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  1. Katanoki


    Chaos looked in on the mage. Kahra was bound to a chair, struggling to get free, wrists bleeding from the effort. The mage's cousin had treated his situation differently, but Chaos knew better. Cutting him off would only inspire the violent tendencies he'd developed, the last time he'd withdrawn. Chaos entered the room, Kahra looking to him. "Chaos--you've got to do something--I can't do this again. Please." Chaos moved to him, sitting down next to him. "I know, Kahra." He reached into his pocket, drawing out a small bag of powder. The mage instantly recoiled, but Chaos reached towards him. "Slowly, we'll lower your dosage until you don't need it anymore." Chaos put the small bag into Kahra's hand, and with a word, the ropes fell from the boy's hand, leaving him free. Kahra moved the bag between his fingers, eyes fixated. "I could hurt you." Chaos nodded, uninterested in the debate. "Perhaps. But you could end up being free of this stuff, once and for all." Kahra looked over at him again, but his hands were already opening the bag. Chaos stood, moving to leave. ------------------------- A door behind Chaos opened, and the sound of drunken laughter hit him before the frostbolt did, knocking him into his desk. He turned, looking up at Kahra. "You never should've let me go like this, lock." he laughed. "Such great fun we'll have!" He took a step forward, and Chaos scrambled to his feet. "Kahra--this is the drugs talking. Come on, you're better than this." "Am I, though?" he looked around the lab, looking back to Chaos. "Shiroji, dead for years. He finally rises again, and again, he dies under my protection!" He throws another bolt at Chaos, knocking him back down again. "[Omitted]... She hardly had a chance. The Fel was already in her mind. But I should've been there. I could've protected her." "And then there's no point even going into Sev, and everything I put her through." He leaned down, resting on his haunches, one arm going over Chaos, hand resting on the desk behind him. "But none of that--no, none of that even compares to what I plan to do to you." He leaned forward, fingers tracing the warlock's face, but the warlock remained silent, recoiling not even in the slightest. "We'll see just how resolute you are."
  2. Sentient animals, again. #463 is no different, her species concerned with land and war. I did discover a female with some potential, but she was marred in her youth, afflicted with the curse of those too weak to harness death magic without their minds rotting. Poor fiend. She was of passing interest, but no more. Perhaps there might be others, though, with her clarity, untainted. I'll explore the homeland of her species, and see if there's more to be found.
  3. Katanoki


    The hooded figure stepped through the alleyway, searching. The mageling had paid the city a visit, he was sure, but the boy always made sure to make it back before the next morning. It was unlike him. He moved past the guards, into the inn. "Kahra!" The mage was face down, and his heart skipped a beat as he assessed what he could in the moments before he reached him, kneeling and turning him over. Kahra looked up at him, pupils dilated and cheeks flushed. He didn't speak, not moving on his own. "Kahra--who?" The figure pulled the mask away, the light hair and missing eyes dawning recognition in Kahra's face. Chaos. He pulled Kahra up, holding up with one arm as he checked his pulse--rapid, though he'd clearly been lying down. "Who," he repeated, taking Kahra's hand, only to see the boy wince. One word came from Kahra's mouth. "Visara..." The figure growled, shaking his head. He pulled the glove away, a fresh wound marking the mage's left hand, covered in what was left of an unrecognizable powder. "I'm going to get you out of here--" Chaos put his arms underneath Kahra, heaving even with the aid of his spells. "I'm going to get you home." He carried the mage out of the inn, slipping into Murder Row. "What did he do to you?" "Looked... Deposit box. Luhix. Swapped it... Thought..." Chaos sighed, and Kahra quickly added, "Sorry, I'm sorry, I know I fucked up--" "Shh, shh. Don't talk like that." Chaos put his forehead on Kahra's. "I will fix this. I promise." He bit his lip. "Never should've let you go alone, not again." "I had to... You know I had to." "Still..." Chaos sighed. "You don't have long. You can't be wasted on..." The warlock's eyes met with the mage's, and he heard that same laugh, the one which so reminded him of the boy's cousin. "Chaos. If I can do... A smidge of good, it's worth whatever cost I'll have to pay." Chaos sighed. He was too tired to argue, and the boy needed medical attention--whatever he'd taken was going to kill him if they didn't get his heart rate lower. In the back of his mind came the creeping thought of leaving him--letting him die for his mistakes. The addiction had been his fault. But as quick as the idea came, he pushed it down, unwilling to consider it. Perhaps, he mused, she was right. Falling into his own traps; becoming weaker. He rubbed the boy's cheek with his own, sighing.
  4. Katanoki


