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  1. Full Name: Barke Feldsturm ((He can't remember his own name. And no. Its not the same Barke.)) Nicknames: Barke, Feld, Feldsturm Age: Doesn't remember. Besides he's dead. Race: Undead Gender: Male Hair: Purple-ish Skin: Grey and falling off. Eyes: One gold and one silver. Height: 5'8" Weight: 140lbs Place of residence: None. Place of Birth: N/A Known Relatives: None. Occupation: Wanderer. Group/Guild affiliation: None Enemies: Humans and a single Night Elf. Likes: Books, torture, shadow, light. Favorite Foods: N/A he does not taste things so well. Favorite Drinks: Cherry Grog. Favorite Colors: Color-blind Weapons of Choice: Staff, mace, broom. Dislikes: Being bored Hobbies: Eating, skinning, knitting. Physical Features: He wears a silver chain around his neck. His eyes are also two different colors. Nothing else really stands out. Positive Personality Traits: Quiet, helpfull. Negative Personality Traits: Quiet, brooding, kinda angry at times, lazy. Misc. Quirks: His right hand twitches and he will go out of his way to do nothing. History: ((To be updated. Ran out of time at work to write.))