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  1. "Frustrating little shit...arrogant and all around difficult to commune with. Presumptuous doesn't begin to describe him. Yet...I can recall a time when I was exactly like the lad. Heroics and Damsels in distress. The reminder only serves to frustrate me further. If he's anything like how I was...authority figures that he does not respect will find it difficult to deal with him. Fortunate that I trained with the monks in Kun-lai" He smirks, taking a moment to calm his nerves. "The kid is admirable. Loves his sister and protects her like no other would. I wouldn't give him a second glance if he wasn't worth training. I care for them both... perhaps I'll struggle with him as my teachers did when I was young ...but they never gave up on me and I don't plan on giving up on him."
  2. Was asked to submit this piece of work. This is hideous and makes Arc extremely non-threatening. LOL I love it.
  3. Faelenor grinned at the mention of Dora. "Thero'shan... I've made mention that I failed to understand her predicament on more then one occasion but I know better then to let that matter. I've taken her as my student for many reasons." He shifts casually in his chair, leaning back to get comfortable. "Above all she is a natural born leader with the potential to be more. There is so much expected of someone so young but she has proven herself time and time again. I have no doubt that this bubbly fire cracker of a girl will accomplish deeds some of us veterans of many wars could not." With that said his tone softens. "I care for the girl like a my very own daughter and perhaps it is because of that reason that I am so protective of her. I see her as the future of our world and will do my part to ensure that she learn from the mistakes of her predecessors and keep her from harm that would seek to destroy that. She is that summer spirit that shines bright in the cold of night and I will be damned if anyone ever attempted to put that flame out."
  4. "Shokkra Deathrage...a stubborn, hardheaded, temper endued, bitch of an orcess who's only purpose in life seems to be to piss the living hell out of just about anyone that can't defend themselves against her. At least that's what she is known for. I, however, don't base my opinions on word of mouth. I went out my way to learn who she really was against every warning. I'm not claiming to know here nearly as well as her closest friends, but I have been around her enough to know that only one of those things is actually accurate. She's an Orcess. Everything else has been based on a bias of character from word of mouth or lack of meaningful interaction. She's impassioned above anything else and a great fighter at that. Who better to have as an ally against a Legion of demons then the Demoncleaver herself." Faelenor gave a wicked grin before continuing. "Everyone has their vices...some more then others but the world finds a way to balance itself out and even Shokkra Deathrage has her virtues."
  5. Ariavan: *Foams at the mouth* GUUUUUHHHHHHYEEEESSSS! IM IN!
  6. Im not 100 percent certain on CO- GMing but would love to if i have time. With the start of a new writing project it would be difficult to juggle it all. But I could certainly see sparing a day out of the week to play. Ama and I both could actually.
  7. Journal Entry 14 It was meant to be a way out. An escape from the dreary business that plagued the walls of the Undercity. There are few places I can claim to be a safe haven for my thoughts and even fewer that don’t remind me of the many painted faces conveniently placed within arm's reach. Of course this was all before bringing her along to share in our hopeless secrets. As it currently stands, the ruined tower in which I could normally find solidarity, is now a blatant representation of the aftermath that was wrought from the very selfishness of my actions. I suppose it could all be traced back to the days of the Order of Eversong’s prime. Much of my history involved the many members that I became attached to and called my family. Most have gone and passed while others remain as former husks of who they once were. She had become neither of those things but I had previously known so little about her that she had remained a riddle wrapped in mystery. I recall the first day I met her. There was a vibrancy to those ruby lips and raven threads of hair that I found irresistible. She had caught my attention and had me regaling her with stories over glasses of wine. After that day we never really spoke intimately again, but being under the same banner forced us to work together often and I could not bring myself to sabotage the very nature of our dynamic. She always had an uninterested look to her, that when peaked, visibly shown by a twitch of her ear or a sudden shift in your direction. I made efforts to ensure that I never found myself on the receiving end of that interest and perhaps that very endeavor is why I find myself in these circumstances. I had put her on a pedestal and admired from a distance trying with all attempts to keep her as nothing more than a tool for the next job.When she had finally gone her separate way I was able to disconnect myself from her as easily as any other but the attraction had remained. All I could do was bury it all within the confines of my persona. It should have come as no surprise to me that night in Warspear when I had found her again. I had lost complete communication with her and thought the worst possible scenario. We sat by the open fire and talked in similar fashion to the first night we had met. It was there where I learned of Isadore, her daughter. The news was unexpected and I could not restrain my own thoughts. I voiced my surprise. Hearing she had become a mother rattled me in more ways than I cared to ever admit but I was genuinely happy for her. Upon further examination of that night, I came to the conclusion that I may have been jealous of Naheal. But why? I had a loving wife and a beautiful daughter at home.I could not have comprehend then how irrational my feelings were. That was until I came to the abrupt realization that my jealousy was misplaced. Before Saturna was born, before she was a more than a conceived idea, before I married the copper haired beauty I call my wife, there was the Wolf. Isendur Karoleks was an umber blight whose fangs dug deeply, rending flesh and maiming everything else underneath. His details had been forcefully ingrained into the deepest facets of my mind where they continue to wake me from restless sleep. Meeting her child once was all it took to make it blatantly obvious Isadore was his. It wasn’t unlike him to engrave himself into our bodies. Like Saturna Starsummit, my teacher before him, Isendur had a calculated cruelty meant to reinforce the very foundation of his teaching. He, however, was abrasive and domineering in the lessons that he taught and the power that he flaunted was enthralling. Both marked me as their student, leaving behind my broken body at the end of each session. Both offered indoctrination into the abyss that was their core but only one teacher allowed me to partake of them wholly, much like I allowed my students when I took them under my tutelage. I never mistook our violent passion for what it was. He never afforded me the chance to see it any other way. Where I thought his lessons to be derived in cruelty I learned quickly that his pleasure was far more merciless and brutal. There were nights when his blades drew blood and his wrath ended my rebellion. There was no embrace to warm the cold touch of his steel afterwards. The only thing left for me to cling to was the dark he left behind. Sinlanna was his before me. She was tempered with what I will mistakenly see as his kindness. But none the less she was a product of his doing. I fell in love with the intangible and perhaps Sinlanna was a reminder of the very comfort that caressed me when he would have no more to do with me. It was these very secrets that lead to the betrayal of the woman I professed my love to so many years ago. It was the intimacy of his teachings that festered into the very taboo of our affection. It was the bridge of my kiss that connected us and in that very moment everything came crashing around us. We had discussed so much of what we wanted for our people and how much of it we inspired for ourselves but none of that mattered after one destructive little kiss. “Forgive my weakness” I spat those three words out like it was going to excuse the betrayal I committed against my family, against the very woman I offered to guide into a world of balance. It was a betrayal of my own heart and it caused an ache utterly unbearable. She offered to mend it but the deed had been done. Nothing could erase my error. The only thing left for me to do was to tell Amalyn the truth. To bring her grief so undeserved. I sit here now, writing as my daughter sleeps, waiting for Amalyn to return tonight. She knows nothing of what transpired over the past few weeks and perhaps that is what terrifies me the most. Will her assumptions aid in the destruction of our bond? Will I have destroyed everything that I worked so hard to create? Will my child face the same fate as her father because of a self fulfilled prophecy? Apologies will never be enough to make amends for the deceptions.
  8.  /stalksyouandyourlesbians

