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  1. I hated the Jedi Knight story, boring as hell. Consular wasn't to bad but I played it dark the entire way and I got the impression it was written with a light side consular in mind since some of the dark side choices were....weird. As in they realized they needed a dark side option after the fact so rushed to add in those choices. The reactions of the NPC's to your not so light choices were funny though. Agent by far seems the best written, I can already tell that even though I only ever got to Alderaan on her. I ran out of time to play recently and basically wasted a month I paid for because of it.
  2. Question. Now that Christmas and the associated December insanity are over, I really want to pick this up again. How active is Jung Ma? The group I was with is long gone so it would be nice to know the server supports an active community. Edited to add, is there RP happening generally or is it limited to clique like groups and do the people who do it also actually play the game IE warzone and instance and raid etc and not just stand around in cantinas posturing at one another.
  3. I really enjoyed this game but had to let the sub go to save some monies. Also everyone I played with wasn't really feeling it and it's not as much fun to go alone. Might come back in a month or two when I finish out Secret Worlds main storyline. Good to hear you guys are still going.
  4. <p>Happy birthday, Thal!</p>

  5. Got a new computer and my game back, now I just need people to play with.
  6. Except Silvermoon is in the middle of freaking nowhere and feels like a brothel.
  7. Maybe I just wish people would stop perpetuating the image of the sexed up female gamer. Or that women who like games would stop feeling the need to pose for "sexy" pictures of them licking gaming devices or naked except for the strategically placed consol since the comic is a reference to Jessica Chobot's several pictures of her licking a PSP. So I find comics making fun of the stereotype of the "sexy girl gamer" rather hilarious and frustrating and I still don't see how its slut shaming. I'm not judging her for being sexy(granted I don't see the appeal of the picture), I'm judging her for being a raging attention craving woman who just happens to be conventionally attractive. Who also looks incredibly stupid doing it. It's sad to see that I found more pictures of her posing sexy with gaming devices or just posing than I did of her actually appearing to play any games. I didn't dig very deep though admittedly. I tried to find a good image of a male example of this but they seem to not exist at all, at least according to google. I just wish this image was the first thing people thought of when female gamers are mentioned and not bullshit like this.
  8. Finding a picture making fun of an attention whore is sexiest slut shaming?
  9. It's still an utterly hilarious picture.
  10. Those look like xbox controllers so the better argument is that there is no Zelda game on any version of Xbox. God I spent to much time looking up dual analog when all I wanted was a gamecube controller, which had two analog sticks: the left control and the right c button analog stick. So yes there was a Zelda game released on a console with dual-analog.
  11. Wonder if the dates means after those dates it's bundled into the basic game like when you buy some of the DA versions on steam you get a pack with all the DLC with them.
  12. So apparently there is a group who have allied themselves with Child's Play to raise money demanding Bioware change the ending to essentially give them a Shepard rides off into the sunset heroic conclusion and some epilogue plates ala Dragon Age (at least that's how I interpret it). Whining because they didn't get the "happy ending" option. To be fair, said group of entitled babies has raised over 34,000 dollars towards Child's Play so that's good. http://retakemasseffect.chipin.com/retake-mass-effect-childs-play Interview with the director of ME3 where he mentions why the ending is the way it is. http://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/exclusive-mass-effect-3s-director-addresses-the-games-controversies/ Queue people tearing apart his reasoning and calling it bullshit in 3...2...
  13. I doubt old republic stretched them to thin. TOR is done by the Austin office and team, ME is done by the Edmonton office and team. As to the DLC, the best description I ever saw of the release day DLC was think of it as a special edition copy of the game. People routinely pay buttloads of money for anything marketed as special, if Bioware advertised it as a deluxe edition of the game priced at 69.99 instead of the base retail of 59.99 plus 10$ DLC people wouldn't foam at the mouth over it so much. They did that with TOR and the deluxe digital and all you got was a few gimmicky items and people lapped it up. Had they labeled it as DLC for base game, people would have raged. As to the ending, no real desire to play so I've long since been spoiled and rather amused at the amount of rage the endings have produced. People need to chill the fuck out. Its just a game after all. But this is also the fanbase that drove one of the bioware writers off twitter in less than two weeks with such vitriol and complete and utter nastiness and threats to harm her all while claiming she single handedly ruined everything bioware has ever done, I'm not surprised at the rage.
  14. Republic companions: Lord Scourge is good, Zynith for the consular is not bad, Theran has my favourite form of cc (his hologirlfriend dances to stun to mobs, hilarious when she does it to droids). As for the smuggler, Bowdar is pretty good for the Han Solo with Chewbacca feel(as Han Solo as you can feel being a Twi'lek female that is), Akavi is pretty bad ass though I rarely use her because we both go squish way to fast and while I romanced Corso he's not my favourite. Speaking of companions, it would have been amazing if they added in a feature that if you do the class quests with a buddy, their companions can remark on stuff relevant to them. The Knight companion Kira and the Consular chapter 3 storyline come to mind specifically since they are connected in a way. Probably way to much variability to account for though.
  15. Yep that would be the one. Did both guilds lose people when the free month ended?