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  1. anyone associated with druids or Cenarius, are weak mind fools who can't be trust to guard the secrets of the Emerald Dream.
  2. Well, If I ever see you, I will gladly shoot you hundreds of times, burn you till your ash, blow it into the air and shoot it thousands of times, then banish your spirit to the Nether where millions of demons will feast on you making your like eternally a living hell. While I gather your ash take them back home with me, throw them into the star "Lethark". When you will become molten fire until it super nova's turns into a black hole turning you into a singulaty with all objects. Then I will fire a sub-space bomb at you taking you to a dimition of fire and flames and your body will burn over and over while your in the nether.
  3. I am called a Kor'lashian, we are a race of demonicbeing from inside the Emerald Dream. We were trapped inside by the Titans. After the spread of the Emerald Nightmare the Green Dragons went insane, thus our chance to escape. After millions of years of imprisionment we were finally free. We found a new race have conquer azoroth. Humans. After years of researching the history we missed, we molted our dream forms, to look like the populace. Our race is a hivemind society. We have no ruler, we have no leaders. We are just one mind in hundreds of the husk called bodies. We are responsible for our actions as singles. We are waiting for a chance to free our brothers and sisters from the emerald Dream. But, the green dragons must be defeated for this to happen. So we search for the help of the Black and Blue dragon flights. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- History: Millennia ago the Kor'lashian was a dominating race in the universe with technology beyond today. This is because of the long lived life of the Kor'lashian people. Their technology can still be found. Such as arcane magic,fel energy, and the Caverns of Time. Many of these inventions were created from the use of war. But, the Caverns of Time was created to warn other races of there down falls. Such as the Draenei. The Burning Crusade is also from the Kor'lashian. The Burning Crusade was created for the protection of the Kor'lashian druing the war between the Green Dragon Flight. The Kor'lashian are known as the "Old Gods". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Culture: The Kor'lashian served a god named Kor'lashy; Korlashy was a paladin type being that had risen to being a god by following the darkness. In their culture a paladinus a dark being such as a Death Night. Paladins were exalted temple keepers. Demon is a term used by them for "being of the black star". Demons were exiled from the empire to Draenor because of the belief they were omens of destruction, but later they were used for an army known as the Burning Crusade. A Kor'lashian named Hakkar visited Trolls and taught them the ways of the Kor'lashian, but he was corrupted and turned them into his servants. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My part: I am a hybrid, born of Kor'lashian and Dwarf. I am looked as a demon. Am I one? No, I am merely a dwarf blooded Kor'lashian who all the powers of a normal Kor'lashian. Born in the forgotten lands of Melthor on a planet near Draenor. These lands are an icy wasteland much like Northrend. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Me: I am known as a prince due to belief that I am the reincarnation of Prince Wildhammer of the Wildhammer Clan. I carry many rare items that exist only in a few areas of the universe. I live in the city of Stormwind. My cat, Josh is extremely resistant. I am usaully very hard to find and/or defeat. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My History: I was born in Melthor (A planet near draenor) in a frozen wasteland of frost and snow. I became a demon hunter for the Kor'lashian ship, "Kel'Mesh" a B-class transport. My ship followed the Draenei ships to azoroth where we watched them crash. We soon landed in on Alcaz Island near Theramore. There we met the naga, who worshiped us and gave us odd objects. my ship left, leaving behind a small discovery team of 5. Our ship never returned due to a raiding force of dragonkin like like beings named Likor. My team reached the shores of Dustwallow Marsh by using a naga machine called a Mihel or "Water Strider". Soon after this my team was ravaged by beings named "Murlocs". These beings had gills and fins, but looked like fish people. I headed to find Draenei to see if they survived. I was hoping not. Draenei were the slaves of our slaves. The lowest of the low, useless workers for the warriors. When I heard draenor was being conquered by a Demon Hunter named Illidan Stormrage, I headed to a massive gate like that of what we had on my home planet. But this would called it a Dark Portal. It was said to take one to Draenor. I thought, "Could this get me home?". So I travaled through and found a world that has went to hell. What happened to the peaceful lands? I travaled to a refugee city called Shat. Which I thought it was an odd name for a city. There were beings of known orgins to my race. I soon headed to the one place were I had Athority, Shadowmoon Valley. I then checked on my servents and found traitors in the ranks. This was soon taken care of. I then headed to the Black Temple to meet this "Demon Hunter", but I was denied access to him. But I was able to sneak in and steal items of research to kill my soldiers. I then headed back to the unknown world I was left on after finding no transports of the planet. I traveled to the primitive town of Booty Bay, where they use wind to power tansports. This now my home, for now, until i can traval back to my beloved family.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Portal Theory: The Portals to the Emerald Dream and Draenor were not created by the Kor'lashian but a race before them. The theory is that the portals were made by small beings camed Sil'kori. These being were 3 feet tall. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Sil'kori: The Kor'lashian believe that gnomes are the decent of the the Sil'kori. Due to there small size and oddly large inteligence. Gnomergan was is recorded as a small outpsot of the Sil'kori, but after the sudden disappearance of the Sil'kori the outpost became the well hidden city of gnomergan. The Sil'kori were never in any known wars. Ancient prophicies say that a spirit will rise and devour the universe. A similar prophicy was recorded by Hakkari Priest. The Kor'lashian have studied this to extreme detail and found out the being was called a "Elkor" meaning "Peacful" which causes questions to be asked. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kor'lashian Info: Average Life: 400-1300 years Language: Demonic,Nerglish,Human,Orcish,Draconic, and more unknown languages Society: Hive-Minded Insectiods Technology (Years ahead of current): 1,600 Known Weakness: Light Energy Known Strengths: Fel and Arcane energy Known Persons: Groew (Dead) Oilfist (Alive) Healion (Unknown) Zunai (Dead) Personality: Hostile What they Look like: Unknown (Different clans) Average Hieght: 4'6 (current) - 900 ft. (Titan wars) Average Weight: 160 lbs(current) - 600 tons (Titan wars) Where info can be found (Silithus- Tanaris) ((Due the Quest in Silithus)) Known Homes: Draenei lands, Stormwind, Silvermoon City, Emerald Dream Likes: Rare Items, Ale, war Dislikes: Enemies, peace, fruit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Demon Hunters and Kor'lashians: Demons Hunters are considered M.P.s in the Kor'lashian society. They are also Generals and exicutioners in the Burning Legion. They also hunter traitors in the Kor'lashian. Demon Hunter rank can only be obtained by bloodline connections. But, in azoroth it requires one to become a demon himself and go through training for years. Which is better you may ask? Kor'lashians are built for battle and do not have to give up what little soul they have.