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  3. You may not know this concept, Irontoe, but there are exceptions to every rule. I was outlining the general rule of Kained's posts. One post of him as a ghost among 4 pages of alleged victory makes it an exception to his usual epeen-waggling. And I don't care much about someone's evaluation of my intelligence when the guild they led is little more than a group of glorified gankers whose biggest accomplishment was to routinely make spectacles of themselves by camping flight masters, auction vendors, and quest NPCs for as long as they can... meaning about 30 minutes as a generous estimate. How long was Fordragon Imports around before it imploded due to drama? A couple of months? For someone who calls others' intelligence into question, you seem to have proved unable to learn much from your first failed attempt at creating a guild. And then you fled back Hordeside with all the other malcontents who claim "the Alliance always sucks at PvP!" The Horde do defend WG a lot more than Alliance, I will give them that. But that is only because they generally outnumber us... because they are flooded with all the gripers who get frustrated on Alliance side and want to jump on the bandwagon. No... I don't think I'll take much offense to your evaluation, good sir. Not much at all.
  4. So you kill any of our level 35ish people who were there, then run, then kill me once when I order my knights to stand down and let me chase and engage you alone... but only when you have your rogue friend stunlock me for you? And then no screenshots of you, your warlock, and your two rogues dying in every single other engagement as we chased you around in the Tram for a half an hour or so? Looking through your other screenshots of past events, it seems like this is what it means to be "Stormwing Stormwind kained style": 1) Go to Stormwind. 2) Kill a few low level Alliance that try to defend, and any lvl 80's that engage and do not have the highest pvp armor and weapons that you do. This should be a piece of cake if there are only one or two. 3) Post screenshots declaring how impressive you are that you can kill as many as two 80's--or even three if they don't have a healer--at a time since you have the best items and they do not. 4) Get killed as soon as the good citizens of Stormwind get annoyed enough by the "Stormwind is under attack!" messages to actually bother to send one or two people who know how to pvp. 5) Do NOT post any photos of you getting killed. 6) Run away and hide until people move on to more important things than hunting for you, then return to step 1). You may also have screenshots of you running, just so long as you do not show screenshots of you getting caught and killed three or four times before you finally escape.
  5. ((So overall, a great turnout on both sides! It is never as much fun when one side has clear number superiority, and this time it seemed fairly even for at least a few points during the night. It was fun fighting against you guys, as always. Also to the brave Blood Knight who kept trying to engage my forces at Tranquillien, I had intended to fight you alone several times. But some of the people there were not in my Order and not directly under my control, so I could only really ask them to stand aside and allow a more even fight, but when in enemy territory it is understandable that they did not want to risk any casualties if we might be attacked by a large force at any time.))
  6. On Sunday the First of November, the Fabled Order answered the call of allied clans to march forth in a coordinated offensive against holdings of Sylvanas as well as other militant Horde encampments all across the Eastern Kingdoms. Wellnigh forty Alliance, under the initiative of Maurkakar of Invictus Sanctum, gathered in Refuge Point to divide into smaller strike forces. The Order brought as many knights as any other clan, with twelve present at any time and eighteen members participating throughout the evening. The Theramore Marines, Dusk Watch, Stormwind Cavalry, and Invictus Sanctum were others that were well-represented among those gathered. As the light of day faded, strike forces moved into position near Tarren Mill, the Sepulcher, Hammerfall, Tranquillien, and other locations. On the same signal, the wrath of the Alliance was visited upon each of these forts. In a moment, the Horde had been cast into a sudden maelstrom of bloodshed, with messengers racing from every corner of the Eastern Kingdoms screaming of attack. For a time, chaos kept the Horde reeling like a colony of hornets--furious at the disturbance but with no clear direction to proceed. A few lone defenders trickled in to Tarren Mill and Tranquillien, no doubt expecting to find only a solitary Alliance champion at each location, the work of a small force seeking to appear to be moving on a larger scale. But what they learned was that not a single clarion call for help was sounded for a mere ruse. Each attack had very real power behind it. And while those first few defenders fought bravely, they fell for their error in seeking to bring aid to those factions among the Horde found guilty of transgressions against the Alliance. With the guards and Horde marauders dealt with, I stepped over the body of a High Executioner of Sylvanas's Forsaken, to an anxious Forsaken