    Kahra entered the basement, sighing. Chaos tried to meet his glance, but when Kahra's eyes kept away, he knew what had happened. "They didn't take the bait." "No," Kahra said in frustration. "I tried everything. Even alerting her brother--who is thick as tar, might I add. It was impossible. The rogue's got a hold on her, and those around her think her some angel." Kahra sighed, his head in a downward slump. "I'm sorry... I didn't manage. I promised; this was important--" "Kahra." Chaos patted Kahra's head, awkward from his minimal height. "It's alright, you know. Setbacks happen. Perseverance will lead us to our goal." "You're right." He sighed, and without thinking, pulled Chaos close, hugging him. The warlock stood there for a moment, arms awkwardly raised by the invasion. "What are you doing?" Kahra leaned back, looking down at Chaos. "I was--I--" "Speak." "I... Thanking you! Just thanking you! I. Yeah. I..." Kahra quickly let go, taking a step back. The two stood there for a moment, before Chaos looked back to his lab, moving back to the potion he'd been brewing. Kahra stood there for a moment, perplexed, before asking, "That's it?" "That's what?" Chaos asked, measuring out a second chemical. "I... Dunno. You're not angry?" "There would be no point to it... Kahra. Whatever you might have done was not done, and your feelings and actions can do me no harm." "Well, that's not entirely true," Kahra said. "I mean, there are some things... Not that I'd ever do that to you!" He quickly punctuated himself, clearing his throat. "But..." "Your mind and mine do not work the same way." Chaos didn't look up from his work, a brew turning from clear to violently purple. "What happened to you damaged you, and I can understand that. I do sympathize, even. But such things are trivial. They may happen, but I'm still here, still able to do my work, unaffected. It is an act that changes nothing, and therefore, I am unafraid when threatened by it." Kahra looked at him, baffled. "But--there's an element of trust--and--I mean... For someone to--" "To control me? Nonsense. I have eons. They have an instant. The time they waste is worthless." Chaos poured the liquid into the small water bowl, placing it in front of a rat. He let the rat drink, and waited.
  5. Katanoki


    Kahra closed the door behind him. "I've done it. I've done it, and it fell in my god dammed lap, but I've done it. The plaything, Visara's newest girl." "She's yours?" Chaos turned to the mage. "Damn. I'm impressed." "Well... Mine as far as necessary. I'm sure we'll be with each other, one day, expressing our love--" He looked to Chaos, who shared with him a smirk-- "And the rogue will just happen to walk in." "Wonderful, Kahra." Chaos walked over, placing his hands on Kahra's shoulders. "It's all coming together. Your work, my work. All thanks to you." "I do what I must, to ensure the safety of my people," Kahra said, laying his forehead against Chaos' chest. Chaos ran his fingers through Kahra's hair. "You do well for them, Kahra. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise."
  6. Katanoki


    "I've been going about this the wrong way," Kahra said, relaxing for the first time. "Punishing the wrong person, in fact." "You mean, someone else did all those things to you?" The boy stood, and a smirk danced on his lips. "Seems like a pretty big mix up." "No, no." Kahra shook his head, standing and turning away. "Visara is a monster, and must be brought down. But there are others, around him, who have twisted him, made him into what he is, and given him all the reward in the world for it. Aren't they, then, just as guilty as him? They who saw what was happening, but did nothing?" "Dare I say it, Kahra? Dare I affirm? I've no idea what you intend to do, but I have expectations, boy. You are gifted with your cousin's vision. Do not let me down. Do not let the rogue down, even more." Behind Kahra was the sinister smile which betrayed intentions deep within the boy's mind, but he made certain his voice kept pure. "I will show them all, Chaos." Kahra turned to the window, looking upon the world with renewed fervor.
  7. Katanoki


    The boy had just been stitched up, and of all the things he could be doing, he was digging. "How much longer?" He didn't look back at his companion, answering, "Done." He pulled away the last of the dirt, the body now hidden just under a veil of dirt. "What in Fel? He's not decomposing. Fel, he looks..." He and his partner exchanged a glance, before both of them dove down, pulling away the dirt that was left frantically. The boy started coughing, slowly sitting up. He wiped dirt from his eyes, looking up at his retriever. "Well, and here I thought you'd be glad to see me go," the boy said, dusting dirt from his robes. "Realizations have been made; errors corrected." The mageling pulled the boy to his feet, helping dust him off. "I've seen what I must do; the extent to which the hammer must fall." "Then it's settled, mageling?" The boy looked up at him, as though examining him with those eyeless sockets. "Kahra, it is," he said, extending his hand. "Kahra, then." The boy and Kahra shook, and a smile broke on their faces, as the partner looked on. "We've much to accomplish together."
  8. <p>I was so glad... It would've taken forever, otherwise.</p>