  9. Wasn't sure if this should be posted here or not but is it possible (it probably is) to tie two accounts into one on the new site?
  10. <p>Thanks. I'm sure somebody will pop up at some point, just gotta work that persistence.</p>

  11. <p>You caught me. You've been in my friends list for ages...but I cant remember exactly how much we actually rped, buts its been ages. Its so familiar and I figured your character page would remind me of something. In any case, I do wish you luck in finding the names listed on your list. Im sure a bit more soul searching within the depths of TNG will help me out a bit.</p>

  12. <p>Ahaha, you're looking at my characters profile page~</p>

    <p>Goodness is it terrible that I can't remember our interactions in the eleventy billion years ago RP stuff?</p>

  13. Faelenor Rayfeather: Borrowed Time Ranger- Searching for Arcturil and any means of bringing him down meanwhile working with Sinlanna to capture and contain the threat. Trying real hard not to be dumb. While not working on the Arcturil case enjoys spending time with his daughter and wife. Bitaloo: Borrowed Time Starseer- Mourning the death of his brother and currently traveling to Moonglade to talk some sense into his sister. No longer getting high every waking moment. Just every other one. Ariavan Qui'venar: Sanctuary Artificer- Heartbroken, working on advancing the technology in his armored suit, building a siege vehicle from scratch, working in the infirmary when he can, making lesson plans for his next course at the University. Contemplating many things. Lu Yang Chang: Shado-pan Sniper (Aids BT in neutral work when he can) Stationed in Draenor every once in a while visiting Hyori. Eiverlyn Cinderweaver: Borrowed Time Frost Fire Weaver- Getting her ass handed to her by Shokkra Deathrage, most likely bruised and battered a bit by the training she is receiving. No longer resents her boss, Faelenor, for making her go on the dates. Larrizax Fel'arax (Logabron): Unguilded Wandering Swordsman- Searching for meaningful work after having followed another failing leader into the dirt. (Kael'thas and Garrosh) Finding little luck as he wanders. Tarrixs Sar'van: ?????? -Missing Relien Dusksworn: Order of the Serpent Pyromancer- Saving his twin sister from screwing up her own life. Bored but to Xenophobic to want to leave Silvermoon. Magistering, Researching a means to enhance his pyromancy with fel energies. Denarin Nighttalon (Alliance): Cup and Blades Druid of the Talon and Relic Hunter- Reunited with the Cup and Blade and enjoying his time exploring Pandaria with Kiara, his mate. Previously in trouble with authorities under charges of theft. I HAVE A PROBLEM!
  14. Faelenor examines the flyer and laughs lightly. "What authority does Cobrak think he has to claim this will give a person bragging rights for all eternity. Only a fool would see that as reward." He shrugs to himself, "Pretty certain I'll be talked into this sooner or later..." He walks away from the board leaving the flyer completely intact for others to see.
  15. ((Agamemnon Contingency!!! Totally reminded me of that. Fael's totes has that for BT . Had one for Sanc as well))