ambassador. "Nnrr... You would not, hummmm, want to be harming me now, would you? I am an ambassador, and not a warrior. I carry no weapons, you see." He splayed his brittle bone hands to demonstrate, bearing yellowed teeth in a placating smile. "I am an innocent." I shook my head solemnly. "No, you do not carry weapons. You needn't concern yourself with the art of war, for you have convinced the Elves here to aid in Sylvanas's machinations... to carry out her war in your place." I gestured at the slain forms of Blood Elf guards all about the room. "They... are your weapons." Without warning, I spun my blades over my head in a downward cyclone that tore the ambassador's chest open. As he fell backward, clawing at the gaping rend in his chest with an expression of surprised terror, I narrowed my eyes and whispered, "And you are not innocent." Striding out of the building, I gave orders to set up a perimeter and hold the city, as others were doing in each of the cities we had laid claim to that night. Finally, the more bloodthirsty factions among the Horde gathered their force and plunged headlong into the fray. At last, true battle was met. The Raven Cross managed an initial success at Tarren Mill, reclaiming the fort briefly from the force under Count Kaonus's command. In Tranquillien, my own forces had become seperated as we rode into the Elven lands hunting supporters of Sylvanas, for some lingered in the ghostlands, and we were driven back by a larger force of the Grim and their allies. We regathered in the Ghostlands, but we were not yet and full strength and the numbers of the Horde forces were greater. In the fighting, I was cut down. An elf leaned over me with his blade angled downward, saying, "Perhaps now we can talk, and end this conflict. Surely, there are more important things to fight away in Northrend?" Returning his gaze stoically, I replied, "We have made great strikes against the great evil of Arthas and the Scourge. Yet if we become too fixated on a distant dragon, the serpent at our heel can prove no less deadly. Sylvanas is such a serpent, and we cannot suffer her to go unchecked. The attacks against her holdings, against her allies, will not cease. This is not the time to discuss peace. Those who have aided Sylvanas or defended her creatures have chosen their side..." The Elf glanced up, for he could hear something rumbling like thunder as an undercurrent to my words: the strong cadence of approaching hoofbeats. "...and they shall be judged, if it is in our power." I batted his sword away with a spin of my blades, drawing upon the Light to rejuvenate me as I rose to fight. At that moment, our reinforcements arrived--charging into the fray. Now with forces to match their own, we battled for some time in Tranquillien until finally the fight tipped in our favor and the battle was won. Tranquillien fell, and the Grim and the rest of the defending Horde army was driven off. By now, we had received word that our forces in Tarren Mill had acheived a similar success against the Raven Cross. The Horde had thrown all they could against us on several fronts, and we had emerged victorious. With the objectives acheived, we departed over an hour since the first clash of steel. Yet we had one more battle before us, ere the campaign would be concluded. Though we had thusfar fought on many seperate fronts, we gathered now into one grand army at Chillwind Camp. From there, we rode to the very gates of the Undercity. Engaging the guards near the portal to Silvermoon, we waylaid a few Horde who sought to support Undercity from the Elven citadel. Pressing then into the depths of the Undercity, we took up positions outside the Apothecarium. We knew that Sylvanas would be too well defended to be challenged, with the Horde organized as they were from our previous attacks. But our goal this night was to deal as much damage to Sylvanas's forces and those who defended them. And so we slew a great many Forsaken guards, until the Horde we had bested arrived in a single force. The battle upon the steps of the Apothecarium was a fitting climax to the evening's campaign, a long and bloody battle of shining steel and powerful magicks. But when the din of clashing blades and brilliance of fire and light died down, the Alliance banners still rippled in the faint breeze that filtered down the labrynthine tunnels of the Undercity. Our foes had suffered many a defeat, and now one more in the heart of one of their strongest cities. Our purpose acheived, we withdrew through a mage portal ere the Horde could assemble overwhelming forces against us. Yet even then, the night's campaign was not over. Even after all but ten of our raid had retired, reports came that our adversaries were moving against Stormwind--not content to leave matters at the bitter end in the Undercity. And so we rallied another twenty or so defenders to move against them, but the Horde managed a temporary victory to assuage their earlier losses. We reformed and chased them from the city, pursuing them into Ironforge. There, we crushed them once in the Trade District and twice in the Forlorn Caverns ere they finally departed. This night, the Alliance defied the Horde and found them unable to prevent the coming of judgement. This night, the Horde were stymied in their grab for vengeance. For this night, at least, the Alliance has prevailed.