  9. <p>okeh we can go with that. But i almost got away. Stupid shaman had to log in. Grumble grumble.</p>

  10. <p>Nooooooooo. See, that's why I had to kill you. You were PLANNING to.</p>

  11. <p>I think the first words out of my mouth were 'awwcrap' ahahaaa and then you guys chased meee! i shoulda nuked on that lowbie just because then! <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh.png" alt="xD" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  12. <p>Bahaha, he actually just called me out because there were higher levels around and he was afraid. I thought you were going to kill him when I saw you, so I preempted. Heh. >.>;;</p>

  13. <p>Well I was working on loremaster, and i figured it was just a couple lowbies. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh.png" alt="xD" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> my quest target was RIGHT behind you guys! </p>

    <p>..and then that shaman logged in and started the BEJESUS out of me, so I panicked even more and ran, cursing the CD on rocketboots the ENTIRE time. =D</p>

  14. He removed the mask, letting her breathe air once more. She'd been anesthetized for some time, but he cared to visit more than he'd admit, hoping to catch one of the rare moments of sanity she had left. Her eyes opened, and she looked up at him, smiling when she saw his face. "It's you," she said, looking around. "And Kuptal?" "He is... Away for a bit." He took her hand, bringing it to his lips and leaving her with traces of his breath, warm and comforting. "Would you like anything?" She seemed to ignore the question, staring into the ceiling with purpose. "You do realize where you are...?" "Of course I do." She smirked, rolling onto her side and grinning devilishly, responding, "You know what it means... You are getting weaker..." "Don't be ridiculous," he said, keeping calm. "I do this for myself." "Oh...?" "Yes," he snapped at the smirk and the continued questioning. "I am no different in my enjoyment of company with which I share similar ideals. And do forgive the persistence... But you appear to be the only one." "Yet you come into my home... Care for my demon... You are falling in the traps you've laid for years..." The drawl was agonizing to listen to, remembering how sharp and sweet her voice had been not long ago. "You are becoming that which you despise..." She laughed, down at him and his hand holding and his kneeling, even as he shook his head. She smiled, as he leaned forward, cradling her in his arms. "You... Bring me to a place where I can accept my role, and be fulfilled in it. I no longer have to serve my purpose; I want to, and in that desire, I grow efficient. Can't that... Can't that be enough?" Her teeth pressed into the arm holding her, but she took care not to break the skin. He heard her mumble something, but he couldn't listen anymore. ------------------------- He closed the door. The mask was back on, and she'd fallen fast asleep, to remain that way until his return. He laid his head against the door for an instant before he heard the presence behind him, spinning on his heels. The cousin; the one she'd stolen on accusations of drug abuse and locked away. He wasn't sure what had gone on, but he didn't envy him. "Well. I heard she'd found a replacement, but I didn't realize it was a weakling." "Kahra, wasn't it?" He turned, fully facing the mage. "My, a bit worse for the wear, aren't we?" "I'm well enough, thanks. I've come to discuss a few things with you, regarding this organization you think you'll be running." There was something about the mage's eyes which startled him. He could recall a spotty arrest record and trouble with drugs, when he'd researched her family, but he was part of a well-renowned warband, and had no serious crimes left on his record. But why, then...? "You couldn't have known I'd be here," it occurred to him. "I was more than careful about being seen, and even the other developers didn't realize where I was headed. Not only that..." He motioned to the spellblade at Kahra's side. "You came armed." "And what if I did?" the mage said, a strange smile breaking on his face. "What if I had important plans for today?" "You didn't come to see me," he stated, drawing the fel to him silently. "You came to kill her." "And if I did? What does it mean to you?" "Well, for one, the death of our former leader would play ill on our reputation." "Oh, I think it means more than that--more than it should! Don't think I haven't realized--the physical signs are obvious. You've done more than you should have, that much is sure." The mage had a wicked grin on his face, as though he were holding back something important, something he expected him not to know. "I know that she's with child," the warlock said, hoping to nip the mage's eager plans in the bud. "And if you intend to do something, for fear of losing some inheritance-" He was cut off, the mage briskly stating, "Not your child." Quick, terribly, terribly quick, as Kahra moved, the sharp incineration burning his arm. Mocking laughter met the warlock's ears, but slow realization caused the laughter to die, a look of confusion on the mage's face. Realization coupled with disbelief made him hesitant, until he finally stated, "You already knew." "I'm sterile," the warlock said, lowering his hand. Kahra could see the anger still there, but there was a slump in his shoulders which told the mage about how much time there was to reconsider. "So be it," Kahra muttered, doing so. "It can wait, I suppose." He turned away, a small twinge of regret hitting him as the warlock stood there, still in his considerations. It was a situation he hadn't anticipated.