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    ((Spent 4 hours in the Inn, from 8-12 pm, meeting a bunch of the regulars, very cool. I was hoping for more casual drinkers though. Either elves only party late, or I need to advertise more agressively. Exspecta journal soon))
  2. That one! Bold as brass he walked into the Inn dressed in tatters, did not want to get the right clothing, and kicked me in the unmentionables. I called the guards, and he was gone. I'm keeping my eyes out for that smelly pussboil!
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    [.b]Full Name:[/b] Ichnee Runningstream [.b]Nicknames:[/b] "Itchy" [.b]Age:[/b] Equivalent to 45 years on a human. [.b]Race:[/b] Tauren [.b]Gender:[/b] Male [.b]Hair:[/b]His manes black with a few strands of grey in it. The rest of his fur is grey. [.b]Eyes:[/b] Yellow [.b]Height:[/b] Average [.b]Weight:[/b] Heavy set. [.b]Place of residence:[/b] Silvermoon City Inn basement. [.b]Place of Birth:[/b] Desolace. [.b]Known Relatives:[/b] Unknown. [.b]Religion/Philosophy:[/b] Unknown. [.b]Occupation:[/b] Bouncer of the Silvermoon City Inn. [.b]Group/Guild affiliation:[/b]( So happy I managed to get the tag Silvermoon City Bouncer ) [.b]Guild Rank:[/b] [.b]Enemies:[/b] Troublemakers! [.b]Likes:[/b] A drink. [.b]Favorite Foods:[/b]Unknown. [.b]Favorite Drinks:[/b]Pinot Noir, because it is cheap. [.b]Favorite Colors:[/b]Unknown. [.b]Weapons of Choice:[/b] Easily concealed fist weapons. [.b]Dislikes:[/b] Demons in the Inn. [.b]Hobbies:[/b] Uhhhh.... [.b]Physical Features:[/b] Broad and heavy, this is not a Tauren easily overlooked. [.b]Special Abilities:[/b] Can listen to people for hours. [.b]Positive Personality Traits:[/b] Patient and stoic. [.b]Negative Personality Traits:[/b] Mean fighter. [.b]Played by What Famous Person:[/b] Any Bouncer. [.b]Theme Songs:[/b] "Bounce" by Timbaland [.b]History:[/b] Recently hired by the Silvermoon City Inn from faraway Kalimdor, not much is known about Ichnee. The proprietor of the Inn renamed Ichnee as "Itchy" and the name has stuck, not in the least place because the tight fitting Tux is making Ichnee scratch allot.