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  1. WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER It's time to announce the winners of the story contest. As a little insight there were three judges with at least one judge Horde side and one Alliance side, stories were judged on -Grammar -Adherence to the main topic -The Overall Favorite Each judge compiled their own list of favorites and then brought together for discussion until everyone was happy with the top choices. As a Bonus I'm adding additional prize for 3rd place. Winners Please contact me before April 20th to claim your winnings or risk forfeiture of your prize.
  2. Sorry all. Results on judging will be delayed until March 20th due to unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Contest is closed! Winner shall be announced in 2 weeks!
  4. Reminder. Please post a link to your entry in this thread! Otherwise it may not be considered.
  5. Edited the rules for clarification on self-contained requirement. Self contained means entry must be contained in a single post.
  6. Both really. Generally at this point your character's artifact weapon, at least OOCly is their chosen weapon so both interpretations are wide open. Think of the topic as a lead off for your inspiration and at that point it's really however you feel like interpreting it. As a second note in interest of keeping the thread clear for submission I'd like to request that any additional questions be sent via pm.
  7. Grand New Year Story Contest With the new year let’s see if we can kick off a new contest too. This new contest has a submission window of two months: why two months? Because we have some nice looking prizes courtesy of Maikull and we want a chance for everyone to participate! Due to low voter turnout we’re also going to try something new and select three to five judges at random, this has the added benefit of pulling opinions from outside the community, ensures a set number of votes, plus guarantees fairness that one group is going to outvote another. If you want to volunteer
  8. I found out they were making a Movie about the Evacuation of Dunkirk and started nerding out on history stuff. I did the same thing when I saw the trailor for the Warcraft movie and saw the shield turtle tactic
  9. Sorry just inserting images for errors









  10. Seero Weaselgear-Currently running a smuggling operation in Stranglethorn Vale...sorry "Legitimate business Venture" and is currently planning an expansion into the Broken Isles. Viirchi-Taking a backseat with logistics in Dalaran
  11. Results are in. The winner of the story contest in Chicken Scratch By Fidjit Congrats Fidjit! You Won! Please send me a PM and let me know which character you want your prize sent to.
  12. One more week of voting! Poll officially closes November 15
  13. While we're all waiting on the results of the story contest and gearing up for the holidays why not lean back and churn out a story theme. As above this theme is "Because of you" you're allowed to interpret it however you want, post whenever you want and make it as long as you want so long as it is self contained and posted below. No prizes for this one, just something to get the creative ball rolling. Have fun!
  14. Alright! I have it all figured out! Please vote your favorite above. The choices are: On The Second Saturday Things that Cannot Be Chicken Scratch Claw Marks Voting is open until November 15th. Please read the stories and select your favorite!