  7. The Dead Scar Saint... and Lord Commander of the Raven Cross. There was once a time before the ships sailed once more to besiege Northrend when the name of the Raven Cross brought to mind little more than bloodthirsty marauders rampaging through the fiery woodlands of Quel'Danas. Maddened curs they seemed then, too weak to fight alone and easily chased off when confronted with equal numbers. Lesser beasts driven off at the first sight of a lion. But that was some time ago, and as I hear it there had been different leadership for a time. Now under the leadership of the Saint the Raven Cross has taken a new direction. Whereas before they had preyed upon the weak and seemed loathe to join an even fight, they now readily seek the full wrath of the Alliance's power. And sometimes, even that is not enough to drive them off. I remember well when they assaulted Stormwind by way of the dockyards, arriving in overwhelming force. I rallied what few knights of the Order were near at hand, supplemented by other Alliance soldiers in Stormwind. Though fewer in number, I expected the threat would not be difficult to quell--as in the past. Though I am not one given to bouts of overconfidence, I was nevertheless astonished at the force we encountered. It was like riding out to hunt a wolf that suddenly metamorphasized into a demonic beast of legend. They were more numerous than ever before, and each of them wielded powerful weapons with considerable skill. As I waded into battle, seeking to cut down a Druid which was replenishing their forces with nature's soothing magics, a Shaman blasted me with a bolt of lightning, knocking me from the high ramps leading to the city down to the dock level. There, cut off from the healing magic of my own Paladins, I faced a Warrior with enough skill that the match between us was far from the inevitable victory that usually results when a true champion of the Light confronts a Warrior with only his own might at his side. But even as I pressed for the killing blow, a Rogue melded smoothly from the shadows and incapacitated me for a few precious moments, allowing the Druid to revitalize my foe. Overwhelmed by their numbers and the perfect concert with which they fought, we were beaten back into the city. I rallied more of the Alliance forces to the Cathedral, knowing that a motley band of Alliance defenders would not have the coordination to overcome the invaders without the advantage of numbers. After some time, we were strong enough to ride out from the Cathedral, drive them from the Trade District, and pin them in the Mage District's high tower. There at the pinnacle, they made their last stand. Now with at least half again their number at my side, I knew the day was almost won. We charged through the portal, and the sound of battle that erupted there no doubt rang across the heights of the city. But even as the consecrated floor simmered like the ashes left after a forest fire, I reflected that the victory had come at the cost of too many lives. Had the Alliance truly grown so weak that one faction among the Horde could stand unopposed in Stormwind, that bastion of the Light of humanity? For all their brutality, the boldness and effectiveness of the Raven Cross's assault that night elevated them in my eyes to the same level of notoriety and power as the Grim. And with that power came a grudging respect, which has continued to grow over the course of the subsequent campaigns fought against them. And so the Fabled Order shall continue to oppose them, for just as the Light is defined by the shadows it pierces, so too are we defined by our stark opposition to any such force of violence.
  8. I am truly at a loss as to how you came to those impressions regarding my mood towards your clan. I did seek you out, for there are few noble clans ((i.e. RP)) that survive for long, and so it is always our intention to learn more of them and to suggest further cooperation on a united front. It seemed a good thing indeed when Issachar and his allies arrived to speak with us during our council meeting, for it was an ideal setting for you to learn more of our Order and our proceedings as well as it was for us to learn of yours. It was a necessary step towards formalizing an alliance. If I recall aright, you arrived during our Knighting Ceremonies. Many others have come to observe our Council and the Knightings, and so I had no notion that you found it so discomfitting to await their conclusion. Even so, such things do not often take long, and I do not think it was very long ere our own matters were concluded and we could proceed to the most important matter--that of discussing an alliance with Dunamis. It is to my understanding that it is the main event that is saved for last--the event of central importance to which the rest is a mere precursor. I had intended to offer that place in our council as a matter of honor for you and your clansmen--I am sorry that it was taken as a slight instead. At that point, I believe I said a few words regarding the Order and then invited you to speak of Dunamis, its charter, its purpose, and its members. Regardless of who approaches whom, each side in an alliance must seek to bridge the gap by trying to help the other understand them. I was genuinely curious about Dunamis's nature, and knew my knights would also wish to learn of it. Again, it is unfortunate that you took this invitation for discussion for a demand made upon supplicants to convince me of their worthiness. Regarding the matter of Winterspring, I was again merely curious what events might have drawn you to those lands when you were clearly strong enough to sail north and join in the siege upon the Scourge's base of power. Since many soldiers and adventurers were so eager to rush to Northrend, it intrigued me that you were deployed elsewhere and so I thought to learn what drew you there. I did not mean to presume to chastise you for not sailing north, only to remark that it was unusual that you did not and learn why. As I certainly did not anticipate any such irritation or misgivings on your part regarding our conduct, it would have served better had you made your concerns aware to me at that time. I could have then apologized for any unintended interpretation of my manner and clarified my intent. That would have certainly been preferable to your giving all appearance that everything went well and then later denouncing me as you have. You also seem to scorn us for not continuing to keep our connection strong, but you must realize an alliance is a meeting of two parties. If the connection weakens and fades, it is both sides which have failed to actively seek to coordinate. For our part, we invited you to join in our shared communications available to allies of the Order and its members, but I have not seen any such sign of your clansmen making use of it. I have also kept Dunamis in mind whensoever we are embarking to fight the Horde or the evils in the dungeons of the world, but each time there were none present who were of a season to accompany us. Admittedly this may not have been enough of an effort to maintain relations, but if you would scorn us for not reaching out more forcefully, keep in mind that you are equally guilty of not taking the initiative to reach out to us. This being said, it is unfortunate if two such groups such as we cannot work together against a common foe--of which there are many--due to a mere misunderstanding. If it must be so, then I will at least be glad to fight alongside your clansmen when chance throws our forces together in a city defense, if not in battles we have planned together.
