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  1. <p>*lick!*</p>

  2. I am a little under the weather, it seems. I woke up yesterday with this awful pain in my stomach. I have confined myself to my room until I feel I am able to stand and make my way out to my training once again. But, though I lie here in bed, I have my books with me. Studying. However, a few nights ago, I met a few people within one of the inns in the city. A very kind man who offered to help me with my studies if I ever needed and a lovely troll named Vesker. Now, I have not seen very many trolls, aside from the Amani outside the city walls. Vesker was quite different. He was well dressed, well groomed, very polite. And he makes clothing. It seems the tomes within Dalaran were wrong. I remember reading in the library there, when I was younger, that trolls were a savage, blood thirsty race bent on eating one another. And it may be true for some, but obviously not all. Speaking of Dalaran, I miss the place. I really do. My parents lived through what happened. They are within the barrier helping to rebuild the city. They sent me here to Silvermoon just a few years ago. After the Sunwell incident. Which is why I keep my "mask" up. Regardless of the taint my fellow elves have, they are still some of my closest people. And my parents saw fit I learn from here rather than with the High Elves of the Alliance. I only assume it is because the elves here in Silvermoon can offer me more knowledge in the Arcane. I just need to avoid the taint. The corruption. The lust for more that so many fall for. Power is intoxicating. It can be overwhelming. But I will prove I am stronger than that. Anyway, I should try and contact Vesker and let him know I am under the weather. I was supposed to go to his shop. I hope I haven't upset him.
  3. <p>Well, Mister Fhenny, you aren't so bad yourself! It's good to be able to talk/debate (Which ever tickles your fancy) without someone getting all bent out of shape. :3</p>

