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  1. aww come on it's all for fun! No hard feelings troll. We wont hurt your kind... much. :lol:
  2. The Green Lantern Corps. Is hosting our first party tomorrow! We have been planning this extraviganza for over a few weeks and would love to welcome anyone who would enjoy meeting and having fun with us! The party starts at 8:00 ((server time)) in Stormwinds beautiful park, near the mages district. If you are interested in coming please get a hold of me sometime tomorrow around 6:00 ((server time, pst Gily)) If the turn out is great we are planning a Raid party to unleash our fury upon the horde! Hope to see you there!! Gily ~Lantern Holder
  3. Standing up induces so much pain that it makes my eyes water. As I slowly make my way to the eroded pot in the corner, a stone makes my life miserable… the cold cement on my face breaks what little strength I have left. As the tear rolls down my face it gives the voices an opportunity to attack. I’ve been in this cell for who know how long, the beard on my face is gray and drained of life. I know my face is the same. The other prisoners avoid eye contact as if I can kill them with one blink of an eye. The thought makes me laugh; I would be doing the world well if I could take out all these ingrates. Listening to them blather to themselves help me focus on the real world, my soul is drained from keeping this evil at bay but I would rather die than let it own this body. I spend nights and days in my favorite corner of my cell, I dream of flowers and the sun. My children are alive and cutting the air with their skipping and playing in the grass. Just as a smile attempts to stand up the kids fall with pain and the screams from my children make me scream with frustration! I close my eyes and scream as loud as I can to dampen these damn voices, until my voice runs dry and I fall asleep. Days go by and I lose more of the battle every day, I start losing track of time which lets me know I will disappear all together very soon. Committing suicide has been a steady thought in what’s left of my mind. The prisoners tell me about an escape plan, hoping my dark side will kill the guards… disgusted with the offer I strike his worthless life down. The prisoners, they don’t talk to me anymore. The sight of heroes and soldiers one after another pour in to tame the stockades, failure after failure the shadow reminds me how weak they are and that I should accompany these inmates. With my face buried in my hands I hold on to what’s left of my connection to the world. The voices have become so loud that the screaming only makes them angry. That’s when I feel it… the warmth the love and life I so cherished before that decrepit day. My hands fall to the floor as I hazily look out the side of my dry eyes. A woman is standing at my door her eyes are so intense they fill my soul with hope. A smile makes itself present and it hurts so bad I cry. I reach out for sympathy, for love. She opens the door with a key and grabs my hand. Her touch is so smooth and reassuring that I put my life into her blessed hands, and I fall unconscious.
  4. Another day in paradise… work lately has been monotonous. The General has been giving our regiment pitiful orders. A baby could finish these quests. As I stroll down the ally I see Phillip ahead. I wave to catch his eye. “Phillip!” he is a good lad. We’ve been tight ever since his parents shipped him off to military camp. “Did you see our mission today?” the sarcastic attitude lets me know he has the same feelings. “Aye, let’s get a move on shall we?” here it goes… “Say, Frankie, got a smoke?” After I hand him a cigarette, I open our mission… damn Marcus and his chicken scratch. The more I read the more disgusted I get. How are we supposed to use our training in these silly missions? Alas, we do as we are told hoping one day we will get the opportunity to prove ourselves. As we get closer to the house the faces on the people start looking worried, so I give Phillip a nudge and we draw our swords to show that we mean business. The mission was a simple one. Check out a local disturbance in a local village, supposedly there has been screaming coming from a single father’s house. Probably beating his kids and the neighbors had finally had enough of the screaming. Phillip volunteers to knock as he has the stronger voice. No answer. My blood tingles with joy at the thought of busting down the door. I step back and slam the heel of my foot above the door knob sending it open with force. Feeling a bit excited we start yelling for whoever is in the house. Glancing at Phillip I can tell he has a smirk under that helm. He always was a crazy guy. With out any answer, Phillip leads. Gripping my sword with both hands puts my hair on end. According to the rules, showing disregard for the militia means automatic beat down, and we both know it. Phillip looks my way and lets his guard down. As I get close I see why. The smell is disgusting; if it wasn’t for the smoldering fire it would be much worse. Two lifeless children lying by the fire, their faces are unrecognizable. My stomach lurches as I try to look around the house for clues. Phillip is smashing things apart, so I leave him to do his own thing. Stepping into the kitchen, I look around for a bit, I see a knife on the floor but no blood on the blade. “Frankie!” I spin on my heels while drawing my sword. I rush into the bedroom expecting to see trouble but instead a man… “Haha! Look at him Frank, pitiful isn’t it. Kills his kids and falls asleep…” I step closer and kick the man on his back to get a good look at his face. A young man I’d say early 20’s brown hair, looks like he passed out. I take a step back to reread the mission request. “Says his name is… Gily?” All of a sudden I hear a blood curdling cry loud enough to make a man deaf. As the papers hit the floor I’m in my stance. “Phillip, shut up! Stand up and fight!” His screaming makes my ears bleed. The man is sitting now staring at the floor. I take a glance at Phillip his hands are white with pressure as he is crushing his own skull with hopes to end the pain, lying in a fetal position I can see blood is pouring from his ears and eyes. “Freak! What have you done to Phillip!” my words were drowned by my friends cries. The man raises his head, his eyes are as black as night and the smile on his face is so morbidly filled with pleasure I try my hardest to move and strike this possessed man down. My feet are frozen my hands loose grip of my sword, the ground does not give as my knees meet it. The man rises and strides towards me… his eyes are empty and his face hollow, I’m looking into the eyes of Satan himself. Like a child I sit kneeled before this man in black, his hands peel off my helm and he runs his icy fingers through my hair. I can feel the hate seeping through my skull. When a hand grabs my leg, I turn my attention to Phillip; his face is nothing but pain. I turn to the man, grab the hilt of my sword look into the eyes of this demented dark priest and I stand up into him thrusting the hilt of my sword straight into where his guts should be, and he falls, and I stand above him, and I pity his soul.
