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  1. A knife to the scalp. Sleep sweet precious. I want to gulp you down for ever and ever... I don't know how much longer I can keep this shit up. fpego erh almxi erh hieh epp sziv? Just a taste of it. Lemon ice. My lemon ice. You'll see.
  2. She would say ................................................. And then gesture. I know the code. alex'w fpego erh almxi erh vih epp sziv? She stopped following the rules because they were a giveaway. I don't care. Hey god is asexual.
  3. The dummy on the docks didn't deign to reply. Flies mumbled amongst themselves and the water swapped whispers with the wind, but no one spoke with the fisher except the dying fish, flopping dry on the docks. Their conversation was queer, this cod a comedian, that pike a preacher, and a pike's episcopal speeches were as nonsensical as they were inconsequential. Furthermore the fisher found them hard to hear, for hook-lipped their faces were. Thus a special sisterly figure was found, for some friendly sympathy. "Sooner or later. Everyone goes nuts. You know? You know... why they go nuts, Mister Goblin?" Mmph mmph mmph! "Oh, hee. I don't hear you very well." MMMMMMMMMPHHH. "Just. Say you don't know, when you don't know. They go nuts. When they have no one to talk to. Your finger, kind of looks like a worm. Can I borrow it? My bauble's busted." Nnnnngh... "Don't cry, Mr. Goblin. You have more. You know? I'm only mean today. I'll be nice tomorrow. Real nice. You'll like it. Mister Goblin." Mmph ph ph ph... hnnnnnn... "Errr. Do you know how to make a tourniquet?"
  4. Tik. Tik. Tik. Hands on a clock. Nails on porcelain. Timebomb. Same message. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Balanced on tip-toe, a swirl of steel and then cloth parts, skin parts, muscle parts. Bone-rattling impact. Gore splatter. Death rattle. Another approaches. Swirl, slice, rinse, repeat. Red rain. Copper taste. Swirl, steal, slice, repeat. Pause. Violet robes. Icy wind. Steel, swirl, rinse, repeat. Tik. Tik. Tik. Quick-flash, move move move. Bloodlust. Laughter. Tunnel vision, super-focus. Icy wind. Gore splatter, death rattle, slithering entrails. Violet robes. Dying dying dead. Pause. Breathe. Dew-damp blood-soaked grass. Stopwatch dings, record time. Smile. "They pay me for this? Hell yes." Collect reward. Lather rinse repeat.
  5. Mmph! Mmm mmm mmph! Mmmmn, mmm mmph mph mm. Mmmmphmphmmphmmmph. That's what she says. Mmmm mmmph mmmn mph mmmh It's like she's trying to say something but you know? What's a man to do?
  6. The connection got cut. I used to dream her. They let me go so I can be her now. She was always the rich one. Hey sister you know? I was always in her dreams. Got her secrets I know the code. You know? It always her. I'll be a better her than she was. Got some thistle but no one will buy it. They let you put it on the block. No one wants a paper trail I guess. Get to murder row do some hawking. Thrall thinks I'm sweet. Wow Thrall you know? Shattered Hand. Serious shit.
  7. ksx xli pmxxpi jygoiv!! M asrx fi fsvih jsv e psrk xmqi....!!! liiliilii That's what she said.
  8. pswx xvego sj xli fvex tmgoih yt xli xvemp mr wmpzivqssr "aemx erh wii" cear. That's what she said.
  9. xli vmxyep mw xli xiwx mj li tewwiw li mw syvw mh rsx ae ampp wii That's what she said.
  10. ((A plain book bound in red leather.)) Izivcxlmrk mw yrhiv gsrxvsp. Cear. Alir ampp ai wxvmoi? That's what she said.