail. But Elizabeth woke to find herself amongst the Forsaken...
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  8. Day Two The device is clicked on. "Big day yesterday. Went to bar, saw My-thin-net! Biiiiig Taw-rehn I'm-a-lahr. Partner in crime for My-thin-net. Not know My-thin-net was crook. Know now. Will watch careful." "Slash Guts-blade there too, with Doggy. New pointy-ears, Adder-us. And Lady asleep. Talking, not Lady. Talking, talking, talking. Then My-thin-net say make pipes. So make pipes... but..." Her voice drops to a confidential whisper. "... still listen anyway. Make good pipes too. But listen! Lady sick, they take away to Tunder-buff. Do not know where is. Cannot follow. Made sad. But Slash Guts-blade look at me and say 'Watch shop, Admiral!' So watch." The Admiral coughs, and then clears her throat. "Go down to bar. Lots of pointy-ears. And Troll. Meeeean Troll. Rawr!" The Admiral then proceeds to attempt a troll's accent. "Want'a da drinks'a! Want'a fish'a! No like'a you'a! Copp'a for'a effort'a!" Returning to her usual clipped speech, the Admiral continues- "So, get brown shiny. And he throw fish on floor! My fish! Sad again. Then he yells lots at pointy-ear with funny doggy. All others like fish! Only Troll angry. Gonna fight in bar! Oooooh." "If fight in bar, Adder-us and Slash Guts-blade be angry. So say, 'STOP!' But no listen. So... throw fish. Splat! Catch and eat! NOM! All gone." "So yell, yell loud. Go outside then. And very sad." The Admiral whimpers a bit, remembering. "Then come back. And fight in bar. BOOM! CRASH! BAM! Break everything! EVERYTHING! Sad, scared. Adder-us come back, Slash Guts-blade come back, and be mad at. Hurt! So yell, yell more. No stop. Keep breaking. Then Troll go." Sniffling and little whines sound in-between her words. "Try to fix seat. Try to fix light-stick. Try to fix table. No can fix... Only break more! Soon be back with sticks to hurt! Then pointy-ear in dress come. Pretty dress. Fix! Fix with wiggly hands! Fix with flash! Boom! All better!" "No-o sticks to hu-urt! Very happy. But late... and cry. No can make water with eyes, has no eyes. But can feel sad and make noise and hurt chest." "Then dead-man with horns like goat come! And ask if okay. And say will help if need. Make very happy! Then sleep. No have to sleep. But sad. Tired. So sleep." She pauses. "Wake up, go swimming in water. Splash! Swim-swim-swim! Back now, but say more later. Has to go fishing with pointy-ear, then tell all." "Bye now!" End entry.
  9. This one's a little creepy, IMHO. Elizabeth Churchall (Admiral Bonejaw when she was alive) in her final moments after being tossed into a river.
  10. This is just an experiment in working with that other style. And thanks for all the comments! EDIT: Wrong one.
  11. *Makes more* Ask and ye shall recieve.
  12. It had occurred to the Admiral some time ago that her exploits should be documented, particularly those of her pet fish, Waldir. However, Elizabeth Bonejaw's illiteracy had posed a very difficult problem. Until she began to tinker. First it was the boomsticks, then the bombs. Modulators, contacts, goggles, spanners. And then, one day, it struck the Admiral that a solution need not be found- no, it must be built. So she set to work. A full day at the forge later, success! The Admiral emerged victorious, a strange, ticking object in hand. Bony claws wound a spring and jabbed a button before she began to speak. This is the transcript of The Adventures of Admiral Bonejaw, as told by the Admiral herself. Day One Strange shuffling and tapping, like a bony hand is poking the sound-capturing device. "Is good. Is working. Going to tell what happen. Tell everything." She pauses, a moment. "In city. Biiiiiig city. Sihl-very-moon City. Miss home, sometimes... miss water. But carry on! For Cause! For fish! There be water here, but no fish. So give fish to who not have fish. Sometimes give. Sometimes throw! Sometimes pointy-ears like, sometimes not." "Pointy-ears sillyfish. Very strange. Not dead, must be problem. Eat fast, drink fast, run fast, hate fast. Oh!" She gasps! "Nehm-me-sis! Nah-chi-tis-uhm. Hit with big stick! Bam! Hurt head bad, fall over. Mmmmmr... but present-box safe! Shinies go to man, presents go to box, box give to Admiral." "... Big fish eat Fish, Fish eat Little fish, Big fish die and Little fish eat Big Fish." A rapid clacking noise is heard. Bones? Teeth? The admiral did always like to click her jaw. "Admiral Dead Big fish. Scared of Little Fish. Little fish eat." The voice lowers to a near whisper. "Babies eat. Puppies eat. Cats eat. Little things eat Dead Big Fish." A far-off cry can be heard: "ADMIRAL! TO ME!" A large thud, rapid tapping, and scrapes sound! "Must go!" End entry.