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  1. Only a few moments later another voice called from down the hall. "Bellamé, you here?" The familiar baritone of Grimal as he walked down the hall towards her room. When he stepped in his scythe was in hand and now two of her stood before him? Wait the clothes were different.. "Ninorra, and Bellamé?" "Ninorra, I don't believe you've any right to her fate anymore, you gave her life and for whatever reason, she is her own person now. I request that you leave her alone, we can work something out to make sure as little confusion as possible occurs. But her and I care for each other.. And If you harm her now you'll gain an enemy you do not want. That I promise you." He stepped around Ninorra to stand at Bellamé's side, offering her his hand. They needed a way out of here.
  2. "Bellamé?" His voice came as she belittled him, she was fully a demon now.. Once again he was called a monster, "I may do a lot for myself.. But I've always assisted when asked! I have never denied a request that was reasonable! I've never taken from anyone! And I've lived through being careful and making as few enemies as possible. And those that are my enemies.. And those that have betrayed me..!" Defending his actions and his choices desperately, finally seeing he could not reason with them. Bellamé started towards him and he backed away, her name repeated in his mind, in his own voice several times, and then once.. In Julilee's? Something clicked, he began to tremble, but it was not in fear.. His eyes had gone out and after a few moments they snapped back into existence, flaring up and scorching along his temples. His anger finally having realized what he'd forgotten, Accalia had disturbed his thoughts, making him forget where he was, now he remembered.. "You.." He no longer backed away, and instead stepped forward and grabbed the demon Bellamé, a hand on each side of her face, looking like he was going to kiss the demon, instead he shouted in it's face, "BITCH!" Then his hands erupted into Fel fire, searing the red scales from her face and melting the flesh beneath. Fire pouring from him, scorching the fake straight to the bone beneath, it flailed against him and screamed in her voice but he knew it was a lie, all of them were lies! When Bellamé's clone went limp, it's horned skull laid bare of flesh in his hands, he grabbed the horns and wrenched just to hear the vertebrae shatter as he dropped the phantom that dispersed back into shadows. He lifted his hands and sent waves of sickly green hellfire in all directions, turning all those phantoms into ash. He was free in the blackness but he was not alone..
  3. Some of her words burned, but others found no purchase. "The druid is still a threat, and can still be spreading the curse, my desire for vengeance may have been fore front, but it was for good!" As she lifted her sword he pushed himself up and backward to evade the strike. His emotions were finally surfacing, Behind her more shadows stepped forward, they materialized into the members of Infection, a small legion of Forsaken. Keraph, Nadea, Marroc, Rolphemona, Visararath, Grainia, Vyraal, Ebonroc, Lazika. Standing at Julilee's back they cried in Unison, "You swore yourself to Sylvanas' service, you are the Traitor!" "She lost her way! Too weak to find better purpose, and then she employed Arthas' own minions! Becoming what we fought against! She betrayed US!" He shouted at the phantoms, all of them drawing their respective weapons. He stepped back from the show of prepared fighters, even the human female readying her staff. The crack of a whip was the next sound he heard, before pain shot up his back, straightening himself at the unexpected attack. The barbed whip had cut him deep, he glanced over his shoulder to see his succubus standing there. "Fierrida.. Not you.." His voice grew quiet, the most loyal creature he'd ever met staring at him with almost full on disgust. The slow smirk that crossed her lips made Grimal's stomach turn.. "You could have been so much more.. But you never wanted to go all the way into the dark arts.. I came to you because of how bright you shone, fighting my own sisters because I knew they weren't worthy of a master like you.. What a disappointment you've become, your fire burned so hot I could barely stand the heat.. You're barely warm enough to keep me around now.." No words came to him Fierrida was the last person he'd ever think to turn on him, she'd been with him for so long and never once complained because he treated her so well. He was nearly surrounded and so he moved away from them towards the only path left, backing away and trying to keep them all in sight.
  4. Fel green eyes opened in the pitch blackness, with a groan he attempted to reach up and rub his face though his right arm refused to respond, a surge of pain it's only response. Clenching his teeth he reached his other arm over and gripped the forearm, finding his hand to be backwards, the shadow that had dragged him away from Bellamé had wrenched hard enough to turn his arm around in the socket. This wasn't going to be fun. Once he'd cleared his mind his bone tipped fingers dug into the flesh and then twisted, an agonizing yell echoing into the shadows. A series of sickening cracks and surges of more pain accompanying the yell until his arm was corrected. During the process he swore he heard laughing, someone found his pain funny? Once his arm was righted and the pain began to dull a little he noticed he was being watched by a pleathora of shadowy figures at the edge of his vision. They were still enjoying themselves. "And just who the fuck are you.. Works of Accalia no doubt.." He rose to his feet and could not find his Scythe.. As he got up the first figure approached, stepping where he could see, a middle aged human woman, long black hair and mismatched eyes, one green and one blue.. To see her here.. This wasn't good. "Look at what you've become Drago. A monster, just like you never wanted.. Fought your own madness for so long and you still failed.. Pathetic. I should've got the guards to hunt you down that night.. Executed you in the middle of Stormwind." Grimal grimaced at the spectres words, "Hello to you too Clara." Though he was long aware of her betrayal, it did not phase him as much as the beast had hoped. He was slammed in the side of the face from the corner of his eye by a golden shield, an all to familiar emblem on its face. This sent him reeling to the ground, with a grunt, having to reach up and snap his steel jaw back into place.. From his position on his hands and knees, glancing up to his right.. "You too.. Julilee?"
  5. <p>I have no idea.</p>