  9. To commemorate the season, a Midsummer Tourney will be hosted by the Fabled Order at Icecrown, in the Argent Tournament Grounds, on Thursday the 25th of June at 9pm Realm Time! This Tourney shall be for members of the Alliance ((Due to the limitations of Dueling at the Argent Tournament)). Harken to this call, and gather to fly the banners of your clans proudly as you engage in fiery combat and feats of skill! The events will be followed by feasting, which will carry on to other Midsummer Festival locations. First we shall hold the Grand Melee, beginning promptly at 9:15pm after those interested have entered. Several brackets will be created depending on the attendance of various seasoned combatants. Gold prizes will be awarded to the Champion of each bracket. Once the Grand Melee is over, the Joust shall begin--approximately at 10:30pm Realm Time. This will be a single-elimination joust until one Champion is crowned. The winner of the Joust will then have the honor to name a Queen of Love and Beauty. A Great Race may follow the Joust, depending on attendance. Having its start time ambiguous should decrease the likelihood of Horde interference, and the exact course through Northrend will be outlined to racers prior to its starting. I look forward to seeing many of you there.
  10. I have been made aware of an ongoing series of posts on this very same topic on the Blizzard forums at: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=16904202028&sid=1&pageNo=1 Anyone who wants to support such an idea to add a customization tab, please post there.
  11. This idea is one similar to mechanisms incorporated in some other mmorpg's such as Lord of the Rings Online, which allows players to have the graphics for the armor they are wearing be different than the armor they are wearing for stat purposes. There is clearly a desire for this among players, as people put time into collecting entire sets of armor and weapons which they carry around to wear as an "RP set." In both PvP and PvE, there is a set of tier armor that everyone is trying to get. The tiers that lead up to it, as it currently stands, look the same aside from color. Most of the random pieces that you get along the way have recycled models for their graphics as well. Though some of this undoubtedly looks impressive, you still have the issue that all lvl 80 players of the same class have almost identical armor. I think one aspect of an mmorpg is that people enjoy having a character with their own unique story, their own strengths, and their own distinct look. I believe this is one of the very few shortcomings about WoW, but it can be easily remedied. How It Could Work ---------------------------------------- *Blizzard would just need to duplicate the character sheet, where one sheet is for the armor you want to equip for their stats--Stat Armor--and the other would be what you want to equip for appearance--Graphics Armor. If you have nothing equipped for a slot in the Graphics tab, your graphics would just revert to whatever you have equipped in the Stat tab. This is already not too different than what has been implemented to save and switch out armor sets in a recent patch, so it should not be too difficult from a programming perspective. *Armor equipped in the Graphics tab would need to be the same type as what is in the Stats tab. This prevents players from making themselves look like another class. Nobody wants Rogues ganking people in dresses, Mages decked out in full plate, or Paladins pretending to be Shaman. The appearance of a piece of Plate Armor could only be worn over the stats for a piece of Plate Armor, Leather for Leather, Cloth for Cloth, and Mail for Mail. *This extends to weapon types too. You could equip the Graphics of a two-handed sword over your current Stat two-handed sword, but not a two-handed mace nore a one-handed sword. *You must be qualified to wear whatever you have equipped in your Graphics tab just as you would if you were equipping it for Stats. This includes level requirements, class restrictions, reputation requirements, and whatever else is applicable. This way, you cannot have a low level character appearing to be a lvl 80. Potential Drawbacks ------------------------------------------- *There is some information lost regarding the relative skill of an opponent in PvP. Since everyone at a certain skill level wears the same armor currently, you can look at a player and determine how strong he is likely to be. I do not see this as much of a problem, however. This adds an extra level of skill in recognizing and adapting to your opponent's skill as you fight them. Druids already shapeshift into a generic form that gives no information regarding their gear, so such a change would just level the playing field for all classes--from a certain point of view. *Another concern is that some players will manage to find very silly-looking items that just happen to be considered the same type of item as what they have equipped for Stats. Firstly, this is only something that would be a problem for RP servers. RP'ers must already ignore non-RP names, and, for my part, I would be very happy to ignore silly costumes if it means I can wear my RP gear all the time. ------------------------------------------------- If you are in support of such a change, please do reply to my blizzard post at http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=17779678117&sid=1 with your vote of support. If the demand for this feature is as high as I suspect, then the number of responses to this post should send a good signal to Blizzard about whether it is something they should take the time to implement. I am aware they have limitted time and resources, but I believe that this would be a very worthwhile undertaking for an upcoming patch.