  4. <p>Pretty pro at RP debates. True story.</p>

  5. Well, the only reason it may seem that I am "professionally" separating myself is because, years and years ago when I began RPing back in High School through chatrooms, I found myself getting attached to someone. Of course, I was a dumb teenager with my own little list of problems that may have lead to it, but that is besides the point. Many years later and what not, it isn't the case. So, the stern sort of angle I am getting at with all of this is only because I went through it. It isn't nice feelings. But, let me step back a moment. I have forgotten something. There are a few people will avoid like the plague for a few reasons. No matter which character I am on. And the reasons normally relate to NOT knowing the difference between IC feelings and OOC feelings. Borderline stalker, I'm watching you through the window while you shower, sort of stalker. These people, I do avoid. Now, saying all this, it does not mean I do not mingle with people OOCly, I do. I love quite a few people on here, having never known or interacted with their characters. But, just because I like this person does not mean my character would like theirs. Argh! I am so derailing this thread. I apologize.
  6. But see, this is crossing that line of keeping yourself apart from your character. Maybe this topic is meant for another thread, but I see that keeping your IRL self and feelings towards others should be kept separate from those that your character feels. Unless you are playing yourself. And you get wrapped up in what your character does. I step away from my computer, I continue on, leaving it, the drama, the characters behind. Edit: I have enough RL drama/issues to worry about.
  7. Mister Fhenny, may I call you that? Good. To each their own. I can completely understand where you are coming from. I usually avoid people I dislike OOC as well. But what if you didn't know if someone you are RPing with is an alt of this person you do not like? Say you have RPed with this person for a few weeks? Would you suddenly stop all RP if and when you find out if this person behind the character is one you despise OOC? This is why I, usually, keep myself separated. Sure, I may not like someone OOC. But I am not usually interacting with them in that manner. I am interacting with them through a medium. And if this medium tends to befriend the other, meh? I hate to admit it, but I have done this before. I know some people who do not like me OOC but they love some of my other characters. And, to my knowledge, they never realize I am who I am.
  8. Oh, good, so, being a male playing a gay male is okay? I'm safe. Also, this entire thread is slightly entertaining. Does it really matter who (or what) is on the other side? Really? If you are really that concerned about who is on the other side of your RP then you are doing it wrong. Crossing the thin line of separating Real Life from RP. My two cents. As for ERP, whatever floats your boat. If you don't like it? Fine. If you do like it? Fine. Why does everyone really have to be so vocal about every little matter? Unless it comes up in your RP, you should be discussing it with the person you are RPing with in an OOC manner. No one is going to force you into it. Just let the matter go. Really. It's pretty old.
  9. I have a feeling today will be a wonderful day. The sun is warm, the birds are singing, the sky is clear, the scent of flowers hangs lovingly in the air and graces my nose. I feel alive, energetic, ready to face the world head on. I plan to further my field training as well as spend a bit of time in the streets, mingling, talking, and viewing the wares of the local merchants. A freshly cleaned robe, well knitted gloves and my tome of spells, just in case I forget one on the spot. You have no idea how hard it is to remember all the incantations in the heat of combat. I know...after I finish my drills, I will head to the Exchange and sit amongst the flowers once again. It was calming, relaxing. Plus I get to watch all the hustle and bustle of the consumers. Who knows, maybe I will get to speak with one of them.
  10. *The pages appear to be blank once the book is opened. Upon touching the parchment between the bindings, skittering runes dance across the page before thin, slant, neat writing glows a faint, rosy light.* I seem to have lost my other journal. I cannot for the life of me remember where I put the thing. Ah well. I bought me this one and inscribed a few runes upon the cover and bindings so that way I "should" always be able to find it when I need it. Well, today was my first day of "field training." They sent me out to Sunstrider Isle. Such a beautiful place. The warmth of the sun comforted me and helped calm me for the tasks they had set out for me. This was the first time I was able to pull together spell matrices of my own and manifest them within the reality of this realm. Everything before now had been theory and words. Feeling myself reach beyond the veil of this world and pull forth the dormant energies of fire and ice excited me. More than it should, I will venture to say. Goosebumps, fluttering heartbeat. But, beyond that, watching the flames encircle my hands and only feel a comforting warmth or feeling the calming coolness of the ice shrouding me showed that all the studying was accounting for something. Only an hour or so and I became exhausted. I felt drained, weak, light headed. Empty, even. But it was okay, it was a good feeling. I was doing something right, for once. I went back to the city and layed among the flowers in the Exchange. I let the last fleeting rays of sun beat down upon me until it vanished beyond the buildings. The cool, crisp air of the night had quickly rolled in through the hard streets. I knew it was time to head back. But, someone stopped me. A man. Very sweet, very kind. But I think he had some thoughts on his mind. Things I do not know if I should dabble in. Just yet anyway. I have all this studying, all of these notes to go over. I mean, I have the understand the more complex nature of pulling together matrices at the drop of a hat. I have these languages and runes to decipher before the end of the week. Though, as mother said, all work and no play makes for a dull boy. Regardless, I ran off. Like a child. I felt my cheeks burning, my chest felt tight. I had to escape it all before I gave in to the weaker parts of my mind. I cannot be weak. Though, the thoughts of what could have happen keep replaying in my mind over and over.
  11. Full Name: Tyrill Maxamillian Haeburn Nicknames: Ty Age: 44 [Appears to be 19 or so.] Race: Sin'dorei Gender: Male Hair: Deep brown reaching to his waist Eyes: Emerald Height: 5'2" Weight: 115 lbs. Place of residence: Mage Quarters in Silvermoon Place of Birth: Eversong Woods Occupation: Magister in Training Group/Guild affiliation: N/A Guild Rank: N/A Enemies: Scourge. Likes: Books, reading, studying, sunlight, parks, nature Favorite Foods: Fruits, Breads Favorite Drinks: Anything sweet, milk Favorite Colors: Purples and pinks Weapons of Choice: Arcane energies Dislikes: Cheese, Alcohol Hobbies: Reading! Sitting beneath a tree, napping. Physical Features: Ty was awfully short compared to most of the other male Sin'dorei, nearly a head or more shorter than his friends. His build was thin, almost frail looking. Obviously, he wasn't one for physical combat. A pair of small round glasses rest at the end of his nose, his hair framing his facial features, loose strands nearly always falling over his features. His robes seem to always been one size too big. When most see him within the city, his arms are almost always filled with books of varying types, his nose buried deep within texts and tomes of all varities. Positive Personality Traits: Friendly and trustworthy once you get past his shyness, smart, well spoken. Negative Personality Traits: Overly shy, timid, gullible. Too polite for his own good. Misc Quirks: Has a habit of pushing his glasses up. Bows far too often. History: [Coming soon!]