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  1. Arynna pulled her chest piece off and her shoulder pads, and went chasing after Kethry, tackling her into the water. She shivered.. "Oh... my god..." She blinked, "It's cold!"
  2. A grin spread across 'Rynnas face, her eyes gleaming, "Hey Keth... Want to go swimming?" Before the other woman had a chance to reply, her boots and pants had been quickly taken off. A pair of skin tight shorts seemed to be on, she looked into the sky for a moment making sure the weather was still clear enough... "We can always try to catch crabs... Do they have crabs in this lake?"
  3. Arynna smiled and shook her head 'no' holding back all the thoughts that might make this awkward- or worse- hostile. She smiled and lay back looking through the leaves in the tree. "Remember, before we finished training for the Church, when we'd go to the lake almost every week? We tied a rope swing so we could swing and dive in... You always looked so silly in your wet clothing..." She snorted, "And you made fun of me for stripping down to my undergarments and a tight fitting shirt.."
  4. Arynna smiled sitting by Kethry, quite unsure of herself by this point, "Well... Lately I've found myself enjoying Engineering... and... besides that a lot of thinking..." She looked down and sighed, taking grass into her fingers she smiled. She thought about asking Kethry things, talking like they used to.. but she decided better of it.
  5. Arynna blushed at the kiss, having not expected it. Her arms still wrapped tightly around Kethry she found herself kissing back. She pulled away looking into Keth's eyes for a sign of... well anything at this point. Running a hand through the other womans hair she fell unsteady for a moment, making sure to tighten her grip on Keth with the other hand. She smiled at everything, at the sheer joy of the moment... "Kethry... This... Is amazing." She blushed and bit into her lower lip
  6. Burring her face into Kethry's back Arynna smiled, she pulled closer afraid to fall, as she watched the dust billow and quickly be left behind. She felt the air rush through her hair, the warm air push against her hands, and legs... This was possibly the happiest she'd felt since dying..
  7. Arynna pat her horse and sighed giving it a treat. Taking Kethrys hand she hopped on and wrapped her arms around Kethrys waist. "We're going at racing speed then?" She said into Kethrys ear, a smirk trailing her lips.
  8. Arynna gave a small smile biting into her lower lip. She thought about this and got up following Kethry out the door. She made a clicking noise and watched her Horse saunter over. Giving it an apple she stroked its muzzle, and lifted herself onto it. "You do not want sex? Truly? That's a first since your death," she said this all jokingly, but knew there was some other feeling behind it. "Where to then? The lake?"
  9. ((Kethry you spin so many things right now LOL)) Arynna looked at Kethry, biting into her lower lip, she nodded and took a seat at the nearest chair. She sighed shaking her head. Why do I still love her? Isn't my purpose to ruin her now? ... I suppose inversely I might ruin her by loving her... god. "Kethry... Is that what you really want?" She looked at the woman afraid of what might possibly come next. Rubbing at her temples again she closed her eyes to evade tears running down her cheeks. It'd be wrong to love her. To take her away- or to try and want to take her away from these women she seemed to fancy.. Why did she want so many of them now, anyway? And it always seemed they were blood elves.. She felt as though she might wretch. Bringing a hand down to her stomach she opened her bright green eyes and sighed. What was it Kethry truly wanted? She'd seen everything about Kethry... she knew every flaw, every fuck, every tear shed... The secrets, the lies.. She didn't know what to say...
  10. Arynna sighed shifting uncomfortably, "I know it won't be that way, Kethry..." She shook her head and distanced herself from the girl wiping tears away. "If you'd like I can leave.. I don't really know how much I belong here as is..." Taking a few steps back she remembered Kethrys words to her 'Please don't leave me.' She sighed, rubbing her temples as if to try and remove the memory... She had people who loved her and could care for her already.. why was she in this room, with her?
  11. ((This is because Keth is a whorrrrrre... Not so much IRL, but watching her tear apart my characters is so annoying. >.> Which is why Kilara is with her, she's too in love with Keth to care that Keth is a slut with no intention of ever being faithful)) ((Wait... Which wife again? Roffle.)) ((There Kiara- I took ONE away ))
  12. Arynna sighed sitting to Kethryvaris' side. "You are not a monster... You just... " She shook her head and closed her eyes thinking of the words, "You were taken up in the moment.. I'd ruined everything for you... You had sex with me.. then we found out.. that I had the plague.." She opened her eyes, a tear slipping down her cheek. "As for Zelaine, it was a vastly malicious act.. You at least didn't know what you were doing when you tried that spell out..." She ran her fingers over an etching of them sitting in a swing together, Arynna facing Kethry, her legs wrapped around the woman as they swung back and fourth... They looked so happy. Fuck the church for ruining this was all she could think, running her fingers over the picture once more.
  13. A sad smile spread across Arynna's face, "Kethry, you know I know everything about you... From life- the lies you tell about me- about killing me and the reasons... how I was some evil thing who "all but raped you..' " She looked away quite saddened by this, "But now that you know what rape feels, perhaps you'll stop telling that lie about me. You know I'd never stoop to that level.. and if you know anything about me, you know how I feel about scum like her. Whether you 'asked' for it or not, it is not humane and she should be slaughtered for it." Arynna's eyes narrow, "No one should be able to get away scott clean for hurting you, Kethry. You put your own life at such a low cost?" She was shaking now, tears slipping from her eyes, "She deserved to die, and you made someone innocent bring her back. Someone who knew better... This is how people show they love you? By not having their own minds? And by having their own minds and hurting you so violently?" She clenched her teeth now and looked away.
  14. Arynna smiled gently and stroked the womans hair, taking in her scent she sighed. "So much has happened since then... It won't ever be the same, you know.." She kissed Kethrys cheek and lay her and ontop of the womans. "It's okay to be sad about this all.. really.... I don't know how you put up with some of the women you do, Keth.."
  15. Arynna peered over Kethry's shoulder, a sad smile on her face. She placed her hand on the chair Kethry sat on, and came out of her stealth. "Wow... We looked happy" she said quietly. She could feel the ache in her heart as she noticed Kethry crying. Moving to hold Kethry, Arynna pulled back for a second before wrapping her arms around the woman. "It's okay, Kethry..." She smoothed the womans hair and looked into the robin egg blue eyes with her own emerald green eyes. "Don't cry..."