  12. Ronzak has sent word to me that he would be glad to accept any challenge that Irontoe might make. You might want to send a private message to him to see what evenings might work well for him, Irontoe, so that you two can joust.
  13. The Icecrown Tourney has concluded, with the following results: Winner of the Northrend Race: P.T. Irontoe of Fordragon Imports 1st Place in the Grand Melee: Lady Caitlyn of Fordragon Imports 2nd Place in the Grand Melee: Master Natarazono of Fabled Order 1st Place in the Joust: P.T. Irontoe of Fordragon Imports 2nd Place in the Joust: Keltag of Fordragon Imports Overall Champion of the Alliance: P.T. Irontoe of Fordragon Imports At that point, I believed the events were concluded as I did not see any representative of the Horde present. Thus, as events concluded Irontoe went on to other business and only after that point did Ronzak of the Horde make his appearance. I deemed it unlikely that each of the champions would find it worth the bother of trying to make an appointment for a showdown in the future, and so to conclude events I deferred the role of Alliance champion to the 2nd place Jouster, Keltag of Fordragon Imports. Keltag and Ronzak proceeded to have a heated joust in which Ronzak barely won the day. I certainly would encourage Irontoe to send emissaries to Ronzak to set a time at which they might joust so he can challenge him for the title of overall champion. That is certainly his due as the champion of the Alliance, and from what I had seen Ronzak seems honorable enough to acknowledge such a challenge. If such an arrangement is made, please do make a post here so any who wish could attend the showdown. In regards to the heated words by Rohannith of Scarlet Dawn, though he did joust admirably and was eliminated by Irontoe just as Keltag was, Keltag made it to the fourth round whereas Rohannit was unhorsed in the third. As such, Keltag finished second and was the defacto stand-in for our champion. I would point out that Irontoe unhorsed each of them by about the same margin, suggesting that Keltag is at least as skilled as Rohannith--and his performance is made all the more impressive in that he picked up a lance for the first time just before the Joust began. Though I have established that my own opinions did not factor into the decision as to who would joust in Irontoe's stead, I must say that if they had it would have been a mark against Rohannith's claim to act as Irontoe's second. For Rohannith was only able to enter the lists by the gracious acceptance of his challenge by Glassclaw of Fordragon Imports, as Rohannith failed to respond to the call for jousters and write his name upon the list of combatants. From that point on, he conducted himself in a most uncouth way with boasts and haughty criticisms which did not stop even after he had been unhorsed. Had my own preferences had a hand in this matter, I certainly would not have been inclined to designate such a churlish braggart as the champion of our beloved Alliance. Having addressed that bit of unpleasantry, I would like to commend the 8 racers, 20 duelists, and 25 jousters that gathered at the Tourney to unfurl the banners of their clans and engage in valiant trials of combat and skill. I look forward to future such events, the next of which will likely be the Midsummer Tourney!
  14. I have heard word that the Races, the first event of this peaceful Tourney, was disrupted by a warparty of more than a dozen of the Grim. Once again, the Grim have proven their dishonorable nature and the insatiable depth of their bloodlust. I anticipate some of them may be quick to argue that it was merely a just reprisal for our own knights participating in an attack upon their Tournament in Horde lands. This bleated defense can be swiftly pierced by the truth that their own Tournament was staged to rally support for their continue campaign of bloodshed against the Alliance, whereas our own Tourney was in the spirit of the Argent Crusade's own aspiration towards peace and a united front against the Scourge. So whereas our actions were as a righteous sword brought to bear upon a nest of adders plotting malicious intentions, I condemn anew the actions of the Grim in their brutish disruption of peace.