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  1. Sounds like a bunch of solid choices. I checked out many of your web pages, and am just curious about something. Everyone on the rosters are pretty much Lv. 70 and if me and my other RP friends were to join, would we be kinda all alone? In terms of instances and stuff. It just seems that a lot of you are pretty much endgame, which is great, but there is no one our level to come instance and roleplay with us and stuff. We do enjoy the journey, and would like to share that with the other guild members. Hope that makes sense.
  2. Hello, I am Arconis. I just started playing a few weeks back with a few buddies of mine. We all love to roleplay and help each other out. We have been looking for a fun-loving RP guild for some time now, but couldnt find one. So we took the search to the forums and came to this one. We have research many options and choices, but in the end want the experienced players of Twisted Nethers input. Since every time we try to ask in the world we get slapped for RPing, ill bring it here instead, lol. All me and my buddies are really looking for is a Roleplaying guild with a lot of great and fun-loving members. All of us are in the 20 year old range, and are fairly nice people. We all obviously just started so we are not that high in level. We a very guildless, and want to be apart of one so we can share our roleplay with the fellow rpers of twisted nether, while lvling up to reach our goals with them. Hope to roleplay with you soon! Arconis Lv. 15 Warrior Undead Horde