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  1. <p>hey heard you left the Grim. Just wanted to say BOO and that hopefully you and I are still cool...I would love to know the why of it if you don't mind but understand if we just not right for you...</p>

  2. Thanks. This community never fails to deliver! Much appreciated.
  3. I spoke to Acherontia ... I was against the name change, only because I didn't want to pay money to join a guild I had never associated with before. We discussed other alternatives, but no word as of yet. Feeling a little, unprioritized.
  4. Two weeks since posting here and I am still without a guild. I have been accepted into The Grimm pending a name change, because they don't accept members with unique characters in their name. I have an application pending with the raven cross that i don't think will ever get reviewed, and I just got randomly invited to a guild named Fatal Aggression. I have been trying to contact Naheal regarding his invitation to infection, but I haven't seen him online. I still enjoy this community, but I could still use some help. Despite my best efforts I remain guildless and raidless. Thanks for everyones ongoing help - Skeletor
  5. Sorry about that I should have posted it first. I am sporting a level seventy Undead Warlock as my main, and I also have a level seventy Tauren Warrior.
  6. My list grows shorter ... Your comment is a more constructive than you intended it to be.
  7. Thanks. I missed the Guild list here, only found the Guild list for Twisting Nether on the WoW forums. I tried to contact a few people in-game but the info there is a little dated i think.
  8. Hello to everyone and congratulations on the great community! I recently transferred here from Dragonmaw, and I love this server. To explain things simply, I am a writing and literature student, have been for far too long now, and I am hoping to find a group of RP'ers who appreciate Warcraft in a similar way to me. I played on Dragonmaw for almost three years, I raided and pvp'ed, but those aspects of the game hold no significance to me if it's as simple as "Be at X at Y o'clock", and frankly the conflict that such a simple concept creates is utterly amazing. That issue in itself was part of the reason I left. To me, the way I see the game, the way I enjoy it ... well, I enjoyed my first experience in Karazhan so much - I went and bought the Warcraft novel "The Last Guardian", and enjoyed it terribly (Despite its many, many literary flaws). However, as one raid a week turned into two, then two into three, it became monotonous, stressful and boring, completely losing any "creative fun". Don't get me wring though, I enjoy the power that comes with purple items as much as anyone else, and i am quite happy with the effort required to get them, but I play this game to relax, not meet the demands of obsessive raiders who "need" me to raid with them, rather than "wanting" me to raid with them. So what I am asking is if anyone could help me out or point me in the direction of a 'fun' RP Guild, or a group of RP'ers, I would be terribly grateful. I have spoken to a few people in-game and they have mentioned that RP Guilds recruit through an in-character interview, or have other requirements that need to be met - I am fine with all of that, I don't mind working toward getting items or developing a character. Thanks