  5. chapter 2 It’s been two days since the incident. Sitting by the fire while in my favorite chair are the only things that can clear my mind, so I grab my shirt from the other day to stitch the wound from that damned spider… the playful chatter from my children keep me leveled as I try not to think about it. Feeling good I decided to indulge and grab the fine thread. The kids laugh at each other, the boy always makes her laugh. Grasping the needle it makes quick work with the patching until some of the venom left on the shirt touches my fingers. I calmly wash it off at the sink, the purple sap starts turning green. I run to grab the washcloth and scrub until my fingers hurt… is the venom making them hurt or am I doing it? Freaking out, I rush to the drawer to grab a knife. I stay quite as to not startle the children. As I grimace at the pain I am about to release upon myself I hesitate long enough to forget. “Don’t do it… let the venom in… you know you like it…” my urge to bleed slowly succumbs to my altered state of mind. “It’s not enough to kill you… pain is good for the soul…” No, no, that’s stupid; my trembling hands fall to my side as I pace around the kitchen. Strange words erupting from the gap in my face push me deeper and deeper to the back. I sit in a corner staring at the edge of existence lost and forgotten. When a scream reaches my ears something has forced its way past the ears of my mind to the ears of my soul… my children! “It’s no use mortal! Your soul is as insignificant as your silly spirit dreams.” Feeling defeated I fall again given up to the arcane magic that had been reawakened by that infernal poison… but wait, She was able to push it back. She was able to destroy this hurtful essence. I concentrate on what little will I have left and explode in a divine fury! Unleashing my souls true power purging my body of this worthless pitiful existence of magic. Blind and dizzy I stumble around the house fearing the worst of my family… slowly my vision comes back to me when I see it. Everything around me is in this ethereal force almost protecting me from the foreign. That’s when I see them… lying on the floor. Right where I last saw them. There faces melted away by some kind of primal hate and evil. The shield fades as I gather my children in my arms and cry. The tears are filled with such emotion they scream as they run down my face. Defeated and Shaking uncontrollably I stare into the fire. Hating and detesting the thing that did this… “You did this.” No I didn’t I was blind. “Were you?” Stop… stop doing this! What do I have to do to get rid of this evil conscience?! ((well... i have some more but am a little shy. this is a big community. If you want more then I can post some but if not then no worries. ))
  6. ((this is a copy from our site over in the Green Lantern Corps. forums. Snake asked me to post my story... be gentle :roll: )) chapter 1 As the sun crept across the empty sky, I slowly came to. The sharp pain in my side reminded that I should still be asleep… lying in the grass I could feel the venom searching my body for vitals making me wince at every move I make. I gather enough courage to attempt to sit up, when I’m blinded with enough pain to bring down an abomination. With my hands gripping the grass and dirt with all my life I gaze around for help some sort of relief… foggy and delusional I stutter to myself and mumble words that come from the depths of my mind as if it’s their last chance to enter the real world. As my head hit’s the ground for the last time, I thank god for letting that insect lose interest but pray for him to end my misery… I apologize for wandering too close to the mine and wish that my family stays safe and… Slipping into the deepest part of twisting nether the arcane magic burns my skin enough to take my mind off the infection. Thank you. As the colors of memory and life fade to dark, I accept it and embrace my destiny. When a feeling so powerful, it stabs my soul. It rips away the evil magic that had embedded itself in me. With this strong feeling slowly becoming a smooth steady pulsing sensation, the black cowers away from this divine energy as I start to see color and brightness. Then for a brief moment I gaze into my saviors eyes the eyes are so intense I can feel them staring through me as if looking into my heart, her hands are so soft they caress my skin like fresh air on a mid day breeze. When I sit up I panic searching around everywhere calling out to this spirit that not only brought me from the depths of despair, but saved my life.
  7. ((An awsome story with different aspects and views of an emotional meeting. Way to represent The Green Lantern Corps.)) /cheer for our leaders!