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  1. right, because they had no way of expecting millions of people to want to play their game, and it's totally unlikely that they will fail to expect millions of people to want to play MoP when it releases given their track record of consistently failing to expect as many people as want to play their game to play their game at the same time nawmsayn?
  2. HAIL SATAN!!! \m/ My overall battleground ratio is ~52% wins, closer to 60% on my main, who has seen many premades and RBGs, out of over 1k Bgs played on that toon (it was >1k before RBGs), >2k overall. I can say with great certainty that there is no difference over a long timescale between Horde and Alliance in BG PvP. However, in my experience there is a noticeable ebb and flow from day to day as to who wins which battleground. Some people see RBGs and premades as "polluting" the stats of those with positive W/L ratios, but for that argument to have any traction whatsoever, it is incumbent upon any who make such an argument to prove mathematically that their W/L ratio remains low after factoring out each and every single loss to a premade.
  3. I disagree. Uniquely modeled mounts, tabards, official military ranks from RBGs, Justicar title, arena titles, and many others serve as completely acceptable IC ways of legitimately showing your combat experience without pretending to be completely unique. You don't have to be The Justicar to be a Justicar. It is a title bestowed by the Alliance military for extraordinary service, is not exclusive, and is totally RP legit, along with all the others I mentioned as long as you're not pretending you're "the one," but I don't see that as a common problem in this case.
  4. If both people are okay with it, then that's all fine and good, but a level 85 skilled and geared PvPer is no match for anyone below 85, period. If you pick a fight at sub-85 with an lvl 85, esp a geared one, you should expect to have your ass handed to you. The assumption that everyone is on equal footing ruins immersion, for me anyhow. Picking a fight with someone who is 6'6" and 280 lbs is a lot different from someone who is 5' 0" and 100 lbs, as is the difference between someone trained in martial arts and someone not, etc. This is what your level, and less directly, your gear and PvP ability represent. Just like your ability to RP reflects on your character's.. well.. character, your ability to PvP reflects on your character's combat ability. If you are going to RP a bamf, you better be able to back it up with more than dice rolls. I've twice had people try to instigate "roll" battles with me instead of dueling me, and both times I politely explained to them OOC that I'd be glad to duel them, but I wasn't going to dignify them acting beyond their (character's) ability by leaving it up to a roll of the dice. Finally, I will reiterate that if both people are okay with it, then that's fine and good. I don't give a rat's ass how other people RP as long as everyone's in agreement and having fun. For me, there is nothing fun about losing a "duel" to a low level on my geared pvp toon I've put thousands of BGs and arenas into because we had to play like we're on equal footing.
  5. I report names if they are overtly offensive or stupid, or if the possessor of the name annoys me. If they make me laugh, or smile, or even think about laughing, I leave them alone. I reported Zaitzegrait many times back in BC and they never made him change his name. It wasn't that his name bothered me... he was just an insufferable turd. I've had similar results with other names, multiple reports and no action. I'm sure, however, that the more people reporting something, the more likely it is to be dealt with. Also: Sentence of the year 2012
  6. I agree with murkadurk. I'm not a lore junkie so I totally glossed over the lore argument, I enjoyed reading your comparison, though. I've always thought Belves seemed like fascists, but I hate Belves and I hate fascists, so who knows? Confirmation bias at work!
  7. I remember having non-RPers when we did it. None were random pugs, but a couple people brought friends. We just asked them all nicely to respect that fact that it was partially an RP event, and it was fine.
  8. I'm excited for some good rule 34 pandaren art.
  9. Talent, spell, and stat-scaling changes alone will drastically reduce the number of people necessary to complete encounters.
  10. A happy time before sue-happy copyrighters. An artist who encouraged others to use and expand upon his work to create their own, what a concept!
  11. You could always just borrow one of the already-established Old Gods from the Lovecraft mythos. that is where the idea originated, after all.
  12. The TN wars Cristok put on were fantastic, the last one I remember doing was a lot of fun even though we (alliance) lost miserably.