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  1. Full Name: Sister Joyce Terror Nicknames: Sister, Terror, Nun, Insane Forsaken!?! Date of Birth: If you ask her she will give you a list of possible dates, and then lecture you about holy scripture. Age: was about 32 when she died, who knows exactly now?Race: Human/Forsaken Gender: was... female Hair: Crusty Black Skin: Sickly PaleEyes: are missing Height: 5'2 Weight: 54lbs Place of residence: Aldor Rise Shatt Place of Birth: Terrordale - Eastern Plaguelands Known Relatives: Sister Ann Spooky, Sister Mary Sorrow, Sister Jennifer Spite. Religion/Philosophy: The Holy Teachings of the Light. Occupation: Priestess, nun, healer, lecturer of the good word of the holy light, tailoring clothes for the homeless and poor. She does a lot of charity work around Azeroth. Group/Guild affiliation: Rutilus Luna, Aldor Rise - relgious lecture group. Guild Rank: Priestess, Healer, Religous council. Enemies: There are many to this list, but every non-believer will hear the good holy word of the light and finally see! Likes: hearing confessions, scribing holy text, praying, wedding services, funerals services, excorcisms, blessings, praying, smiting evil, praying. Favorite Foods: "...the body of the light, "... hmm dead flesh...*slaps* forgive, must not give in to temptation, to eat ones fallen brothers is a SIN!" Favorite Drinks: Favorite Colors: "White, light blue... I think gold, at least thats what I can remember from when I did have eyes." Weapons of Choice: Prayer! Dislikes: Hobbies: praying, sharing prayers with groups of horde, blessing alliance, healing the diseased, dieing, .. dead. Giving religous lectures. Physical Features: Special Abilities: Positive Personality Traits: kind, giving, selfless, forgiving. Negative Personality Traits: - sister terror is...nucking futs, if you get my drift. - Misc. Quirks: Played by What Famous Person: Theme Songs: History: Sister Joyce and her blood related sister Ann were part of a small abby in the Eastern Plaguelands... before they came as such, plaguelands. They had other nun friends, Jennifer and Mary and their days were full of well, nun stuff. - Enter the first coming of the Scourge - The people were frightend and locked themselves in the small abby, with everything they could use to block the enterance, doors and windows. The priest and the alter boys all armed with holy water, holy sysmbols of the light and their faith they stood guard at the door. Sister Joyce and sister Ann were at the abby comforting or at least trying to the poor scared villagers. "Take up the hand of the person next to you" Sister Joyce asked and the villagers did, hand in hand with the two nuns which lead them all in prayer. The screams outside became closer, the howling of scourged creatures grew near. Women, children and now even men starting gripping eachother and blubbering final good byes. "Have faith, have faith.. " Sister Joyce would say. "Dooming yourselves while we are in the house of the light surely you have faith, we must it will save us". That managed to work -somewhat- until the crashing at the abby doors, clawing and groaning at the wooden building from all sides. The villagers screamed in unision and tried to hide as best they could. Sister Joyce held her little sister Ann in her arms behind the alter. "Believe young sister, have faith and that will be our salvation" which Ann would nod silently. The young girl took a vow of silence since she was young being with the church. The undead scourge pushed and pushed the boys and priest trying to hold, spilling holy water on which ever gnarled claws would break through. Though their efforts soon were in vein. They grabbed one young alter boys arm and ripped it from him, his screams echoed through the abby making the villagers scream just as loudly. They put up a good fight until the young man bleed out and died himself, turning within the halls. The alter boy started to attack the others and with their efforts to stop him the large group outside broke though. Villagers torn apart, women, children and men. It came to the end of the abby where they found themselves surrounded. Sister Ann gripped Joyce tightly afraid and showing it for the first time, though all Joyce did was hold the girl and rock her praying softly as if the hordes of undead were not coming closer. Which they were. Seemingly ignoring or in another world, of happy light filled things the reality did not hit joyce until the undead reached out and grabbed Ann by the hair arms and throat, ripping her from her sisters arms. Joyce screamed throwing holy water on them and hitting them as they bit and ripped her younger self apart. "NO ANN NO, BELIEVE, YOUR NOT BELIEVING"! she screamed though at this point young sister Ann was already dead. Joyces time had come next, she was thrown to the ground and her face was torn from her flesh, her eyes bitten out and swallowed by hungry undead mouths. Sister Joyces death as far as she can remember was clouded lights and screames, perhaps her own screames. She doesn't remember being raised from the dead along with some others including Ann and marching mindlessly to attack Stratholme where the other clergy met their fate, perhaps by the first of the fallen priestess. They were united again at any rate. Time passed and was lost as was the memories that only seemed like nightmare giving the illusion of being living. Joyce saw again Anns death and her own and woke up in the dark. The fluttering in her chest was fast and felt so real. She was cold, very cold and stood from where ever it was she was laying. She felt the cold stone walls and guided herself through stepping on sharp crunchy ground. The fluttering in her chest was faster each time she moved. * I must be afraid of this strange dark place* she though as she climbed some stairs. She reached the top and heard a voice, it sounded twisted and strange "Ah, you finally woke up" it said. Her eyes were missing "why can't I see"? the voice laughed. "it seems we weren't to kind to you". it said in return. "YOU did this awful thing to me, you took my sight"! She rocked now in anger the fluttering reaching her throat. He explained to her what happend, everything leaving out no detail and explained or try to explain that she was dead. She had a fit of disbelief "I can feel my heart beating, its fluttering like wild from your story" she screamed as the feeling fluttered out and exited her mouth. It was gone. "THAT, was just a large cockroach" he snickered "and it has seemed to find its way out from your blasted moving body". Sister Joyce sat down, blind and defeated.. thoughts of it all swam around in her skull. Until the "light" spoke to her. The light being her crazy memories and self disbelief. :: You are not dead, not like they are.. you've been given a second chance, a blessing from the holy light to live again and speak the truth the holy word :: All those things you see... they are not nightmares of what has happend, what you have done.. THAT is just the shadow trying to taint your mind and have you DO those things. Don't ever bend to the will of the Shadow like the others, instead combat them and give them all faith :: Thus.. starting Sister Joyce Terror's mission to start a clergy of believers and teach the Horde the light. - Terror a name given to her, from the other forsaken of the under city only knowing where she came from -terrordale- and ignoring her religious rambling. She roams Azeroth with her fallen nuns, healing, blessing and donating things to the less fortunate.