  6. "I've already seen you darling, and it's alright. You're ill. You don't have to be perfect, Fel knows I'm not." He said with a chuckle. As she picked up the gloves from the ground he stepped towards the living barrier she'd made for herself of her wings. Unfortunately their reunion was about to be interrupted, a voice seething with hatred roared from the shadows around them. "FOOLS... MORTALS... YOU THINK YOU HAVE DEFEATED ME? YOU CANNOT DEFEAT ME IF YOU CANNOT OVERCOME FEAR ITSELF!" Grimal froze, they'd been found all the way out here? "Fuck, Bellame give me your hand!" Beneath the pair a massive maw opened from the shadows and into the darkness they fell. Grimal reached for Bellame with his right hand, a hand, her wings, anything to try and stay together, regardless if he was cursed. His bone tipped fingers almost managed to grab her wing tip before shadows lashed out, tendrils curling around his arm and and wrenching it back with a sickening crack as it was dislocated and with a pained shout he fell away from her into the abyss.
  7. <p>Wut're you talkin' bout?</p>

  8. <p>I see you thar</p>

  9. "You know I care about you far too much to let you keep on like this... Look at yourself Bellamé. You need help, if you keep this up you will go full fel blood and you know that. Though at the same time I don't have much to offer except myself.." He'd given this a lot of thought, but a few things they could try had dawned on him. "I'm not sure how to fix this but I have a few ideas.. And if they fail you can curse me, that will take some of the strain off of you so I hear. First, we return to Outland, I could probably make a miniature mana forge.. Maybe it could siphon some of that fel taint from you if calibrated correctly. There are also pure mana cubes we could snatch. But we've got to do something, leaving you to your own devices has not helped." He reached into his bag and pulled out a pair of elbow length gloves, tossing them in front of her. They had been crafted by Grimal and were a deep crimson to match her eyes with black stitching. "Put those on and let's go I trust you, you're stronger than the hunger. I know you are, even if you don't believe it yourself.."
  10. Watched the careful precision his lover had laid the trap, only now noticing the gem, when the Arakkoa bent to examine it. She still had enough sense to set traps like that, she was still reasonably sane. At least that was his hope. The X-ray lenses was employed and he watched her kneel and feed. He waited a good long while, fifteen, twenty minutes and then stood, shaking off his cloaking device. With cautious steps he approached the hut his scythe was drawn, and he moved quietly as he could. The blade was facing himself, if there was a struggle he wouldn't risk wounding her over him. Using the butt of the shaft he pushed the curtain she'd drawn over the doorway aside.. And in his right hand the net launcher was raised, only to make sure she didn't lunge at him, if she did he'd pull the trigger and a heavy fel weave net would trap her, he'd got it enchanted to contain demons and the fel. It would hopefully hold her should things go awry. "Bellamé my dear?" A shadow blocked the door, his voidwalker stood in the way, and wouldn't allow her to escape.
  11. 'There you are.. My beautiful soul.. Look what this damned curse has done to you..' Thoughts rippled through the Forsaken's skull. Greedhun had tracked his lover down at last, and none too soon, whispers of all the cursed becoming more raving and more hungered was not a good sign for her state. He'd arrived hours ago, but he dared not approach the small abandoned shack she was hiding in, not yet. He was set up a good distance away, out of detection range, the magnification and different sight modes of his goggles, including one lense he'd salvaged from an old pair of x-ray specs allowing him to watch her with ease. Grimal decided to wait, cloaked with another one of his engineering devices. Waiting for her to feed on whatever she could catch.. The Arakkoa landed not far from him and began to approach the hovel. Grimal merely watched, readying another device, a net launcher, this would be for the bird, making sure it would not escape Bellamé's hunger. Though he loathed allowing her to feed like this, it was better for the both of them. If she was sated from the bird she would be less willing to try and drain him. Also being less stressful on her, she wouldn't be fighting the inner voices as much, struggling to not hurt him. At least that was his plan.. Though he realized at this point she'd not cursed anyone and basically become a parasite. The option of letting her curse him to take some of the strain off of her was one of the ones he was willing to try..
  12. Grimal had had enough. Been gone far too long from his lover. The weeks without her had been driving him mad. Her responses of 'I'm fine' and what not was no longer sufficient. Darrethy was barely surviving and he seemed to have far more resources than Bellamé had access to. Riding up to her garrison he entered into her main hall, ignoring the protests of the guards. He found a withered and broken corpse of an elf in her room, the tint if the skin revealed her to be a Felblood. "Fel... Bellamé you damned fool.." He grabbed his Hearthstone and summoned Greedhun, the Fel Hunter looking up at him, "Find Bellamé." The beast understood and turned out the door sniffing and following the trail. Novok was summoned and riding after him. He spoke into the stone, seeking her, "Bellamé, where are you.. I see how you've been surviving.. I'm not pleased but I know you did what you had do. We'll find you something else.. And I found the druid that cursed you, I'm nearly ready to get him. I said I wouldn't do it without you, bit if you've been absorbing that much fel energy we need to get you help.."
  13. <p>Right right. Yeah, I think it's a PS4 exclusive, at least for now. Anyway, I forgot to mention, I won't be on tonight. I have class Wednesdays. But soon!</p>

  14. <p>Dark Souls 2 is on the PC. As is every game but MH4U. They didn't release Bloodborne for the PC that I'm aware.</p>

  15. <p>Dark Souls II is on a handheld?</p>