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    Ah? This one? The Rogue? I believe I remember him, yes.. It is a shame his intellect and time is wasted on a completely false ideology that has in mind goals of which will never be achieved. Alivar narrows his eyes, with a subtle scowl. Sighing afterward, although it appears more of a huff than anything. I would hope that it does not take strategic brilliance in this time, to realize that you cannot bring the Alliance, a faction with numbers in the many thousands to its knees, with but a few dozen. Sadly, it would seem that since before the opening of the Dark Portal, until.. now, there are a few that waste time and effort, unable to see this reality. Whether we like it or not, the Alliance are not going away in the near future. Unless by causes other than the Horde. You may kill as many of them as you wish, however there are more than a few in the world who practice resurrection and are able to give.. "second chances", to those who deserve.
  2. ((Before I start this, I should probably say that this is not a journal. Alibar does not spend time writing. As far is he is concerned, writing out his thoughts are pointless when he lives them and time spent writing in a book is much better spent killing things and gaining power.)) What.. the.. fuck? .. Who the hell am I Bah. Bloody hell, why am I asking myself these questions? Such thoughts only lead to distractions and such distractions only lead to weakness. Something I can never afford and now, is especially no exception. I know who I damned well am. I am Highlord Alibar Mal'adeus Ressan, the Manipulator. The founder of House Ressan, the rightful Highlord to House Ressan and Grand Master of the House Ressan Pactkeepers. I was a Highborne, turned High Elf, turned Blood Elf, turned Scourge, turned.. this. However, I have always been who I am and still am today, dammit. Yet even this being truth, people change, as do I. Feh. I am weaker than I was before, yet at the same time, am far more powerful. Aest had played his role and had done it well. He was.. formidable and useful, to say the least. Be that as it may. None can escape destiny. Not Aest, not I, not Arthas.. No one. Aest is no more. However he still lives and exists at the same time. Some may say even more so than ever. I would be inclined to agree with this statement. He was and still is, a stabilizer for my past self's mind. His knowledge and what little wisdom he had, lives on in my current self. Being more useful than such things ever were. He was a tool. Then again, all of us are tools for a greater purpose. No matter how powerful we and the rest of the world believe us to be. I am two people. The virtues and strengths of both of them, combined into one being. The wisdom of both, a compromise of power between the both of them and very little memories from either. Because of the latter, I am making a .. fresh start, with people whom I know. People. While some largely prefer as little interaction with people as possible, interaction with as many people as possible, as.. insufferable as most are can be extremely beneficial. Though I never was and never will be a socialite for the sole purpose of being such, people can be as much a tool as my runeweapon that I carry upon my back. As people are just that, tools. To be exploited, manipulated and made to act in your own self interest. Whether they are persuaded to do so, or forced. You may be the most powerful being in the world. Yet with no one but yourself to act for you, you are but one. One that will be destroyed by armies of your enemies. Though the vast majority of people may be tools, there are always those who would be considered true allies. Those who share the same goals as you, who do not need to be manipulated or forced. For they act out your will, without you needing to do anything. Why? Because they seek to have your desires met as much as you do. I have.. a drake. It seems rather familiar to me, as many people do. Yet this drake seems.. different at the same time. It seems.. weaker, than it may have been, when I had once known it. Though I suppose such is to be expected. It is, after all, of the Bronze Dragonflight. A dragonflight that is timeless. Perhaps I will make this drake, into what it once was.. Perhaps then, he will be worthy of the name he once had.. Nephe- Hm. I digress, however. There are much better ways to spend my precious time, other than pondering such things.
  3. <p>Well, you certainly did well, and I like this Alibar though I have yet to see how truly mentally impaired he is.</p>

  4. <p>Actually, that's kind of what I went for. Haha. Before I rolled Alibar, that's actually how I intended him to be. But I chose this Alibar instead, as another option.</p>

    <p>And it's no problem at all.</p>

  5. <p>So... I'm not sure if it was meant to or not, but your story made me laugh... a lot. Alibar, in that form, would have been insanely hilarious.</p>

    <p>And sorry about the sudden log. I got DCed.</p>

  6. <p>That's me. With a wig and a dress on.</p>

    <p>Nope, I think it's some random chick that Maitria found and edited a lot. I don't think she's even a celebrity.</p>

  7. <p>I'm here. Kinda. I'm on an off and on sort of hiatus here lately. We're getting good news and bad news left and right on my end.</p>

  8. <p>Where are YOU?</p>

  9. <p>Still here. Haha.</p>

  10. <p>where is you?</p>

    <p>*puppy eyes*</p>

  11. ((I burst out laughing. Stopped. Read it again and laughed some more.))
  12. <p>Well, I *WAS* in the..</p>

    <p>Nevermind.. You can know if you ask. /grins evily</p>

  13. <p>Well... I <em>suppose</em> that will suffice. Trolls have bigger feet...</p>

    <p>*Puts on wolf mask*</p>

    <p>"The better to beat you with, my dear..."</p>

  14. <p>Well, Alivar kind of needs that leg, but you can have the leg of one of my various alts.</p>

    <p>*Rolls a Troll Warrior with a stupid name, slices off it's leg and FedExes it to you with Overnight Shipping.*</p>